Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Sayonara Memories - Supercell

Yaay! It's cherry blossoms season again! The most comfortable season of the year, they say. Last month Saku-chan and I went on Hanami along with her boyfriend Arnaud and my roommate Adit. It was really relaxing and fun. Both houses brought food. Saku-chan made onigiri, dashimaki tamago, yakiniku-style veggies, salad and strawberries. I made fried rice and Adit baked some nastar. We also brought along Adit's homemade lemon tea. The atmosphere was rather nice. The weather was amazing and the cherry blossoms were spectacular. Their petals kept raining on us, it was like I was in a dream. It's really nice to have a Japanese experience without having to live in Japan at all. I could just lie there all day. We weren't the only ones admiring the beauty of the flowers. Other people followed our lead and gathered under the trees. Who can resist?! Afterwards, we went back to Saku-chan and Arnaud's to play with their brand new kittens. Oh, they're the cutest creatures! Mario is a curious troublemaker and Miyu is very loving. I got to babysit them the next weekend and they were the sweetest.

Thrifted shirt via lucedale vintage // Rose Gal floral skirt (giveaway win!) // Falke tights // swapped cardigan // Studio Nine loafers

I'm so glad the temperature's good enough to break out less boxy shoes now - yes, I'm talking about you, boots! It feels like it's been ages since the last time I wore these loafers. Perhaps an exaggeration, perhaps the truth. Feels like my feet can take a breather again. Also, I've been trying to wear this cardigan on the blog one way or the other all winter. It's acquired through this outfit swapping party. It used to belong to my friend Camilla. So cozy and warm! Probably still weather appropriate. And the skirt! My last win of the New Year's from a giveaway over at Into the Woods. It has a similar feel to this skirt but with a half-elastic waistband and much better quality. I love the way it feels so bouncy and doesn't crease. Such a shame that it only comes in one size and I could barely fit into it - always have to put it on over my head. I don't think it fits busty and bootylicious girls. It's also a bit on the short side for me but that's just me - and my buttocks. All those things aside, I still love this skirt ♥

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Ghosts of Spring Past 2014

The beginning of spring has long gone but since I have yet to recap my favourite outfits from spring past, I don't see why I shouldn't do it now that spring is still around. The brief existence of spring last year really got me struggling on dividing the year into four seasons. Luckily, there are still some outfits which look most likely to be spring-appropriate. Spring is the time to bring out all the light jackets and blazers and 20 den tights. It's the time to break out all the colours in the world and not feel out of place. The time you really just want to roll around on a flowerbed and pretend you're Alice - or is that just me? Spring bucket list, eh? Let's see. I'd like to finally finish my current project and move on to other things, hang out with some friends and obviously take loads of pictures by the flowers. Fingers crossed!

Monochromatic                                                Where the Wild Things Are                        
Firu ♥ Visya: Make-Believe Japan                                      How Serendipitous!        
Not Of Cobblestone Streets and Brickhouses                         花より団子,男子じゃないよ!             

May the sun always shine on us! 

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