Saturday, 25 May 2019

Pointless Love

How does your life just change forever in the course of a week? Maybe even less. Lately, it feels like everything I do is hurting someone, but also at the same time hurting myself. If people keep telling you to let them go, is that true love at all? I used to think yes, but now I don't feel so loved at the mention of it. Pick me up with a song that reminds you of stressful times. I'm playing it on repeat now, don't you know? My head is filled with dreams I've never thought I'd have. But reality is this cliff we're headed for—I see it, but I turn away, refusing to acknowledge. When we get there, I promise there will be floods, it'll flow endlessly from my field of vision and I'll never unsee everything we've shared. You both keep telling me there's someone better, but how the hell am I supposed to believe that? Is it too selfish and unfair to ask you never to let me go? Everyone else could see it—I'm losing little bits of my spirit and I don't even know how that happened. I swear I've always been well loved, so how come it feels so lonely and empty right now?

Swapped top (from Tukar Baju) // thrifted skirt + loafers // old hair band

When I told people I'm losing interest in things I usually find interesting, a lot of them tell me to try something new, get out of my comfort zone. But what if that's what got me into this mess in the first place? Maybe I'm trying too many new things at once that I'm re-inventing who I am. But, at this age, can I even really do that at all? Can I really just risk everything and plunge into the new and pristine? Right now, it feels as if I'm walking in a path adorned by beautiful flowers all around me—they come in all the colours that only look gorgeous up close—but the path leads to nowhere. It's dark and seemingly endless, but I find myself feeling comforted by these qualities. In the dark, no one can see whether you've made an error of judgment—or whether or not it's an error at all. Maybe I'll be lucky, maybe no one will find me and I can finally be lost forever. I know this is a pointless ordeal, but I have to believe that, at the end of this path, you will be standing there. Hopefully with your arms open wide and a smile upon your lips. Whatever that signifies.

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Saturday, 18 May 2019

TBR: Loots From My Friend's Personal Library pt. II

Lately, I've been reading terrible books after terrible books. It's honestly been keeping my morale low and affecting my spirit in my daily life. I seem to be running low on good books at home. Luckily, I have some friends who are willing to lend me their great books, one whom is my friend Maya. You might remember her from the first part of this haul from last year. Shortly before Ramadan started, I hopped on over to her house to browse through her collection—and return the ones I borrowed last time. Did I mention that Maya has one of the best personal libraries I've been lucky enough to sort through? Her taste for fiction and nonfiction often overlap with mine, making me go heart-eyed over her books. Well, these are what I came away with.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

#TukarBaju: Swapping with Strangers pt. II

Last week my sister and I attended another clothes-swapping event—the previous one happening in 2017. It was held by Zero Waste Indonesia in collaboration with several awesome organisations, including National Geographics, Living Loving and Sadari Sedari. I was so stoked! Even though I wasn't on the lookout for new-to-me clothes, any non-landfill occasion to get rid of the clothes I no longer wear is a welcome concept for me. This is the third clothes-swapping party I've been to in total—the first one having been held in Kassel—and it's yet a whole other experience from what I've gone through before. This time the system goes like this: First, you've got to register by filling the digital form they provide on their Instagram. Second, you bring a maximum of 5 clothing items to the event. Your clothes will be checked thoroughly by the staff and you will be given tokens, depending on how many clothes are confirmed acceptable for the swap. These tokens are to be exchanged for 'new' pieces of clothing you'll swap for yours. Easy, right?

Old jacket + dress (worn as top) // hand-me-down skirt + bag // thrifted loafers // outfit photos by my sis

For me, a swap party can be a hit or miss. Every time I go to one, I'm met with different experiences. The first one was held at a campus and it felt quite cozy, with music blaring, candles and DIY clothing racks. There were plenty of interactions and not very systematic, but it was an almost private setting, so it worked out rather nicely. The second one was held at a busy, hyped restaurant and it felt quite detached/cold, with no refreshments, no guidance and too many people. There were awkward interactions and confusing systems, and I honestly felt a little uncomfortable. And then there's this one. It feels so warm, with upbeat music, refreshments and some retro vibe. The staff were very friendly to us and the process was explained very well. There was barely any need for the old owner to meet a potential new one—although can happen if they want to—so there was less social pressure and awkwardness. It was held at a relatively private setting, so everyone who went there definitely had the same goal. Highly recommend following their Instagram, to get updates on future swap parties.

