Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Mr. Harriman's Nursery Rhyme

Lately I have been receiving some love on the blog. Did someone feature me or something? Thank you, though, all my readers. It's almost time for easter and I'm very excited to go to Weimar with Zahra. But before that, I must say I feel rather down in the dump because my beloved is going home to Indonesia tomorrow. I am as close to fleeing to Frankfurt and sneaking into his baggage so that I can fly home too as I can barely control. So here's how I decided to cope with my homesickness and, well, as cliché as it sounds, boyfriendsickness.

Not to rant but lately life has been quite flat for me. I can try to blame everything in this world but the truth is it's just the way I feel inside. But, uhh, there are a lot of events this week. For instance, tomorrow Firu's flying back to Indonesia with Edwin; on Wednesday, I'm going on a class field trip to see Pompeii -- which is just wow for me; and on Friday, I'm planning to spend the night at my friends' house in Nordhausen; then on Saturday, off to Weimar with Zahra! A former classmate of mine went there a few days ago and visited the concentration camp there. She took photos which were just plain horrifying...but I still want to come and visit. Other than that, I am excited to see the Anna Amalia Library -- one of the most stunning libraries I've ever seen, Goethe's House and Schiller's House. Cannot wait for this easter!

This is one of the reasons why I am so proud of Indonesia: batik! I've shown you batik before at this post of mine. Just so you know, there are many variety of batiks out there. The bolero I wore earlier was one of them and this is another one. Not only the batik pattern, but the style of this dress is also very lovable. The fact that it has an undetachable cape-like layer is very charming. I bought this a few weeks before departing for Germany when I was going shopping with my mum and my beloved. Really glad I purchased it...except for the fact that I now -- quite late, really -- realize that all the batiks I have are brown.
This time I take a hairstyling special -- not because I'm an expert by this point, but just because I'm quite bored with how my hair always looks. Realizing how very few hair accessories I have, I go to this beautiful silk scarf I bought off my neighbour. This is one of the perks of living in a dorm-apartment: sometimes people sell stuff and put it on the bulletin board and you can simply by them off these people in a quite reasonably low price. One time there's a chinese girl, whose roommate just went back home for good, leaving her with all her roomie's stuff overflowing the apartment. So she decided to just sell them off and that is the story of how I ended up owning this scarf. Other than that, I also purchased a glass bowl, a bedside drawer, coloured pencils and a water heater. Aside from the coloured pencils, the others have served me very well. So yeah, that's how it is. Happy Monday, everyone! Seize Tuesday with a smile, awright? Cheerio!

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