Friday, 14 August 2015

#alivegurlmudik: Buddha at the Beach

Another place I wanted to visit in Surabaya was Kenjeran Beach. I guess, we can't really call it a beach since there's barely any sand around but it is the part of land facing the ocean - so, technically, it's a beach. At first, I didn't know what it was but after a bit of digging I found out that Kenjeran Beach was more like a theme park than a beach. The reason I wanted to go there was to see this grand Four-Faced Buddha statue, situated across the street from Sanggar Agung chinese temple. Look how huge it is in comparison with my body! I'm not even a tiny woman. There isn't much history to this, I'm afraid. The statue was officially opened in November 2004 and, as far as I know, it seems to be something of a replica to Thao Maha Brahma in Thailand. What's interesting, though, is that the statue's height and the base's width and length all have the number 9 in them, as a symbol of perfection because it's the highest single digit. With his four faces, the Buddha also has eight hands, each occupied with different tasks and activities. In the area, there are also a statue of Ganesha, four statues of elephants - oddly, they're not facing the Buddha - and a Chinese auditorium or so. Many people seem to come here to pray, so be respectful when you come here.

House of Smith top (gifted) // May & June skirt // Forever21 necklace + Kmart purse (Sis's) // H&M socks + Urban Outfitters hat (old) // DF Fashion shoes // outfit photos by Akita

Across the street, we can see the Sanggar Agung chinese temple, a praying site for Goddes Ghuan Yin. If you've ever read "Journey to the West" or watched any one of its depictions - or, you know, if you're Buddhists, you would have heard of this goddess. This temple was incredibly gorgeous! I was blown away by the two dragons at the very end of the temple, facing the sea. My sister and I agreed that it reminded us of the Dancing Dragon from Avatar. But, again, this is a prayer house and we had to walk pass people burning incense and praying to get there, so be respectful! As a beach, this place isn't at all nice to spend time in. The sea doesn't even look okay from there, but the wind was so strong. A little tip: stray away from skirts when you come here, unless you want to flash everyone like I did. Yep. Truth be told, Kenjeran Beach is huge but it doesn't seem to be loved by the locals. Also, it has such a poor reputation of being quite shady, so only come here before sun down for your own safety! The next one's the last one from Surabaya so make sure you stay tuned!

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