Sunday, 30 August 2015

From Berlin to London to Jakarta

One of my goals this year is to befriend as many Indonesian bloggers as I can. And, although, I'd like to think mission accomplished since I do keep contact with some of them - and even hold a few dear in my heart, I hadn't had a chance to see them in the flesh and hang out with them like friends usually do. That is, however, until a couple weeks ago when Tasha of Taiyagi asked to meet up since she had some time off work. Okay, technically, she's not a blogger (anymore) now, but she used to have a blog of the same name - which, after looking it up, seemed to have vanished/been deleted. At the same time, as kismet would have it, my old friend Divina of Verwirrend aber gut - which you might have seen here, herehere and earlier this week here - was in town as well. So I invited her along and the three of us agreed to meet up at Museum Nasional or Museum Gajah (National Museum) to have a bit of a photoshoot and frolicking along the exhibition. It is the most renowned museum in Jakarta, but I'm ashamed to say I've only been here 3 times including this one - two of which were on a school field trip with assignments. Tasha is every bit as awesome as she seemed online and she hit it off with Vina really well too, so the day was quite an incredible one. It's so nice to be able to spend some time with people who love photography and style as much as I do - or maybe even more!

Floral top via fleaubergine // tailor-made batik pants // Urban Outfitters hat // Ebay purse (Sis's) // thrifted sandals // photos of me by Divina + Tasha

On to the outfit now: the blouse also comes from another blogger I quite recently managed to befriend, Jessica of Weirdo in Pink. She's more an illustration-blogger than a style blogger but her style - both in fashion and art - is absolutely adorable and resonates so well with me! This blouse, for instance, has a subtle floral pattern that is so adorable but not too in-your-face. It has this synthetic chiffon-y material, which is incredibly soft and breezy. The size is also very fitting for my current figure - which is, let's be honest, not the best - so I feel like I can see myself wearing this more often in the future. Thank you so much for the blouse, Jess! ♥ At the same time, this pair of pants just came back from the tailor. There were a lot of batik-patterned jariks - traditional fabrics, worn like a skirt by sewing the sides or wrapping around the waist - lying around the house, so I thought I'd turn it into a pair of pants instead. Sadly, this pattern was printed instead of hand-painted or stamped on with iron (re: Batik Conundrum), but at least I was re-cycling old, unused fabric. Cannot wait for another outing with these two! Also, if you want to be friends with me - wherever you live, whether you have a blog or not - please don't hesitate to say 'hi'. I love making friends!

P.S: you can also read Vina's version here!

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Mix It Up a Notch: Striped Pinafore Dress

Ah, it's finally time to compile the various ways I wore this famous ASOS pinafore. Famous? Surely, it cannot be. I only said 'famous' because of all the fuss I made upon purchasing it. What can I say? I adore pinafores so much! Two years later this is still the only pinafore I own. How 'bout that? You already know the story of how I purchased it - it's with 'all that fuss' above - so I'm not going to go over that again. I ended up picking this one over the polkadot one from, because that one didn't fit me well. But I ended up liking this one quite a lot, although the stripes aren't what I expected them to be. The stretch of the waist is my favourite part, aside from the criss-cross backside. It still accompanies me through whatever weight I have at the moment. You can see the slight difference of how much weight I've gained from the fit of this dress around my body. Click each photo to go to their respective posts!

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Last Sunday I made my way to Firu's parents' house to have a bit of a girls' day-turn-evening out. His sister, Galuh, was still in town and his other sister, Mbak Ria, also came to town. Yaay! Galuh - and their youngest brother, Yosi - just came back from Japan the other night and brought some souvenirs. They went to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo - in that order. I ask but only for an お守り(Japanese talisman) from any temple she visited. Let's not even go through how obviously jealous I am of their trip. For my part, I brought souvenir - mostly food - from our trip to Surabaya last month. Some of them will make their way to Germany with Galuh to be given - or sent - to Firu. Hope he enjoys them all! That day the female members of Firu's family, including his cousin but excluding his sister-in-law - because she was ill - and niece - because she's a baby, took me out for a really late lunch and some shopping. Shopping as in both sartorial - for Mba Ria's business in Palangkaraya, Kalimantan - and grocery - for Galuh's instant seasonings stock in Germany. So, really, I was just tagging along.

