Monday, 30 April 2012

Wishlist: Fashion I

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Preppy Denim

When was the last time you talked to your parents/family? Mine was on Thursday. It was somewhere between funny and exciting to have three-way video call on Skype with my parents and brother in Indonesia and my sister in Australia. We all have different and somewhat significant timezones and lives of our own. If you have told me I was going to have a life like this 4 years ago, I probably wouldn't've believed it, yet it's true. I have missed my sister so much and it bums me out that we can't meet in Indonesia thanks to stupid term holidays that don't match. But I do plan to go visit her in Melbourne -- which gives me another chance to travel. But I need to apply for a whole other visa for that. 

Starting Friday, the weather has shifted to hot. Like I said, there's no such thing as spring in Halle, apparently. It was freezing cold with the mean wind and all one day then suddenly the temperature got off its lazy hiney and became extremely hot the next. Okay, scratch that. It all changed in one hour! I swear it was still chilling early in the morning. However, once we were done with the class, we went out and BAM! I was sweating from all ends. Of course it didn't send a notice my way and I was still wearing my tights, which made me sweat all over. I'm glad to have a warmer weather but it saddens me that tights-season is over. Now I either have to wear pants or shave my legs. Oh, how hard it is to be a girl.

Let's talk a little bit about the outfit. You may notice the denim blouse from this post. Like last time, I tucked it into a skirt again. I must really show you how it really looks because it's actually rather long, like a coat. I don't think I told you this before but this used to belong to either my sister or my mother, because I found it in the wardrobe in Indonesia just like that. I don't know where anyone bought it from so I don't even know where people can find the label. Aside from that, can you tell that there's a new item in my wardrobe? Yes, these denim ankle boots!

You should know that I bought it off Kleiderkreisel from a lovely woman. There was a little bit of online drama -- which I haven't experienced in so long -- and she stood by me despite the fact that she doesn't know me in real life at all and we had just been sending messages back and forth for several days. She went through with the transaction and sent me the boots just as I expected her to. Other than that, she sent me this beautiful postcard with a bag of gummy bears clipped on it. The writing means: "Hey, enjoy the shoes! Thanks for the business - the..." (I can't read the last part). I think it says mischi -- her username is mischiela. Thank you so much, mischi! You were absolutely lovable. I would totally recommend you go to her and buy stuff from her. Be nice, because she totally is. Have a lovely Sunday! Cheerio!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Movie Date: Låt den rätte komma in

Vampire is a widely popular theme these days thanks to Stephanie Meyer with her Twilight series. It has, in my opinion, though, killed the sole idea of vampires as we know it. The society today -- the younger generation at most -- has been divided into the haters and the lovers of this series. I fall into the hater, just so you know. But let's not get into the detail. My vampire criteria is more something off Interview With The Vampire or True Blood -- although I don't follow this series. Now, introducing my very favourite vampire movie ever, Låt den rätte komma in!

You probably know it better as Let The Right One In—as is the english title for this film. The Americans have made an english version of this called Let Me In which stars Chloë Moretz. I haven't watched this one but I have fallen in love with the original one that I don't think I'd want to watch the american one. Other than the fact that this young love story is adorably sweet yet intricately bloody, it is also in Swedish, a language that I can't speak in. That adds a cultural bonus point to it. Although this movie was released in 2008, I think the story takes place in a different as anything there looks to...old for 2008. But I love the vintage feel to it, reminds me of how simple life used to be like.

Låt den rätte komma in tells the story of two 12-year-olds who are lumped in together by fate. Oskar is a 12-year-old boy who keeps getting bullied in school and has no friends...until one night he meets Eli, a 12-year-old girl who just moves in next door. At first they aren't interested in each other but they keep hanging out at the jungle gym in front of their building and meeting with each other. Slowly but surely, their friendship starts to bloom. They are each other's only friends. Eli lives with her father, just the two of them. Every night her father goes out and collects blood for her to consume. One night, though, he almost gets caught and decides to acidify his own face so that he can't talk or fess up about Eli. It is so adorable when Oskar finds out. The title comes from the fact that Eli can't get into a place without being invited in by the people inside. One day, she goes to Oskar's and Oskar dares her to come in intrusively, without him having to let her come in. She ends up bleeding from every end of her body.

