Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Take a Peek of My Work Area!

After years of simply shoving things around, I finally managed to properly declutter and organise my workspace. It is not an office—the space is located inside my current bedroom—and it is nothing new. The desk itself has been here since the 6th grade (2003)—the first time I moved into this room. So yes, I realise that it looks more suitable for school children than a freelancing working woman, but it's still very sturdy, really convenient and absolutely perfect. Speaking of which, I realise that this won't be one of those workspaces that would look even remotely pinterest-worthy or blogger goals, but it is very true to me and quite organised at the moment. Come take a look!

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Vint-Age: ジャカルタの真夜中撮影

It's been such a long time since I've done a collaboration with someone in this little old blog—apparently, the last one was almost a year ago—and can't be more thrilled to share these photos with you guys. Earlier this week, my best friend Gina asked me for help with taking photos for a couple of her Japanese friends who happened to be in town. She only said that they would like to have photos of their clothes taken—in my mind, it's more an #ootd scenario. What she didn't mention is that it aims to be a little more high fashion, albeit with my amateur skills and equipments. You see, Gina's friends just happen to be Kaori-san, one of the fashion designers for Vint-Age, and Takako-san, a professional model. Thankfully, they're not looking for any specific art direction, that the lack of better lighting setup as well as the milling crowd gawking in the background don't bother them at all.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Demi Tanah Air

This whole post is in Indonesian, so sorry to non-Indonesians!

Selamat HUT RI ke-73, semuanya! Kalian upacara kah hari ini? Pakai seragam sekolah terus berbaris sama temen-temen? Jujur aja, akhir-akhir ini sulit rasanya untuk bisa berbangga jadi warga negara Indonesia. Pemerintahan, politik dan, yah, hal-hal lainnya bikin sulit untuk bisa dengan busung dada menyatakan cinta terhadap negeri ini. Standar sensor media yang makin lama makin berlebihan—melebihi akal sehat, medan politik yang terasa seperti area bermain pejabat-pejabat dan orang-orang berkuasa saja dan rakyat yang kerap kali hanya memikirkan kepentingan sendiri, sambil menyalahkan pihak berwajib. Tapi di saat seperti ini, justru kita harus memulai dari diri sendiri. Apa yang sudah kita lakukan untuk Indonesia? Bagaimana kita mengubah negeri ini? Ngga perlu muluk-muluk yang ingin membawa nama Indonesia ke kancah internasional segala. Mulai aja dari hal kecil, hal yang bisa kita lakukan sekarang. Buat apa mikir jauh-jauh untuk berkontribusi atas nama negara, bikin bangga nusa dan bangsa, lewat olahraga/sains/karya seni, kalau hal-hal kecil yang bisa menginspirasi aja kita belum bisa?

Thrifted top + loafers // borrowed pants // Sejauh Mata Memandang scarf // watch c/o Riverdean // Carousell tote bag

Hal itu ngga harus susah kok, lihat aja dari kehidupan kita sehari-hari untuk tanah air yang lebih indah. Aku, contohnya, lagi berusaha diet plastik dan meminimalisir produksi sampah Indonesia. Apa kalian tahu bahwa Indonesia adalah negara ke-2 dengan penggunaan plastik terbanyak? Mungkin kita yang tinggal di kota ngga merasakannya, tapi hal ini bisa sangat berarti untuk rakyat kecil di pulau lain, maupun pinggir sungai. Kalian tahu bahwa sungai Citarum yang di Bandung itu sempat dinamakan sungai terkotor sedunia? Bahkan Bali yang katanya pulau dewata, salah satu pulau terindah di dunia, itu pantai-pantainya sarat dengan sampah plastik. Mungkin video klip ini bisa memberikan suatu gambaran akan hal itu. Lihat deh, musisi luar negeri aja bisa peduli dengan lingkungan kita. Masa kita yang warga Indonesia, yang tinggal di negeri ini sendiri, bisa peduli setan dengan alam sekitar kita? Haruskah kita menunggu sampai kita tenggelam di lautan sampah kita sendiri? Dengan pemikiran ini, aku memutuskan untuk diet plastik dan memaksimalkan penggunaan barang-barang di sekitar kita. Bagaimana dengan kamu?

P.S: You can get 20% off from Riverdean with the code BIVISYANI20

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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Zero Waste in Indonesia: What, Where and How

For a couple years now, I've been talking about starting a zero-waste lifestyle. In fact, I think it was part of my yearly resolution a while back. However, so far, I've been moving in such a goddamn slow pace and it has yet to become a reality. Until now. The whole #plasticfreejuly situation really piqued my interest, so I started actually researching on zero-waste stores and tools available in Indonesia. After refraining to eat out almost at all, I ended up still having so much money in my account towards the end of last month—okay, not enough to call myself even slightly loaded, but enough to invest on said tools. When I tell my friends this or show them the items, they seem to want to participate but don't really know where to start or how to buy them, so today I thought it would be a great idea to share some of the information I've gathered in the last month on how to live life with a little less negative impact on the environment and how you, too, can start now—even if you do live in Indonesia.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Portfolio + Pants

The other day my friends, Jess and Vivi, and I had the chance to hang out again—as we did last week, if you remember—while checking out the portfolio of our old university friends. We also got to reunite with them after a while and caught up on each other's lives. At the moment, all the way to the 9 August, you can check out my friends' portfolio exhibition at FX Sudirman—including Nadine, Dhira, Ghassa and Vije. Unfortunately, due to my camera's low battery and my forgetfulness—top-notch blogger right here, am I right?—I forgot to take photos of their work. But, if you're interested to see them—and/or looking for designers to hire—you can check out their behance, as linked above. They each offer unique styles and aesthetics, so I'm sure there's something for everyone. We had lunch together the other day—except for Dhira, unfortunately—and exchanged stories from our lives while we haven't seen each other. Afterwards, we went our separate ways and Vivi, Jess and I went to the next mall over to just browse through cute Japanese books, as you do. It was really fun! 

Hand-me-down shirt + purse // Book of Deer skirt // thrifted loafers // photos by Jess and Vivi

Okay, so last week when we hung out, we made plans to wear skirts the next time we saw each other. This was somewhat huge, since Vivi and Jess never wear skirts—at least that I've seen—so I was so excited for it. However, in the end, they both chickened out and ended up going in the same old jeans they always wear, while I rocked this Book of Deer skirt I've been loving for a couple years. Granted, skirts have become a no-big-deal for me today—I actually prefer them to pants nowadays, due to fit and freedom to move around. It would've been really fun to see Vivi and Jess rocking them too, I'm sure they will look really awesome. So, yeah, that's a little story that none of you needs to know, but I told you anyway. Also, I'd like to thank these girls for being such good sports about my photo-taking obsession. They didn't have to indulge me, but they obliged and I'm so, so grateful for that. Thanks, guys!

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