Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sister's Sister: Zangrandi Ice Cream

Hello, everyone! I am again back in Jakarta. My sister is back in Melbourne already, I should assume. We still have several Sister's Sister posts to share, though. We took pictures all the time we were in Surabaya so expect around 2-3 more posts to come. It's going to be at least another year before we could see each other again. I was going to savour the moment and save all the Sister's Sister posts for when I miss her again. But I don't think it makes much of a difference since she won't be by my side either way.

On a lazy summer day -- since it always seems to be summer in Indonesia, we went to an old ice cream parlour with our uncle's family and our grandpa. If you're a real Surabayan, you would've definitely heard of Zangrandi. It's an ice cream parlour that was founded around 70 years ago by Italian newcomers. Not only is that an ice cream parlour, it has become a sort of franchise that you can find in several malls in town. I've enjoyed the ice cream selections in this place since I was little and been quite pleased by its service. Once I bought an ice cream in Hannover that reminds me of the taste of the ice cream here. So yum!

Q's wearing: Dress// Cotton On; Bag// Typo; Cardigan + Tights// Yellowline; Shoes// Bandung | 
B's wearing: Top// N.y.L.a.; Pants// C&A; Shoes// Primark; Bag// Gifted; Hat// Thrifted

These days I have grown quite fond of my short hair. People keep saying that it suits me quite well and I agree. This hat seems to suit my hair incredibly, as well. I just adore the pattern on this oversized top, by the way. My sister first spotted it when we went shopping together. She suggested I buy it and I have yet to regret my decision. On my sister's outfit, I love her frilly details and how much it suits her look. Although not so much her personality. Then again, we are always more than meets the eye. Enjoy your Sunday, friends! May it be a good one. Cheerio!

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