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Lovely Ladies: Felicity Jones

First of all, I think it is necessary that you know I am a frequent visitor of IMDb. I enjoy checking out both old and new trailers of movies that I might be interested in. It has been very reliable in providing me with informations about movie titles that I see or hear from someone or somewhere. Several months back, I stumbled upon the trailer of Like Crazy which starred Felicity Jones. Ever since then, I had just been drooling over the movie and couldn't wait to watch it. A few months afterwards, I saw a trailer of another movie called Albatross, which also starred this lovely young lady. Since then on, I've been just in love with Felicity Jones.

She has that lovely innocent feature about her that charms you in a subtle but elegant way. Her look is both victorian and surprisingly down-to-earth. Her performance is also quite magnificent. Yes, I admit, I've only seen two of her movies but in both she has performed quite splendidly. Let me shed some light on the topic to make you see what I mean.

Like Crazy (2011)

photos: courtesy of IMDb.
Once upon a time, there was Anna, a british girl who went to America to study, and Jacob, an american boy who happened to be in the same school as she was. They somehow spied each other and fell in love. First date, second date, staying overnight. Simple love story. It was quite a peaceful life. Anna was almost finished with her studies though and they dreaded the day they were to be separated. She then decided to overstay her visa and got caught in the airport when she went back from England. After she got deported, it was far harder for them to keep in touch. Anna couldn't enter the States, Jacob felt like an outsider in England. Suddenly they were introduced to a life they didn't know they could have.

Watching this movie, which kind of talked about LDR, while having one of my own, touched me. The trailer itself already moved me and I watched it several times. What more exciting is the fact that it is a Sundance film, which is always to die for. It was a simple concept with rather rocky details and intricate cinematography -- everything seems to speak in symbols. I love how their long distance relationship was portrayed and the soundtracks fit the theme perfectly. One of them being Dead Hearts by Stars -- which later on became one of my most favourite bands. 

Albatross (2011)

photos: courtesy of IMDb.
Albatross, on the other hand, has a more intricate plot. It actually doesn't centre around Felicity's character, Beth, herself but more focused on a girl who worked at her house/hotel, Emelia (Jessica Brown Findlay). According to the trailer, the story began with Emelia's parents' tragic stories, where her father left her family for another woman and her mother killed herself afterwards. But that's not how it begins in the film. Emelia came to Beth's family's hotel on her first day on the job as a chambermaid there. Right from the beginning Beth's mother, Joa (Julia Ormond), didn't like Emelia but Beth liked her a lot. For her, Emelia showed her a side of the world that she was never allowed to venture. Emelia said she wanted to become a writer and Beth's father, Jonathan (Sebastian Koch), was a writer. He offered her a writing course -- which apparently he didn't tell the rest of the family about, which she then accepted. Somehow, during this course, an affair between Jonathan and Emelia broke out. It got really complicated since Emelia and Beth became best friends. They even went to Beth's campus tour.

The plot to this film really interests me. The friendship between Beth and Emelia, who are two very different girls, is very sweet, in a way. What with Beth, who is so naïve with a perfectly happy family -- or so she thinks, and Emelia and her broken home and wild posterior. Felicity's innocent face really works in this story to portray her naïvity. British films always seem somewhat gloomily charming, so humble yet enchanting. I also love that this film includes Thomas Sangster, who is my favourite young actor EVER, and apparently also Harry Treadaway.

I super envy her for being able to snap this picture with the Treadaway brothers. (photo: Felicity Jones Blog)
Apparently, she also played a main character at a TV series Northanger Abbey -- which is based off Jane Austen's -- and played in Chalet Girl with Ed Westwick and Hysteria, which stars Maggie Gyllenhaal. I will definitely want to see more of her and hope that she will star in more Sundance Films. I think if she were given the chance, she will be able to win an Oscar. Maybe I'll make a feature of a few Sundance Films I've watched in the past. Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope tomorrow'll be an awesome Friday for you all.

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