Saturday, 20 September 2014

Sister's Sister: Celebrating Unemployment

Q's wearing: Primark dress (mine) // Guy Laroche purse // Kmart shoes // Elle watch // photos by B

Recently, my sister embraced her unemployment once again as her contract has just finished. I know, it could be a strange notion to celebrate unemployment. But after months of hard work, inadequate payment and inappropriate treatments, popping a hypothetical bottle of champagne is more than she deserves. We celebrated by going on a stress-free sisters date a couple days ago. It started with this photoshoot - of course - and ended with a movie. The said movie being The Maze Runner, which I had been meaning to read and happens to have Thomas Sangster as one of the casts. Yes, you can probably tell I was squealing throughout the whole film. Oh, the movie and unemployment aside, this was a much needed quality time for us both. Since my sister started working, moved to a new room due to my disease and started a long distance relationship, we barely ever had any time to hang out anymore. So, yeah, many things to be celebrated with this unemployment. But don't ask us about finances. Just don't.

B's wearing: Thrifted hat + skirt // Vibrantcache top (Sis's) // Gelugu Van Accessories necklace // DKNY purse (Mom's) // ModCloth oxfords // photos by Q

For a second there, it seemed like we exchanged personalities. My sister was always the one with cute shoes, accessories and great sense of style. That was my judgment anyway, being one with a lack of such senses. Not only that, we both borrowed each other's clothes again. This was the first time I put on a peplum top. I don't know why I'd never been tempted to purchase one. Peplum tops do add flares to feminine outfits. I really love the way it looks and feels just above my skirt. It was as if I had fins - the glamorous ones like a goldfish's. Umm yeah...a gorgeous and dry way to feel like a mermaid. Not to mention, this peplum top is lacey! How much more feminine can you get? The purse, by the way, is my favourite out of all our mother's legacies. It was my go-to purse before I moved to Germany. It's so high class/stylish, practical and huge enough to fit everything in. Even my camera! The perfect, classy outfit for the summer.

P.S: Today is my grandma's birthday. Yaay! Happy birthday, Granny! ♥

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ghosts of Autumn Past 2014

Okay, okay, I know what I said. I said, the last one was the last one. But I thought I'd finish this year first before stopping. Soon it will be autumn in the northern hemisphere of the world whereas in this tropical archipelago I am stuck in an eternal summer. Those golden leaves, the smell of cinnamon and the perfect season to be baking muffins, I will miss them greatly. Heck, I miss them already. Soon the internet will be overloaded with the image of the changing leaves and autumnal rituals. They shall be a great temptation to me but I shall be strong. Oh, scarves, coats and tights. One day, I wish to revisit that time again. Not only that, autumn is the season I part from Firu for Godknows how long. A year, at the least, but two or three is my best bet. He will be in Germany this time next month and I will miss him with all my heart. So, here to all who will be going through autumn. Please use your time well and take at least 15 minutes everyday to appreciate the beauty of this most gorgeous season! (Click on the photos to read the posts!)

Enjoy the golden leaves! 

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