Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mix It Up a Notch: Brown Printed Skirt

Over the past several weeks, I had to say goodbye to a lot of clothing pieces. Well, mainly, because I sold them. A lot of them were items I'd worn multiple times, including this brown skirt. It was acquired from a small flea market in Halle over two years ago. It has served me rather well and I'd been loving it. Sadly, it just didn't make the cut as I am downsizing my closet. But, now that I know I have worn it this much, I'm so glad I had used it up. This will probably be a running theme in the blog for months, reminiscing over the clothes I handed over to other people and collect the way I had mixed and matched them up. Click on the photos to go to the posts.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Melt Your Headaches Call It Home

"A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It's the people who make the place." - Pittacus Lore

So here's a little peek behind the scenes of this blog: the part I am most obsessed about - besides the outfit itself, which is usually easily put together - is the photo location. Every time I think, "Oh! I need to take pictures for an outfit post on date x" I would think of the outfit, the day to take it, and the location, in that order. Personally, I feel like the background to an outfit post plays a big role in the construction of the post, among other things. So I always try to find new places to take photos every time. A thought came across my mind as I was frustrating over it yet again: "A place is just a place." And that's true! A place is just a place until memories and history take place there. What makes a place different from the rest? It's the story. The story makes a place different. This thought reminds me of the music video to Summertime Record, part of the Kagerou Project. Though at the time the thought lifted the weight off my head, now it seems like such a melancholic statement. I remember feeling differently about certain places in different times of my life. Missing Karlsruhe when Firu lived there, walking around my middle school as a high schooler, hanging out at my grandparents' house with the memory of my parents. It is indeed the story that makes a place, as opposed to the other way around.

New Yorker top // thrifted denim jacket + pleated skirt + sandals // hand-me-down bag

I swear, the thrift stores in Kassel are the best! So, yeah, these past few weeks I'd been looking for a pair of really comfortable and lovely-looking sandals and, being all anti-retail for the time being, I raided all the thrift stores in the area. Then I stumbled upon this gorgeous pair, which looks like clogs which I had ben wanting for a long while now. They were on the pricey side as a thrift find - Firu will kill me if he finds out - but it was an amazing bargain to the price of all the clogs in, like, Swedish Hasbeens or Lotta from Stockholm. It is really comfortable and, though you might argue it doesn't look all that different to the sandals I already have, the quality is through the roof! Okay, that was a little exaggerated but you get what I mean. You better believe me when I say this wasn't the best pair of footwear in the store. Living the thrifting life is so much easier in a town like this 'un. Also, because it's now officially summer, pulling out this skirt is only logical. It was a rather hard skirt to take in and fix up - the fixes I did have totally come loose - but such a gem to wear. The top itself was drowned in my clothing...stash (?) and I forgot I had it. So here it is, making another appearance after 2 years.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Summer + Shaving

Men might look at the title and not see the connection but women will look at the title and groan in comprehension. Why is this? What does the title really mean? Well, apparently, summer is that time of year when you can show as much skin as you want without risking frostbite. It's probably even a necessity. And with showing the skin something will also be shown with it, namely hair. Not only the hair on heads but also our body hair, including, mainly, the hair on our armpits (when wearing sleeveless clothes, which will probably happen often) and the hair on our legs. Something in our heads quickly scold us to shave. This only happens to women, generally, and not to men, mostly. Then why? Why must we shave when the other half of mankind doesn't feel the same?

Raise your hand if you're a woman and you don't particularly enjoy shaving/waxing. Yeah, I raised my hand then too. Actually, there's a different option: using depilation cream. Either way, none of these methods are particularly enjoyable to do. Most women would complain when they have to shave or wax. Waxing hurts - trust me, I tried - and shaving isn't less safe. If you do it wrong or lose concentration, you can actually bleed from these methods. Then why? Why do we do these things which hurt us? Is it in any way beneficial for us when we shave our legs? Medically, I don't think the lack of hair will help us in our lives at all - except if you're a swimming athlete. In fact, according to experience, shaving your armpits produces more sweat and, therefore, BO. Truth is, the amount of sweat is probably the same but, without your armpit hair to absorb it, it will just stay in your pits and create BO. (This probably isn't a valid fact, feel free to re-check this statement)