This is just the sweetest and most innocent vampire love story I have ever watched. It is adorable how Oskar never had a hesitation moment even after finding out the truth about Eli. He kept hugging her and not wanting her to get hurt. Eli is, by far, my most favourite vampire. She has that smile that is both mischievous and naïve. Oh, yeah, this film was originally from a book written by John Ajvide Lindqvist and published 4 years earlier. It is in Swedish, though, but it's also available in english and probably also many other languages. Have a great Friday and marvelous weekend, all! Cheerio!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spring Urgency & Exhaustion

Despite the fact that I haven't done much of anything these last few days, I feel awfully exhausted. But it still doesn't stop me from enjoying life. I am officially going to go to Weimar two weeks from now. It's only for a day so no worries. Aside from that, there'll be a BBQ party this Saturday with the rest of the Indonesians in Halle. If you know me in real life, you probably also know that I'm not a very social person. If it wasn't for people's influence, I wouldn't socialize at all. That's why I have very little story of hanging out with my indonesian friends here. I apologize if I seem rather cocky and uninvolved -- if you're reading this. That's why I want this last semester in Halle to be a chance for me to reconnect with  people I have subconsciously, if not purposefully, avoided for the last six months. 

On a brighter note, next week is Labor Day! I get a day free from school and any obligating activities. Although next week I'm also supposed to turn in my next batch of portfolio. I hope my portfolio will be done by then and that means...road trip to Bremen and a stop by in Hannover! Oh, God, I miss that city. I mean, there's probably almost nothing...culturally interesting there but the memories and everything. Wow, I just really want to go see it again. Yeah, I'll be going there alone, but still.

Let's talk a little bit about the outfit photos. First thing's first, these were taken on the emergency exit of my building. It wasn't until yesterday did I realize how suitable it is for a sort of photoshoot location. As I said before, I had been feeling rather exhausted -- and probably still am. Therefore, I was reluctant to find a farther location for outfit photos. I already told you my lack of tripod, right? Well, when I took these photos, such a problem still exists. So I had to drag my huge luggage, that has played the role of tripod for so long, through the whole of the 9th floor -- where I live, hoping no one will open their door and see stupidity. There was also an abandoned trolley there that served quite well as a prop. I feel like I'm wearing a camping outfit here, something you would wear while camping on the mountains. All I'm missing is the pair of army boots -- which I wish I had. It's unbelievable how comfortable and weather-suitable it is. The pair of boldly coloured jeans, especially. My first pair of bold colour pants ever! By the way, I just received a new item for my closet yesterday, which I purchased through kleiderkreisel. I cannot wait to create an outfit post out of it. Hope you're having a marvelous Thursday. Only one more day before the weekend. Cheerio!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fernweh ≈ Wanderlust

Time moves awfully quickly these days, doesn't it? Already it's a week before May and two weeks before my midterm exam week. But it's still weeks before my final exam and I get to see Firu again. I just can't wait for it to come before my eyes. Have I mentioned that I got a couple gift certificates from WWF Germany? Yes, yes, I did. They are for many nature-connected places, such as science centres, zoos and nature parks, that I have never even heard before. They seem pretty exclusively exciting too and I'm already planning in my head of using them together with Firu. Traveling is one of the reason I decided to go study in Europe. Ever since I landed here, I've always wanted to do that. And, yes, I've done some traveling over the year but there are still a lot more to explore. Since I've become a student in Halle, though, I feel like I don't have many friends to travel with. That's another reason why I am so psyched that Firu'll come to visit, as oppose to me usually going to him, to Karlsruhe.

Heidelberg, Germany (February 2011)
Stuttgart, Germany (April 2011)
My university has this Kulturkalender (Culture Calendar), which involves two traveling trips. What is Kulturkalender? Well, simple, just students gathering to learn more about other culture or Germany's own.  This calendar holds many different cultural events, such as tandem nights -- where two or more students from different countries sit together and exchange informations about one another's cultures, field trips, and going to the opera. Firu has once done a tandem with a german student named Markus. It was funny how hard he tried to learn Indonesian although it has less grammar than German. He was so used to the different tenses and cases and articles that he had a bit of a culture shock.

Mannheim, Germany (May 2011)
Dresden, Germany (October 2011)
Anyway, more on this Kulturkalender, there are two field trips scheduled before my final exam. One of them is on May 12th and the other one on June 2nd. The first field trip takes place within my midterm exam week and the destination is Weimar, specifically the concentration camp there. Oh, wow! This'd be my chance to actually see the camp. The second field trip takes place on the weekend RIGHT before the final exam and the destination is Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland). I don't exactly know this place but my teacher said it is a beautiful place. I checked it out on the internet and, oh, God, yes! It's mega beautiful and very natural! I think I want to go there.

Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany (October 2011)
Roma (Rome), Italy (December 2011)
Metzingen, Germany (January 2012)
A few days ago, I leafed through -- how sad this term cannot be said for the following -- Abi's blog, vanilla & lace and spotted her travel photos with her husband while they had a vacation in Germany for a month. Oh my God, she's even gone to places I've never gone to -- or even heard of, such as Bielefeld. That gave me an idea for a new travel destination.

