Friday, 30 January 2015

You Know What I Mint!

Wow, can you believe we only have one more day of January left? If you don't count this one, that is. It felt both shorter and longer than it was, mostly because, even when I'm not doing anything, I'm doing something. Have you even noticed that 5 out of 6 outfit posts I posted this month were taken outside my neighbourhood? It has been a great month, both in the creative and the social department. I'm so thankful for everybody I've had the chance of meeting as well as rekindling friendships with. And I'm so happy to find my inner creative again. It feels like it's been literally ages since I've felt so pumped and driven to create and be more productive. There might not be a lot of evidence of that here on the blog but, if you visit my tumblr, you might see more of my works. Speaking of which, what do you think of the outfit illustrations I've been making this one month? Should they stay or should they go? I'm definitely motivated to do them but I can't really make any promises. If you like to see more of them, though, I will try to make time to sit down and make them. This will also be a great chance for me to try out different styles and techniques. What do you think? 

Shachi top via 10dencies // Typo satchel // Vibrantcache skirt (Sis's) // Lazy Oaf socks via Wild Wood // ModCloth shoes (giveaway!)

Okay, I've got a confession to make: Despite being a blogger, I'm not huge on mints. Call the cops! There's a pastel-immune blogger in the house! Let's not get carried away. It's not that I hate mints or pastels, it's just that I prefer autumnal colours, such as orange, yellow, earthy colours and the darker shades of red. Up until the start of last year, the only mint-shade item that I owned was this satchel bag...then these shoes came along. I never deliberately look for items in the colour of pastels so it's a no-brainer how my mint collection seems to build up rather slowly. I mean, you would know, if you've been reading for a while, I'm always about all the bold colours and novelty prints - exhibit A: these socks. However, when I saw this top - it's a mash of cardigan and shirt-like collar, by the way - on the hanger, I was sold! First of all, the style is so Japanese school girl. It's like living my long overdue dream. The subtle colours definitely play into that effect. Also, it comes in a colour that I don't have in my wardrobe. It was actually also available in hot pink. But you know how I am with pink.

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mix It Up a Notch: Oil-Painting Floral Dress

My story with this dress is like that of a romantic novel. It all happened when I least expected it and I was swept off my feet. Okay, here's what happened: one day I promised to meet up with my friend Sakurako and, as I waited for her to arrive at our meeting point, I walked into TK Maxx. That's what I did to kill time - walk into a store, scan the items and buy none. Well, out of my control, this dress caught my eye and it was for a reasonable price. It was one-of-a-kind and I was on the fence! Needless to say, I finally bought it and haven't regretted my decision since. It is, honestly, my most favourite dress in the wardrobe! First of all, look how much like an oil painting the flowers are! They're so subtle, ethereal and mystical. I always feel like this dress is the perfect floral dress for the winter, which is why I wear it more in the colder months.

Please click on the photos to go to the respective posts!

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Comifuro 5: Fangirls All Around

Ever since I came back from Germany, I never really attended any Japanese-esque/illustrious events...until last Saturday, when I went to Comic Frontier 5! Although at first I thought the event was Japanese central, it was actually more of an illustrious event but it's still quite laden with fanart and the like. This year my best friend Cindy was also one of the exhibitors. She sold her fanzine of the series Ace of Diamond. Despite my non-involvement in the fandom, I bought one anyway. Because, if her artwork alone isn't a reason, I don't know what is. I spent the day roaming around and visiting booths with Uli and Enggar, finding familiar faces among the crowd now and then - including some friends of my sister. The highlight of the day is definitely when I met Gracia, who turned out to be one of my reader/instagram follower. It's the first time I meet a reader beside my IRL friends! She seemed super excited to see me and asked to have a photo of us taken. I really adore her art style and she's such a sweet girl. I advise you to check her works out. Another highlight is when I meet one of my idols, Azisa Noor! She was also super sweet and I definitely fangirl'd all over her! Her works are heavenly. You should also check her out! It was overall quite nice to meet so many amazing talents and check out so many incredible artworks. You can see my loots here.

