Thursday, 5 May 2016

Confiding in the Imaginary

Last weekend my friends Jess and Uli and I went to visit Catalyst Art Market. You might remember it from this post, as I've been there before. Apparently, this event is held twice every year. This latest one was much smaller than the previous one that I visited. The venue was also different, which gives an entirely different feel altogether—plus I think it was a little too small and gloomy in comparison. However, the tenants were great. It was really nice to see a selection of artists that I haven't heard of before and see more amazing artworks that I'd never witnessed before. There were also some who I recognised and met before, though, such as Kemasacil, Aftergani and Azisa Noor—guess who will be the guest illustrator this month! Unlike last time, I came in expecting to purchase nothing...but ended up walking away with three items—and, as usual, a bunch of name cards. It wasn't as fun as the last one, I must say, but it was worth the while.

Sis's top + skirt // vintage purse (hand-me-down) // vintage loafers (thrifted) // photos by Jess and Uli

If you follow me on instagram, you might know that I'm currently hooked on Pokémon X. It's got me all giddy and excited, so much so that I almost forgot I had a blog—or a job or uni, for that matter. It's been so long since the last time I played pokémon that I forgot just how much fun, exhilarating and timeless it is to be inside their world. Suddenly, I'm ten years old again. The other day one of my classmates brought NDS to class—although she didn't play it inside—and the lecturer somewhat shamed us for playing such games "at this age," which makes zero sense to me. Does being an adult mean we cease to have fun the way we want to? Does it mean we cannot enjoy ourselves in a way that is harmless to others and ourselves? What is so wrong about embarking on the imaginary and forgetting the real world for a change? Honestly, if I had a choice, I'd rather live in the Pokémon world, setting out on a journey since I was 10 and not having to live up to unrealistic expectations from adults. Thank you very much.

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Sunday, 1 May 2016

April in Overview

Excited about...
Comic Frontier 7! Not necessarily something that will happen next month but this is my first time opening a stand at a convention so I'm beyond thrilled. We haven't got our stand number yet so, hopefully, this post will not jinx anything—or me saying that, for that matter. But, overall, it's really exciting to prepare everything that I will be selling soon enough. Follow my instagram for future updates!

Currently reading...
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This is yet another book I found at home, bought by my sister. As usual, she hasn't read it yet. I first dove into it being rather skeptical about the whole thing but, as I read along—although I don't completely agree with everything the author says, I understood the point and see the truth in it. The best part is, this teaching can be practiced regardless of your religious belief—or lack thereof. Truth be told, when I picked this up, I thought it was a guidebook to stop procrastinating—but turns out to have nothing to do with that. However, I'm glad I gave this book a chance.

Currently watching...
In Vogue: The Editor's Eye, which came to me by chance—it happened to be on HBO when I was watching TV. Fashion has always intrigued me as an art form—as opposed to its commercial aspect like most people seem to be drawn to—and it is always deeply satisfying to learn the story behind each concept, especially in creative editorials. Vogue itself is an institution which has been around for decades. Stories are bound to unfold and ideas are bound to develop. And to see these passionate people work their magic and determination is a cause for applause.

Listening to...
Wild Child. Instead of finding new artists, this month I went back to an old favourite. Since finding this band in 2013, I've always felt their songs resonate so well with me and have amazing storylines. Recently, I also found out that they released a new album and they did it once again although the sound is less folksy now. My personal favourites of their songs are Warm Body, Bridges Burning, Victim to Charm and This Place—to name a few. 

Thinking about...
printing out my business card. This has been something I want to do for a while now but never had an occasion in which I will need them, so I've been putting it off. Now, thanks to Comic Frontier, I will definitely be able to use this. The design is pretty much done, so all I need to do is get to the printing house and I'd be sure to keep you posted once it's available.

The entire gang together at last (though briefly) // Marvel came to campus! // illustrating a set of infographics for TigaGenerasi // finally a taste of Burt's Bees lipbalm for a good cause // joining the Fashion Revolution movement this year // updated my Youtube channel with a #haulternative video // quick doodle depicting how I felt after a Skype session with Firu // visiting Galeri Tie Dye's exhibition featuring my classmate, Dhira // attended another Catalyst Art Market

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