Cotton Club top (old) // hand-me-down skirt + hairband // thrifted loafers // necklace from a convention

I finally got to meet Firu's nephew, which is Mba Ria's son. He is super adorable - more adorable now than a year ago, when Firu visited him - and really active. He's very friendly with people - even in danger of getting easily kidnapped - and incredibly close to Galuh. Also, I got to see Firu's niece again, who I've met twice before. But every time I go home and come back, she doesn't recognise me and the familiarity resets all over again. She is also absolutely adorable, which is almost strange because I usually don't like little girls. I think they're about several months apart in age and they're not very close, maybe due to geographical distance between them on a daily basis. Ah, how I love kids! It's been a while since I had the honour to play with other people's kids. I laugh their no-pretence gestures as well as mimics. Until, of course, I get to have kids of my own, and I will play with them non-stop.

P.S: Sorry for the lack of interesting background! I practically rolled out of bed...

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Monday, 24 August 2015

Style Swap with Divina Aulia

For a while now I've been craving for some creative photography outlet. Sadly, I don't live in a world surrounded by people who are passionate in photography in the same sense as I am. Very few people are. That's why I was somewhat delighted when I found out that my old friend Vina was coming home. It just seemed whenever Vina and I get together - or maybe whenever she hangs out with people - we tend to take creative photographs. Or, as I prefer to call it, no-agenda photography. We had a little photoshoot session with a new friend earlier this month - the post is coming later this week. It was a whole lot of fun that we wanted to do some more before she departs back to Germany. So we met up last Friday for an outfit-swapping-themed photoshoot, which I'd never done before. It was so much fun!

It was kind of surprising to see how different an outfit looks on someone else! I hadn't expected it to be this different but it is! First off, Vina and I have very different styles. She leans more toward b&w while, you know me and my colours. Thankfully, we are pretty much of the same size so everything we own - at least during the photoshoot - fit the other rather well. Except for the shoes, so we didn't swap them. Such a shame, thought it would've been absolutely fun to see. Second of all, Vina wears hijab now so I had to make sure the outfits I picked from my closet would still be okay for hijabis. That and trying to wear something I've never worn before makes it quite hard for me. But it was a good change of air. Also, being able to wear Vina's seaweed pants was really entertaining, actually.

We only prepared three outfits this time - due to time and, well, capability - but I hope you guys enjoy this experience as much as we did. There will be a video to add to this post as well, where we walked you through it a bit and what we learnt from this experience. If you want to be the first to watch it, subscribe to Vina's Youtube channel because she will upload it there as soon as she's finished. She was in charge with editing the video, I was in charge with editing the photos. Hope we can do this again sometime because moments like this really keep me alive! If you're local and you'd like to do this kind of sessions with me, let me know because one can never make too many friends ;)

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

POPCON Asia 2015: "It's Okay to Be an Alien"

Around two weeks ago, PopCon Asia was held in Jakarta and I wanted so bad to attend for months now. It actually shocked me a little that it was closer than I thought when I checked. Thankfully, I didn't miss it. Being new to this whole convention business in Indonesia, I don't know what the difference is between one event from the other. But, according to what I witnessed, PopCon seemed a little more like a creative industry get-together, with actual panels and official booths - there was a Wacom booth and I finally tried out Cintiq. The reason I wanted to go was actually the artist alley, which is always something worth visiting. Cynthia, Cafa - my brother - and I attended the event together from early in the morning before all of the booths were even open. There were various items for sale in various styles and pop-culture branches - not just otaku-themed, as some might believe. It's also not too Japanese convention-esque, if you know what I mean. Many cosplayers came out to play, including some dressed as Marvel superheroes - and even some working in the booths.

Connexion dress (old) // thrifted jacket + purse // hand-me-down pants // Gelugu Accessories necklace // Madonna hairband // MKS ankle boots // outfit photos by Cynthia

The best part about events like this is meeting artists I've been following for a while or even new ones I've never heard of before. I had really great chats with some of them and it was really enlightening. Also, I met Mei of Big Dreamer for the first time - although we didn't say 'hi' because we couldn't quite place each other. Not only local artists, other Asian - or even international - artists also came down to showcase their work. Cynthia bought a set of superhero comics from a Jerry Hinds, the president of ACAS Singapore, and got a caricature of herself from him in addition. Another exciting thing that happened that day was meeting up with my underclassman from middle school, Irfan. We go way back! Before I was cool. And it was so nice to see each other again and catch up. We met a couple times in high school too but, afterwards, a lot of things have changed. I went to Germany, while he ventured to Wales. But some things never change. At the end of the day, I got myself tons of name cards to connect with artists online and make friends with them, if possible, and a (redeemed) promise to catch up with my old pal. That was the busiest weekend of my month!

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