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Saturday, 4 May 2019

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Clothes

I know it's no longer Fashion Revolution Week, so it might not be on the ball for me to talk about this. However, I do believe that issues of fast fashion (and the environment) is one that we should always discuss. People always say that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world—after oil—but, apparently, that is not entirely correct—it's the fifth. That being said, it's still one of the top five, meaning we are still in dire need to make some real changes on the industry. Luckily, more and more people have seemed to become aware of this issue and changed their ways. There have been various challenges popping up here and there, like the 10x10 challenge, project 333 and shopping bans, which, with the affinity the internet has for challenges, may actually intrigue more people to wear what they already own. I myself have had a no-shopping year in 2016—which has roughly continued to this day. It's been very fun and fulfilling to wear what I have, using each item to their maximum potential. And you know what? You could do it too!

Declutter Your Wardrobe

I think one of the first steps you could take is to really have a wardrobe full only of items you would actually wear. Take everything out of your wardrobe and really look at them. Ask yourself, "Am I going to wear this again ever?"—or, if you're into Marie Kondo, you could ask, "Does this item still spark joy?" If you haven't worn the item in over a year or it no longer fits you, have the courage to get rid of it. Get some trash bags, boxes or any storage item of your choice and divide them into different categories—things you will sell, things you will donate and things you will hand down to someone you love. You can try these methods of discarding your clothes—without sending them to landfills.

Give Yourself a Style Challenge

One of my biggest prides in being a blogger is the ability to style a piece of clothing in many different ways—would've put it in my CV, if I could. Blogging has helped me unlock so many untapped potentials of my clothes and wear them in several unique ways. You can do it too! Give yourself a challenge for a certain amount of time or a number of stylings. You can always give 10x10 challenge a try or make a capsule wardrobe with items you already own. Not only will this give you a fresh outlook on your clothes, but it'll give a unique twist to your personal style. You'll be surprised how abundant you have it already. Feel free to check out my mixology for inspirations.

Make Alterations

Often we don't feel excited about our clothes, because we only love a certain element about the items. For instance, we may like the fabric of a certain dress, but not the length or the sleeves. Or maybe our clothes don't allow us to flaunt our best features. Before you go ahead and throw that item out, perhaps you can make changes to it, so you'll love it better. Take in that waistline, perhaps, or shorten the hem. These changes can be relatively easy to make—and they don't necessarily have to permanent, if you're scared to take the leap—but if you're not confident about your skills or feel lazy, you can always go to a tailor with your ideas. Here are some easy DIYs you can do, by the way.

Learn How to Care

Okay, I've got to admit: I'm not very good at this one either. However, I do believe that caring for your clothes properly can be a game changer. It can be as easy as figuring out which of your attire is dry-clean only or not iron-safe, but you can also take it a step further and find out exactly how to care for leather or what is the safest way to launder your bra. If you know how to appropriately care for your clothes (and accessories), they tend to stay pristine and last longer. Of course, when something keeps looking pretty much like they're brand new, we would be more excited to wear them out and about—a much better option than things that are literally falling apart.

Show It Off

Probably not the best advice—I don't think it's healthy to live for other people's approval—but, to a degree, it has worked for me. Here's the thing: everyone likes different things. It's possible that an item you find hard to style turns out to look good on you in the eyes of others. Even though you might find a t-shirt or a pair of pants to be rather mundane, others might disagree. Different items can invoke different reactions in people—and that may spark an old love in you. Of course, what I mean by this is, when you have an item you're unsure about, try wearing it when you meet up with friends or  show it on social media. Who knows? You may come to love the item.

Well, I hope that has been helpful and eye-opening for you guys. I've been living with pretty much the same wardrobe for the past 3 years or so—and I still can't get enough of my own clothes. Everyday I find a new way to style my clothes and unlock more of their potentials. In fact, a lot of you guys have said to me that, despite the fact that I barely add anything new to my wardrobe, you don't feel bored seeing the same items over and over again. You can do that with your clothes too! Of course, if you ever feel the need to shake things up, here are some alternatives to shopping fast fashion that you can do.

Let me know some other ways you've been rekindling old flames with your wardrobe!

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