Sunday, 18 January 2015


 Waku Waku Café

Ever since I came back home, I've been quite hooked by this local cable channel, Waku Waku Japan. It's a channel dedicated to Japanese TV programmes, showing a wide range of shows, starting from anime, TV drama, variety shows to cultural programmes. When I found out that they're opening a semi-popup café until 28 January 2015, I was excited to check it out. So, as how these things usually go, I dragged one of my oldest friends, Ozora - and no, despite what her name might suggest, she's not Japanese. Although the café is quite small - it being a popup café is quite understandable - it's actually quite popular and filled with Japanese thingamajigs. When we arrived there, there were a group of people who excitedly tried on yukata and took pictures. There were also a bunch of Japanese toys as well as masks you can play with. The yukata were more onsen yukata than matsuri yukata though. Because the café is a popup taking place in a regular café, there are two menus available: the normal one and the Japanese one. The Japanese one is more on the pricey side, if you ask me. But the dessert tasted rather nice and you get free ocha if you order dessert.

Lustre dress via TK Maxx // 10dencies ombré shirt // Sis's tights // thrifted hat // photos by Ozora

While we were there, we didn't try on any yukata or played with any of the toys. But we did try a dessert. We ordered the shiratama anmitsu with azuki/red beans. It's a Japanese classic, I think, because I've had the pleasure of tasting it so often now. It was accompanied by liquid brown sugar as well, just in case it wasn't sweet enough. But, personally, I think it was perfect! The sweetness of the matcha ice cream, azuki and youkan - I think it was youkan - was quickly neutralised by the shiratama (sticky rice balls). I don't think it was worth Rp 50.000,- though, but then you got the ocha too so yeah. Let's talk about my friend Ozora for a bit! We have been friends since junior high but went to different high schools and universities. I visited her high school a lot to spy on my crush and we ended up hanging out a lot then too. She was in photography club in high school so I absolutely believed in her eye for composition. Thanks so much for the great time, Oji! Let's hang out again sometime ;)

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