Monday, 23 June 2014

Remains of the Olden Days

The other day, while I was running errands, I went past this beautiful ruin. It sat wonderfully, stacked neatly in the row of houses in one of the lanes. It was strange how I went past it frequently and never took a second glance. Finally, I checked it out because I wanted a new photo location anyway. It was the weirdest thing, a bit off, like it wasn't supposed to be there. Every other buildings in the area are modern and block buildings. It definitely stands out. It turns out, the building is still in use. There is a vocational school attached to it. The ruin itself provides only a beautiful atmosphere as well as shade and view for the cafeteria. So, yeah, these pictures were taken with me facing the cafeteria and the cleaning ladies smiling at me - but they were very sweet as not to kick me out or stare. There is actually another ruin closer to the city centre. That one got turned into an Italian restaurant - which I desperately want to try - so I was so thrilled to find this one had less...surveillance.

Also, do you notice that I'm wearing make up here? No, it wasn't that I was going out with anyone or having a certain agenda on that day. In fact, I put it on for you, my dear readers. There probably aren't a lot of you but I still want to make an effort to wear make up on a daily basis. And I tried something new too: accentuating my eyebrows. I found a MAC 266 brush in my bag somehow so I just decided to use it. Free brush!  But, be warned, I own only very few make up - one powder, one blusher, one eyeshadow palette, one eyeliner pencil, three lipsticks and one lip balm - so you might see the same stuff over and over. That is...if I'm even sticking to this mid-year resolution.

Dress via Pineneedle Collective // gifted necklace // vintage purse + penny loafers

This dress was a long time coming. It wasn't Annika's fault, by the way. The german postal service is beyond enigmatic. They claimed that I wasn't around when the package arrived godknowswhen and somehow it disappeared and got delivered to me, finally, when I wasn't home. It took two frikkin' months for the dress to arrive! I know Australia is far, far away but I don't think it should take that long. Annika even refunded the dress already - which I sent back, obviously - after we waited patiently. I think this dress was waiting for the perfect opportunity to arrive because now is the perfect weather to wear this dress bare. The peter pan collar is an obvious charm but look at the back! It is just incredibly adorable! The skirt is wider than it looks and mega lightweight. A little wind can blow it all the way up, giving me Marilyn Monroe moments. And now, seeing these photos, I think it will also suffice for a semi-formal party, like a garden party or something along that line.

Two years ago Firu came back from Indonesia bringing this necklace. He said his sister got it for me - his other sister, not Galuh. It was the first present ever I got from her and I never got a chance to wear it. It looks so high class and formal, I never knew where to wear it. After two years, I finally decided to just go out with it on. Who cares that it's not formal? Firu's sister is probably the most excited person about our relationship in his family. She is the sweetest and always tries to include me in the family every chance she gets. I love her. I'm kind of hoping she's reading this now and feels a little happy to see her necklace being worn. Best regards to you, your husband and your newborn baby, Mba Ria, if you do read this!

P.S: I call this hairstyle "epic fail milkmaid braid"

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