Leipzig, Germany (January 2012)
Drachenfels & North Rhine Westphalia, Germany (February 2012)
Weimar, Germany (April 2012)
Whoa, look at how many places I've been to in the (more or less) one year I've been here. That's probably more places than I've been to in my own country. Next stops: Prague, Paris, Berlin -- I've been here but barely seen anything -- and Hamburg! Oh, man, looking at these photos make my wanderlust grow even bigger...anyway, hope you'll have a blast of a midweek!

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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Faded Green Blue Sky

Friday was a somewhat busy day for me. I got beat when I got home. A bunch of muslim girls in Halle -- including myself -- were having a prayer time where we involved ourselves in religious activities and discuss about the rules of our religious belief. In case you don't know, yes, I am a Muslim and proud of it. Afterwards, we chatted like the girls that we are whilst eating chicken porridge -- which was mega delicious. All of a sudden, 5 hours have passed and most of us were already exhausted. On Saturday, I just went through the town, running errands and checking out this new vintage secondhand store. It was very nicely organized and I found very lovely outfit there but I didn't buy them -- still a student on a budget here. Then I went to a park near a graveyard and took photos there.

These days I take more and more photos in public places. I try to find the most secluded place in the area -- which, hopefully, is also beautiful -- and take photos there. But, since it's still a public place, it's not strange that people still walk past it while I'm taking my photos. Some people'd stare at me and I'd smile at them so as to hide my embarrassment -- sometimes they smile back, sometimes they walk faster. Yesterday was one of the worst. I was crouching, ready to get snapped, when a group of boys walked by and stared at me for a good five minutes before they decided to laugh. Oh, what a few embarrassing moments now and again for a few beautiful pictures. This park, in particular, is located near the vintage store I just mentioned. I found it a few months back when I was just going through the town and found a perfectly nice shortcut through here. If you were ever in Halle, this is a shortcut from Leipziger Straße to Magdeburger Straße (Straße = Street).

Yet another blouse I bought way back when I was in Indonesia. I think I bought it when I was still very fat and now feels baggy against my body. I love the thin material and how breezy it is to wear in a hot day -- although yesterday was extra windy, despite the sun. Too bad it doesn't really show in these pictures but the blouse is green, although very faded green. The pants are also from Indonesia -- although I've never worn it on this blog and never even realized until now. And this is the debut of the thrifted vest to be matched with pants. I think it lightens up the outfit.

I love how the photos turn out on this post. They look very SLR-generated-like, no? Especially this one and the zoomed-in ones. Now it got me thinking, maybe I don't need SLR after all. Oh, and have you noticed the new blog design? I did it all on my own. Still pretty rookie-looking but it'll have to do for now. How do you like it? Hope you guys are having a spectacular weekend. Cheerio!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Between The Lines

Yesterday was really sunny and warm. I took another walk to the park near Saale. It was larger still and I ventured to the farther part of it. I saw more of it. There was another bridge -- this one actually goes over the Saale River, I have thought wrong before. Since it was sunny, there were more people there than before. They laid out picnic mats and lie on it with friends or lovers. Some of them smoked shisha right near the pond. It was a far larger park than I thought and I think I'd give it another go tomorrow or something. There are still several corners I have yet to explore.

The bridge reminds me a little of a miniature of the Brooklyn Bridge over in New York. Okay, the comparison isn't that...unmistakeable but it still reminds me of it anyway. It probably doesn't open up in the middle and it's not open for cars. There are other buildings around the river -- as seen in the second picture -- and they kind of remind me of castles. I sure hope they are castles, though. I've once seen them when the tramline was rerouted and I think I spied some ships around that area and a romantic spot -- which I hope I'll be able to visit with Firu sometime. This calls for more venturing!

Today's theme is stripes! I didn't even plan this, how awesome is that? First, I wanted to wear the striped tank and didn't know what to match it with. Somehow I ended up with these other two outfit elements: 1.) the lightest and palette of pastel colours of a cardigan and 2.) the comfiest pants I have that aren't elastic. And voilá! All stripes. Well, except for the wedges. I love matching wedges with pants. It just doesn't seem to be an obvious match, unlike when I pair it with sneakers, per se. The redness of the wedges also seems to give this outfit the kick it needs, what with its bold colour and all. You have to know, I took these pictures in a public place with people walking by now and then and the winds slapping my hair against my face. And look at it go! Loving how my hair looks on the second picture, like a lion's mane -- sarcastically, of course.