Asos dress (Sis's) // Strauss totebag // Gelugu Accessories necklace // Golddigga boots via Sportsdirect // H&M tights // photos of me by Enggar

When I was sorting out my closet and downsizing my wardrobe, I knew I didn't want to let go of these boots. First of all, they're so one-of-a-kind and Harajuku-esque. I love the built very much and I know they would cost a lot more than they did if I bought a new one. Before I knew I was going to Comic Frontier (Comifuro), I already knew I was going to include this pair in my next outfit post. But with the event, it was like perfect timing. It so fits the theme of the day. Enggar was definitely swooning over these boots. I was too, to be honest! Also, if you've watched this video of mine, you probably knew that this tote bag was actually a gift I bought for my sister. I absolutely adore the saying and it's so true for me! Plus, it's really cute and comic-like. Aside from the hat and the tote, and replace the boots and the tights with different pairs, this was the outfit I wore to see Firu off to the airport with his parents. I know, it was a long time ago - almost 4 months! - but I hadn't managed to immortalise the outfit until now.

P.S: Today's the blog's 3rd anniversary! Thank you all for staying with me thus far and hope you'll stick around for more ;)

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

#DRAWOUTSIDE: Ayodia Park Barito

Recently, I've been trying to get more and more inspired and draw more. In fact, for the majority of the month, all I want to do is stay home, station myself at my desk and draaaaw. So when I watched this video of Frannerd, where she went outside, drew whatever inspired her there and challenged us to do the same, I thought it was such a great idea. If I were being honest, I'd never done this before. I mean, sure, I've gone to coffee shops and drawn before but never anything that actually inspired me there, just stuff that I'd been meaning to draw anyway. This, I feel, is such an refreshing suggestion. In this day and age, people just tend to stay indoors and be boxed up by the same old idea that they have. Maybe this way you would appreciate the outside as much as you should and let yourself be inspired by the unfamiliar.

What inspires me the most, I think, is human interaction. So I decided to go to the park. Mostly, because I had never spent time there. In a metropolitan city, especially Jakarta, parks don't seem to get as hyped up as they should be. This one in particular was built around 7 years ago. It started out rather bald and scorching but now it's more laden with trees and breezy. When I went there, it was kind of early so there weren't many people around - which was both good and bad. When I took these photos, filmed the video, sketched while jamming to the tune in my ears and then had an outfit photoshoot, everyone downright stared at me. Uh huh, the perks of drawing outside, I'd say. What I noticed the most is, despite the park being bare of people, there were plenty of couples - even though it was clearly the morning on a weekday...

How did you like the video? Everyone I filmed seemed to be quite self-conscious and noticed right away that my camera was aimed at them. Maybe they were all having affairs... Well, just a thought. Anyway, you guys should do it too. You don't have to film the process or the place like Fran and I did but you can just draw outside, maybe take a picture of your sketch or of the process and tag us on your social media with the hashtag #drawoutside! It would be so much fun, trust me! Maybe, you know, make a day of it: ask your friends to come along and draw in a group. You can compare sketches and share inspirations. That would be quite a picnic! Here are my final sketches:

Please leave a link to your #drawoutside moment down below, if you join in on the fun too!

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Yellow As Thy Skin

When people think of Jakarta, parks would probably be the last thing on their minds. To be honest, me too. Jakarta has always had a bad rep for having too much pollution as well as skyscrapers, as opposed to good-natured parks and environmental friendly transportation. It's not that we don't have parks, it's just the ones we have aren't quite well-tended. But, since about 6 years ago, more parks were built and more green zones were issued. However, since I don't exactly live in Jakarta, these parks are typically so far away from home and they were always so hot and they lack trees. At least, those were the ones I was familiar with. Six years later, the parks have obviously grown and they look so much better now than in my memory. They are still quite farther than I like them to be but this one I visited was close to my high school so it was far closer than the alternative that I knew of. Plus, I love the man-made lake they installed in the middle and the amphitheatre-style seats around the edges. I'll show you how it looks in my next post - along with some sketches I did while I was there!

