Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Classic Thuringia

Today's outfit post is coming to you from Thüringen -- or Thuringia as the English call it. At least the photos are. It didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped but it was still so much fun. I love how I got to reunite with my friends who I haven't seen for months and hang out and joke with them all over again. Oh, I feel so happy and re-energized. On Friday I departed from Halle to Nordhausen in the afternoon, pushing a little bit to evening since my friend, Ryan arrived a little bit later than Atika and I would have liked. Once we arrived there, Ryan and I went by tram to our friends, Iqbal's and Fiwo's house. We got off at a certain tram stop that Iqbal has instructed to us according to Fiwo's instructions. As we arrived there, we called him up and he picked us up to lead us to their home. In case you haven't noticed, Iqbal and Fiwo are a couple -- a rather adorable one at that. The photo above I snapped at their home when no one was home. Oh, staying with them this weekend was like a visit to my grandparents' where I would be asked what I would like to eat and if having porridge for breakfast would be acceptable -- to which I answered, "YES! So very acceptable!" Sure, we still joked like the kids we are. They were really wonderful hosts. Thank you so much for the great weekend.

On Sunday, I went on a little trip to Weimar with Zahra and Angga -- and, of course, with Ryan too, I was the one who brought him there. We went to visit Schiller and, well, we were supposed to visit Goethe as well but the tickets to his house -- HIS HOUSE -- was sold out before we could even get in. Damn. We were going to go to Anna Amalia's Library -- the one with the beautiful Rococo Hall -- but we got there too late and it was already closed. In the end, after visiting Schiller, we just strolled all over town until we decided to just go back to Nordhausen. Weimar was a beautiful town and I didn't regret going there and I'll definitely go back there someday. I need to see that Library and along with the concentration camp I have yet to visit. I love this trip because Zahra took her Canon DSLR with us was one of those once-in-a-lifetime chances to play with an SLR -- although I didn't do much since I was too nervous having an SLR within sight, especially with a tripod. I seriously need to get myself one of those. Zahra and I fell in love with calligraphy once we entered the Weimarhaus gift shop. We saw an ink set that costed €20 and couldn't stop drooling. There was a studio in Schiller's House where we could try writing in pure ink, like a real calligrapher, but once we got there, there was this family hogging everything and we didn't get a go. Oh, man.

Zahra and I posing in front of Goethe and Schiller. They have such endearing friendship.
Knock! Knock! Schiller, you there?
Meet the boys! Angga [left] and Ryan [right]
Open up, will you, Goethe?
The weather in Nordhausen was very, very indecisive. On Saturday, I was pretty much trapped in Fiwo's and Iqbal's house with Ryan. We could just see the weather outside changing faster than the traffic lights. It was sunny one moment than snowed the next then sunny again then snowed again. We were somewhat baffled by this rapid change of weather and went back and forth between going out and staying in. The two hosts went to Dresden that day -- which is also such a romantic town. I went there on a school trip last semester but didn't quite get enough chance to bask on all its beauties.

Let's talk a little bit about the dress, shall we? It's a batik, as you can see -- the last batik clothing in my closet right now to show off. On the trip, I stupidly forgot to put on the belt so you can see this dress for what it really is: loose. Little thing I love about batik: it goes with just about ANYTHING. I bought this particular dress while my family and I wanted to go to a book store which was holding a convention so we decided to visit it anyway. The first time I tried this one, it was a little too tight around the chest and shoulder area. But now it fits just right. I love how the orange tights seem to fit the dress perfectly. Bold and ethnic, no? Well, happy midweek, everyone! Cheerio!

P.S: All the photos in Weimar thanks to Zahra!


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