Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Sugarcoated Lips

Since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to wear lipstick. Yeah, I wasn't at all girly but whenever I see my mom put her lipstick on, I just want to try it on as well. I used to sneak into my mother's room, trying on her lipsticks then wiping it off right away before walking out. For some reason, I was worried that my mom would flip out when she found me with her lipstick on. The truth is, she has always tried forcing me to wear lipstick. Funny enough, why I never wanted to when I was allowed. Well, anyway, lipstick has always been a grown-up thing to me -- you know, like coffee and cigarette. That's why buying my very own for the very first time feels really...mature. So here's some lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm that I have -- you should know that these are ALL I have.

These are my favourites: two red shades from Alverde. This brand is reasonably cheap and local. What I love most about them is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. It is a german brand from our local chemist's, dm. I love the brands from this store and how reasonably-priced they are. The cherry one is redder than it looks, it makes my lips blush (like the picture on the left). The plum berry one is my lips' natural colour and when I apply it, it compliments the lip colour (like the picture on the right). There are other various types of lipstick and also lipgloss. I also purchased some mineral facial powder from this brand for a very cheap price. 

This lipgloss has actually run out. It was a birthday present from my sister from Australia. It is the colour candles from Sportsgirl. For a whole year it was my go-to lipgloss. Back home, I used to just wear my sister's lipgloss and I guess she thought I should have one of my own. Thanks a lot, sis, this has been one mighty lipgloss and I've been loving it for a year. But it's time to move on. The colour of this gloss also compliments my lips, even though I hate pink. If I decided to go to Australia this year, I think I'd want to check out this brand.

Last but not least is this lip balm from The Body Shop I bought when I was still in Indonesia. It is the smell and taste of clementine. Oh, my god! I love it so much. It tastes really nice. It has been with me for around 2 years. I didn't wear it all the time because I used to think it wouldn't help my dry lips in the winter. But now I use it as a base before I apply my lipsticks. Whenever I open it, people start looking my way because they smell it.

Truth is, my ideal lipstick is red. Growing up, I used to watch this lipstick commercial all the time. It was red and in the commercial, people notice how red this lipstick is. The brand, as I recall, is Red A. I tried searching it on the internet but couldn't find its official infos. That has always been my favourite brand, even though I can't find it anymore. And my mom used to have this really plum-coloured lipstick, which I adore. It looked somewhat gothic and mysterious. Hence, the cherry and plum berry lipsticks. So how do you keep your lips fancy? Share some lipstick stories. And have a nice Monday! Cheerio!

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