vintage shirt via Etsy // May&June skirt via Alleira // H&M socks // purse via Ebay // thrifted loafers + hat // Camera: Canon EOS Kiss X4 (EF-S 18-55 mm lens)

It was a story of long ago, when my family and I went shopping. My stepmom suddenly shoved a mustard-coloured shirt to me and said, "Yellow is your colour." That stayed with me ever since. If you've been following this blog long enough, you would know that I don't really own any yellow item of clothing...until now. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'd never gone looking. Trust me, I looked. I even wrote a post about wanting a yellow dress. Alas, it hasn't been satisfied yet. One day, I actually accompanied my sister shopping when this skirt caught my eye. I absolutely fell in love with its structure, how bouncy and smooth it is. Incredibly comfortable too, I might add. The length is also perfect and I love how breezy the material is. Oh, did I mention it has a pocket? Yep, that's right. I actually wore this outfit to Firu's parents' house last weekend and his sister-in-law said I looked so cute. Aww, thank you ;)

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

3 Things: You Need During the Creative Process

Welcome, everyone, to my brand new feature, 3 things! As is with most of my features, this is a monthly thing, where I will ask a group of people from different professions the three things involving their area of expertise. The idea is to connect more well-known people with their fans or public and get to know them a little better. Because, we all know how renowned people can seem quite out of reach at times. But, hopefully, by reading this feature, you will learn that they're actually human beings just like us, with comfortable habits and obstacles in their lives and we might actually get inspired by their answers. As the first post, I'd like to start with my life-long passion, illustration. So here's the one-million-dollar question and what these talented illustrators have to say about it.


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coffee - i always need this to kick-start the creative process. not only for the caffeine boost but also the comfort and taste!
snacks - when i'm immersed in the drawing process i often forget to eat, so it's important to have some quick snacks (fruit, nuts etc) around for the moments i suddenly realize i'm hungry.
radio/tv/movies/music/a conversation - i am rarely able to work in silence. when i draw, my mind wanders and i need input of some kind. 

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1. natural light and a big window nearby for mental sanity and to see properly my color work.
2. music or interesting podcasts to stay focused. Somehow, silence often distracts me!
3. a big cup of coffee! I am not a morning person and it's my fuel during the day.

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-My laptop: so I can listen to something in the background, but it's usually a podcast or movie that I've already seen/heard so I can just zone out and don't have to be really focused on it. Having a background noise is more ideal for me than working in silence.
-A hot cup of tetley tea with milk: it's my favorite drink, (I've been drinking it almost every day for 20 years) and when I draw I like to be extremely comfortable. I sometimes accidentally dip my brush in it thinking it's my rinse water.
-A small heater on blast (usually): once again, I'm trying to build a comfort-cocoon for myself so I can relax and get in the zone. I love the heat.
I need a nice source of light, natural light is preferred. My desk is next to a lovely window, so when I need to unplug from the computer it's really nice to look outside and see all the people walking on the street, the trees or (like right now) the snow falling slowly. I also need something to drink: coffee, tea or water. Since I can draw and listen to stuff at the same time, I love to hear music or put on some movie, series or youtube video on the background.

My 2 Pugs
I like having them around for comic relief - when I get stressed out, they comfort me and make me laugh with their ridiculous antics. Also, they are great muses (You may have noticed that I draw a lot of pugs!)
I work long hours and I usually work late, so I need it to stay awake! Also, I really do enjoy the taste, which is a handy side effect.
Warm socks
I absolutely hate to be cold. I can't concentrate on my work and I just feel miserable. My feet get particularly cold, so warm socks are very important!

So what are the 3 things you need during your creative process? Share along!

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