It is not quite clear in the other photos but these pants are, indeed, also striped. Many have told me these are wonderful-looking pants, which I didn't get the moment I bought it -- I did so for necessity's sake. It was bought in Mangga Dua -- a sort of marketplace in Indonesia -- and doesn't have any sorts of brand of it. People -- well, Indonesians -- quickly enlarged their eyes when I told them this. Is it really that wonderful? I just know it's mega comfy and compliments my body shape. You have to know, though, these pants were more on the cheap side and was thrown in with another pair I originally wanted to buy -- this one. But I ended up liking this pair more than that one. Have a splendid Friday, all! What are your plans for the weekend? Don't just slump at home all day, at least get out and move your body. Cheerio!

Lovely Ladies: Felicity Jones

First of all, I think it is necessary that you know I am a frequent visitor of IMDb. I enjoy checking out both old and new trailers of movies that I might be interested in. It has been very reliable in providing me with informations about movie titles that I see or hear from someone or somewhere. Several months back, I stumbled upon the trailer of Like Crazy which starred Felicity Jones. Ever since then, I had just been drooling over the movie and couldn't wait to watch it. A few months afterwards, I saw a trailer of another movie called Albatross, which also starred this lovely young lady. Since then on, I've been just in love with Felicity Jones.

She has that lovely innocent feature about her that charms you in a subtle but elegant way. Her look is both victorian and surprisingly down-to-earth. Her performance is also quite magnificent. Yes, I admit, I've only seen two of her movies but in both she has performed quite splendidly. Let me shed some light on the topic to make you see what I mean.

Like Crazy (2011)

photos: courtesy of IMDb.
Once upon a time, there was Anna, a british girl who went to America to study, and Jacob, an american boy who happened to be in the same school as she was. They somehow spied each other and fell in love. First date, second date, staying overnight. Simple love story. It was quite a peaceful life. Anna was almost finished with her studies though and they dreaded the day they were to be separated. She then decided to overstay her visa and got caught in the airport when she went back from England. After she got deported, it was far harder for them to keep in touch. Anna couldn't enter the States, Jacob felt like an outsider in England. Suddenly they were introduced to a life they didn't know they could have.

Watching this movie, which kind of talked about LDR, while having one of my own, touched me. The trailer itself already moved me and I watched it several times. What more exciting is the fact that it is a Sundance film, which is always to die for. It was a simple concept with rather rocky details and intricate cinematography -- everything seems to speak in symbols. I love how their long distance relationship was portrayed and the soundtracks fit the theme perfectly. One of them being Dead Hearts by Stars -- which later on became one of my most favourite bands. 

Albatross (2011)

photos: courtesy of IMDb.
Albatross, on the other hand, has a more intricate plot. It actually doesn't centre around Felicity's character, Beth, herself but more focused on a girl who worked at her house/hotel, Emelia (Jessica Brown Findlay). According to the trailer, the story began with Emelia's parents' tragic stories, where her father left her family for another woman and her mother killed herself afterwards. But that's not how it begins in the film. Emelia came to Beth's family's hotel on her first day on the job as a chambermaid there. Right from the beginning Beth's mother, Joa (Julia Ormond), didn't like Emelia but Beth liked her a lot. For her, Emelia showed her a side of the world that she was never allowed to venture. Emelia said she wanted to become a writer and Beth's father, Jonathan (Sebastian Koch), was a writer. He offered her a writing course -- which apparently he didn't tell the rest of the family about, which she then accepted. Somehow, during this course, an affair between Jonathan and Emelia broke out. It got really complicated since Emelia and Beth became best friends. They even went to Beth's campus tour.

The plot to this film really interests me. The friendship between Beth and Emelia, who are two very different girls, is very sweet, in a way. What with Beth, who is so naïve with a perfectly happy family -- or so she thinks, and Emelia and her broken home and wild posterior. Felicity's innocent face really works in this story to portray her naïvity. British films always seem somewhat gloomily charming, so humble yet enchanting. I also love that this film includes Thomas Sangster, who is my favourite young actor EVER, and apparently also Harry Treadaway.

I super envy her for being able to snap this picture with the Treadaway brothers. (photo: Felicity Jones Blog)
Apparently, she also played a main character at a TV series Northanger Abbey -- which is based off Jane Austen's -- and played in Chalet Girl with Ed Westwick and Hysteria, which stars Maggie Gyllenhaal. I will definitely want to see more of her and hope that she will star in more Sundance Films. I think if she were given the chance, she will be able to win an Oscar. Maybe I'll make a feature of a few Sundance Films I've watched in the past. Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope tomorrow'll be an awesome Friday for you all.