Thursday, 5 June 2014

Someday You Will All Be Missed

First and foremost, thank you so much to everyone for their comments and support on the last post. It was so overwhelming and I cannot thank you enough. Now, quite recently, I made a list of 50 things I will miss about living in Germany. Seeing as 50 things are a lot indeed, I can't remember them all. But one of them is definitely about having nature as close and approachable to me as malls back home. This will definitely be one of things I will miss greatly. Geographically speaking, forests in Indonesia are supposed to be better and more appealing than German forests. Most of the natural landscape or locations in Germany are man-made, they are rebuilt purposefully closer to the cities and towns. That sure explains why they are more approachable. But, anyway, most forests in Indonesia have burnt down or torn down thanks to some foreign/local company and it leaves nothing for us to see or for the animals to live in. Such a shame. Being surrounded by greeneries is so refreshing and healing. When I have a bad or tiring day, taking simple walks at the park can help me feel a whole lot better or calmer. You shall be missed, little beauties.

N.y.L.a top // thrifted shorts // Tally Weijl belt // hand-me-down bag // Tracce ballerina flats

Another recreated outfit from last year. This time it's from last fall, this is the summer version. I'm out of ideas, guys! I kind of like this modified look, though. It's probably not true that it's perfect for a summer camping trip but it looks perfect to me. I love the backpack, giving the look less lazy and more adventurous. I love this baggy top as well, a must-wear every summer. It's super lightweight and super breezy so it's very comfortable to wear in the heat. The flats too. These are my favourite flats back home. I wore them so much back then that it left a mark on my skin (thanks to the sun that tans all the rest of my skin). The mark looked almost critical that a friend asked if there was anything wrong with me, if I was sick. But I still wore it everyday afterwards, sitting at the back of Firu's bike and letting the sun making its mark on my skin.

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