Then why? Why do women do this? If there wasn't a medical benefit to it, there's only one reason why women do it: appearance. It's not that we are so shallow that we will put ourselves through all this torture for mere looks. If you're a woman, you know what I'm talking about. We somehow end up living in a society where women are expected to be hairless, which is ridiculous. Women with hair are seen as sloppy and revolting. Again, ridiculous. Women are born with hair, not only on their heads and brows, and there must be a reason why they are born that way. Since when was it that this ideal comes to life anyway? Was there a time in history when all women suddenly lose hair for a long period of time that men aren't used to hairy women anymore?

Do you remember in old cartoons, when a woman turns out to be a man, it mostly is shown through their hairy legs? Looking back, why is that? How come hair on your legs identify you as a man? News flash: women have hairs on their legs too! We do! Not just that, we have them on our armpits, arms and some other parts men aren't allowed to see unless they earn it. In some cases, there are some hairs on the chest or belly too. I'm some cases. If you're shuddering at the thought right now, you should get used to it. Because, whether you like it or not, it's the truth. Why must women be judged by the hairs that they have? They are born with them and they are not, in any medical sense, obliged to get rid of them. 

I myself have never had any traumatic experience regarding people's rejection toward my body hair. But it's happened to some girls, which appalls me. The worst I ever got was shamed by my female classmates in high school for having a bush of armpit hairs. That's practically when I started shaving. Because, as much as I want to say I wasn't bothered by it, I clearly was. Back then I truly believed I was the only girl who had armpit hairs. Surely, none of these girls had any. Well, believe me, that's not true. Girls, if you ever feel like this, do not worry! Everyone has body hair, be it boys or girls. You're not the only one. Do not let anyone make you feel like body hair is abnormal, that it's something to be ashamed of. It's not! Body hair is natural and it has functions, minuscule as they may seem. Never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

In regards of body hair, I have a massive amount of it. My legs are extra hairy and my armpits are  covered in bushes. There were times in my life when I had been made to believe that these facts where shameful facts and I needed to change them. But now I know that is so far from the truth. The people who care, the people who matter, they won't care about my hairs - unless they indicated some sort of medical hazard. That is not to say that I never shave. Well, technically, I don't shave, I use depilation cream but still. I do it from time to time, maybe 2-3 times a year. But I only do it when I want to do it, for myself, not forced by anyone else. And, no amount of stares or whispered criticism will ever get me to shave frequently. I am indeed proud of my body hair, weird as it may sound, especially the one on my legs. And my loved ones don't give 2 seconds about them. That is the way it should be.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Remains of the Olden Days

The other day, while I was running errands, I went past this beautiful ruin. It sat wonderfully, stacked neatly in the row of houses in one of the lanes. It was strange how I went past it frequently and never took a second glance. Finally, I checked it out because I wanted a new photo location anyway. It was the weirdest thing, a bit off, like it wasn't supposed to be there. Every other buildings in the area are modern and block buildings. It definitely stands out. It turns out, the building is still in use. There is a vocational school attached to it. The ruin itself provides only a beautiful atmosphere as well as shade and view for the cafeteria. So, yeah, these pictures were taken with me facing the cafeteria and the cleaning ladies smiling at me - but they were very sweet as not to kick me out or stare. There is actually another ruin closer to the city centre. That one got turned into an Italian restaurant - which I desperately want to try - so I was so thrilled to find this one had less...surveillance.

Also, do you notice that I'm wearing make up here? No, it wasn't that I was going out with anyone or having a certain agenda on that day. In fact, I put it on for you, my dear readers. There probably aren't a lot of you but I still want to make an effort to wear make up on a daily basis. And I tried something new too: accentuating my eyebrows. I found a MAC 266 brush in my bag somehow so I just decided to use it. Free brush!  But, be warned, I own only very few make up - one powder, one blusher, one eyeshadow palette, one eyeliner pencil, three lipsticks and one lip balm - so you might see the same stuff over and over. That is...if I'm even sticking to this mid-year resolution.

