Friday, 27 June 2014

Melt Your Headaches Call It Home

"A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It's the people who make the place." - Pittacus Lore

So here's a little peek behind the scenes of this blog: the part I am most obsessed about - besides the outfit itself, which is usually easily put together - is the photo location. Every time I think, "Oh! I need to take pictures for an outfit post on date x" I would think of the outfit, the day to take it, and the location, in that order. Personally, I feel like the background to an outfit post plays a big role in the construction of the post, among other things. So I always try to find new places to take photos every time. A thought came across my mind as I was frustrating over it yet again: "A place is just a place." And that's true! A place is just a place until memories and history take place there. What makes a place different from the rest? It's the story. The story makes a place different. This thought reminds me of the music video to Summertime Record, part of the Kagerou Project. Though at the time the thought lifted the weight off my head, now it seems like such a melancholic statement. I remember feeling differently about certain places in different times of my life. Missing Karlsruhe when Firu lived there, walking around my middle school as a high schooler, hanging out at my grandparents' house with the memory of my parents. It is indeed the story that makes a place, as opposed to the other way around.

New Yorker top // thrifted denim jacket + pleated skirt + sandals // hand-me-down bag

I swear, the thrift stores in Kassel are the best! So, yeah, these past few weeks I'd been looking for a pair of really comfortable and lovely-looking sandals and, being all anti-retail for the time being, I raided all the thrift stores in the area. Then I stumbled upon this gorgeous pair, which looks like clogs which I had ben wanting for a long while now. They were on the pricey side as a thrift find - Firu will kill me if he finds out - but it was an amazing bargain to the price of all the clogs in, like, Swedish Hasbeens or Lotta from Stockholm. It is really comfortable and, though you might argue it doesn't look all that different to the sandals I already have, the quality is through the roof! Okay, that was a little exaggerated but you get what I mean. You better believe me when I say this wasn't the best pair of footwear in the store. Living the thrifting life is so much easier in a town like this 'un. Also, because it's now officially summer, pulling out this skirt is only logical. It was a rather hard skirt to take in and fix up - the fixes I did have totally come loose - but such a gem to wear. The top itself was drowned in my clothing...stash (?) and I forgot I had it. So here it is, making another appearance after 2 years.

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