Tuesday, 20 January 2015

3 Things: You Need During the Creative Process

Welcome, everyone, to my brand new feature, 3 things! As is with most of my features, this is a monthly thing, where I will ask a group of people from different professions the three things involving their area of expertise. The idea is to connect more well-known people with their fans or public and get to know them a little better. Because, we all know how renowned people can seem quite out of reach at times. But, hopefully, by reading this feature, you will learn that they're actually human beings just like us, with comfortable habits and obstacles in their lives and we might actually get inspired by their answers. As the first post, I'd like to start with my life-long passion, illustration. So here's the one-million-dollar question and what these talented illustrators have to say about it.


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coffee - i always need this to kick-start the creative process. not only for the caffeine boost but also the comfort and taste!
snacks - when i'm immersed in the drawing process i often forget to eat, so it's important to have some quick snacks (fruit, nuts etc) around for the moments i suddenly realize i'm hungry.
radio/tv/movies/music/a conversation - i am rarely able to work in silence. when i draw, my mind wanders and i need input of some kind. 

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1. natural light and a big window nearby for mental sanity and to see properly my color work.
2. music or interesting podcasts to stay focused. Somehow, silence often distracts me!
3. a big cup of coffee! I am not a morning person and it's my fuel during the day.

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-My laptop: so I can listen to something in the background, but it's usually a podcast or movie that I've already seen/heard so I can just zone out and don't have to be really focused on it. Having a background noise is more ideal for me than working in silence.
-A hot cup of tetley tea with milk: it's my favorite drink, (I've been drinking it almost every day for 20 years) and when I draw I like to be extremely comfortable. I sometimes accidentally dip my brush in it thinking it's my rinse water.
-A small heater on blast (usually): once again, I'm trying to build a comfort-cocoon for myself so I can relax and get in the zone. I love the heat.
I need a nice source of light, natural light is preferred. My desk is next to a lovely window, so when I need to unplug from the computer it's really nice to look outside and see all the people walking on the street, the trees or (like right now) the snow falling slowly. I also need something to drink: coffee, tea or water. Since I can draw and listen to stuff at the same time, I love to hear music or put on some movie, series or youtube video on the background.

My 2 Pugs
I like having them around for comic relief - when I get stressed out, they comfort me and make me laugh with their ridiculous antics. Also, they are great muses (You may have noticed that I draw a lot of pugs!)
I work long hours and I usually work late, so I need it to stay awake! Also, I really do enjoy the taste, which is a handy side effect.
Warm socks
I absolutely hate to be cold. I can't concentrate on my work and I just feel miserable. My feet get particularly cold, so warm socks are very important!

So what are the 3 things you need during your creative process? Share along!

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