Dress via Pineneedle Collective // gifted necklace // vintage purse + penny loafers

This dress was a long time coming. It wasn't Annika's fault, by the way. The german postal service is beyond enigmatic. They claimed that I wasn't around when the package arrived godknowswhen and somehow it disappeared and got delivered to me, finally, when I wasn't home. It took two frikkin' months for the dress to arrive! I know Australia is far, far away but I don't think it should take that long. Annika even refunded the dress already - which I sent back, obviously - after we waited patiently. I think this dress was waiting for the perfect opportunity to arrive because now is the perfect weather to wear this dress bare. The peter pan collar is an obvious charm but look at the back! It is just incredibly adorable! The skirt is wider than it looks and mega lightweight. A little wind can blow it all the way up, giving me Marilyn Monroe moments. And now, seeing these photos, I think it will also suffice for a semi-formal party, like a garden party or something along that line.

Two years ago Firu came back from Indonesia bringing this necklace. He said his sister got it for me - his other sister, not Galuh. It was the first present ever I got from her and I never got a chance to wear it. It looks so high class and formal, I never knew where to wear it. After two years, I finally decided to just go out with it on. Who cares that it's not formal? Firu's sister is probably the most excited person about our relationship in his family. She is the sweetest and always tries to include me in the family every chance she gets. I love her. I'm kind of hoping she's reading this now and feels a little happy to see her necklace being worn. Best regards to you, your husband and your newborn baby, Mba Ria, if you do read this!

P.S: I call this hairstyle "epic fail milkmaid braid"

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ghosts of Summer Past 2014

As much as it pains me to say - or, in this case, write -. this is the last seasonal outfit-roundup post I will ever write. Well, never say never but I don't see myself moving to another four-seasoned country in the near future. So, this will be the last of such posts for a while. How fitting to have summer as the parting season I get from this country, seeing as I will live in a country of eternal summers. Well, not quite but if you're a tropical citizen, you will know what I mean. Saying goodbye to all the other seasons got me somewhat emotional. To be honest, I really hate the colder seasons because of all the wind and lack of sun. However, I love the sensations of wearing coats and dressing according to the seasons. And the golden leaves and snow. As much as I prefer to live in a temperature that I'm comfortable in, it's hard not to miss the things you will no longer have.

Stakeout Fake Out                                          Sister's Sister: Zangrandi Ice Cream            
An Indonesian Original                                                    'Ello Governor!                        
Experience Is the Best Teacher But Books Also Help                         All Wrapped Up in You                  
Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! 

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Old Curiosity Shop

Last week I had the opportunity to stay at Firu's. He had a week off thanks to Pentecost and we went to Brussels, as per my previous post. Okay, we were lucky to avoid the huge storm but it wasn't like we didn't have to deal with the aftermath. We dealt with it, greatly. Everyone ran amok. The train schedule went AWOL for around a week. They supplied everyone with emergency buses as well as trains, which were packed with people trying to get by. Nobody could guarantee the arrival of any transportations, not even the worker. It was rather strange - and almost surreal - to see Germany in chaos in the lack of order. How very un-Germany-like. I guess, in the face of disaster, we don't have much control over anything. Even the most orderly of nation can be brought down to earth by the will of The Almighty, reminding them that some things are just not in their power to maintain. 

H&M shirt via M├Ądchenflohmarkt // thrifted skirt // Studio Nine loafers // photos by Firu

As gross as it sounds, I wore this ensemble for 5 days straight, as you can probably witness from my Brussels post. What can I say? It's a great ensemble and I wasn't particularly going anywhere anyway. I want to say this is my lazy Sunday outfit. It's not all that true, though. But it is one when I'm staying at Firu's. Don't be fooled, I just stay in bed all day, either reading a book, surfing the net or playing the latest game Firu's downloaded. Excuse the wrinkles, I rolled around all day in this. The top is actually very sheer but I layered it over a nude tank top - which Iva thought was my actual skin, that I was naked. But I wasn't, I promise. Truth is, I'm actually weirdly self-conscious about wearing sleeveless clothes. They show my ever so flabby upper arms as well as my unshaved pits - maybe this isn't something a fashion blogger should be saying? - but sometimes I just thought, "Fuck it" and wear one. Other people's expectations should never stop you from being who you are.

P.S: I apologize to have misled you with the title and written something else entirely

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