Friday, 31 May 2013

Mix It Up A Notch: Hearty Peter Pan Dress

Yet another peter pan collared piece that I purchased off Primark. Since I got so much into peter pan collars, this store sold more of such collars than everywhere else I looked. The time I bought this item was when I was going to go back to Indonesia and thought of getting my sister a cute clothing item. Though I'm a little disheartened by the fact that its collar wasn't an actual collar - there's no back to the collar and it's sewed onto the dress tight. It's actually a two-layer dress but I cut off the insides and made it a tank top instead. I adore the elastic waistband, which just sits comfortably on my stomach. I love its autumnal colour and the heart prints. So adorable! Around a month after I bought it, I saw it at one of the store's display window. I feel like I just snatched one gem of a clothing item. And it also feels like one. Can't wait to style it some more.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Among the Cosplayers and Football Fans Alike

Before I start, I've got to tell you guys: these pictures don't do justice to the whole event and the blast that we had. So yeah, let's begin. Last weekend I went to Düsseldorf with Firu to attend this year's Japantag (Japan Day), an event held once a year by the Japanese community in their quarter in Germany. It was really huge! It was like going to a convention, except that this was actually held by actual Japanese people. The city was overflowing with cosplayers and kimono-wearing ladies. It's kind of weird seeing Westernes - instead of Asians - cosplaying, though. You know, except for western-looking characters like Cloud of Final Fantasy VII, per se. There were a lot of awesome cosplays, though, and we quickly felt out of place by now cosplaying. We're so doing that next year! The event itself took place just around the banks of the Rhein river. The obvious stuff were there - anime merchandise, yukata, japanese knick knacks - but there was also a stand from Wacom, giving everyone a chance to draw using two different types of pen tablets and two inklings. Wow! Everyone lined up! I'm just a bit disappointed there was no Cintiq. We also watched a little bit of Taiko. It was incredible! There was also this clothing line, making buttoned-up shirts in the pattern of kimono fabrics. We even saw two Akita dogs! One was actually being walked by a girl cosplaying. So envious!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Rosaspina Vintage S/S 2013

If you've been reading other fashion blogs, you might have stumbled upon such a post. Ale of Rosaspina Vintage just launched her vintage label called Rosaspina Vintage Handmade. Personally, I admire Ale as a blogger and an illustrator. I love how beautiful and classic her style is and the fact that she lives in Turin, Italy. When she announced that she was going to launch an indie label, I was very excited to see her collection. Of course, she doesn't disappoint. She walked us through the process of launching her collection in her blog.

All photos belong to Rosaspina Vintage

Not only do I love her designs, her illustrations also got me all smitten. I love how unique her collection  is and how adorable her illustrations are. Don't forget to check out their lookbook - spoiler alert: it's very cute! If I had to pick, my favourite items would have to be this and this. Sorry I didn't blog about this sooner and you guys had to miss out on the 10% off she offered last week. But the collection is still here. Go check it out!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Aftermath of a Good Time (Last)

Houndstooth dress via Someone Like You // flea market skirt // Marks & Spencer coat // Shakespeare & co. tote // Converse sneakers

The next day we went to the Grimm Brothers Museum. I've been there for a class before and thought it magical so I told Iva about it. She got so psyched about it. We first got disheartened when we checked that the museum was usually closed on Mondays. We went there to check it out, though, and turns out it wasn't closed. So we went inside. Despite the unfriendlyness of the workers, we enjoyed the exhibition quite well. Aside from that, we strolled around the park and paid my campus a little visit. Iva had a craving for sushi so we had dinner at an asian buffet. It has a wide selection of food, starting from sushi, chinese food, teppanyaki grilled seafood to dessert. They had kangaroo meat so I just HAD to try it out. Iva and I loved it but the guys didn't agree. The seafood was also really tasty and I was in love with the baby squid - I know, cruel but still undeniably tasty.

Okay, I got to tell you: I don't have many girl friends. So when one comes along who I can just practically get along with and our personalities are compatible with one another, it's hard to let go. This is rare, though. Iva is one of those girls. I love how so one with her femininity she is yet she is a hardcore gamer. Girls who don't think too much about their appearance and hang out with guys easily. She's girlier than I, though she's not so much into fashion - then again, neither am I.  The first time we bonded was actually over make ups. She was Firu's classmate in Studienkolleg (or college?) and we just somehow sort of hang out. It was probably awesome too, to have a girlfriend in a group full of boys. At first I was just her friend's girlfriend but now we're even closer than she and Daus ever were. Why are girls like her hard to find? My best friends are pretty much like that but aside from them, I'd never found one until Iva. After they all went home, the inside jokes and laughter still rang in my room. We're going to see each other again in June. So can't wait!

P.S: I'm going for a monochromatic look with this outfit.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Aftermath of a Good Time (First)

Introducing once again: Iva, Wilson and, of course, Firu

Since last Sunday and Monday were Pentecost, my good friends Iva and Wilson came to visit me in Kassel. Yaay! Firu also came along because they're his good friends too. Iva kept saying that she was going to visit my town after I moved out of Karlsruhe - which is where we all once lived in - but she never actually came to visit me. I started to think that she was all talk. But, finally! She came last weekend! Yaay! We also asked Wilson to come with but didn't know that he was coming until around 3-4 days before they were supposed to be here. Though they were here for 4 days, they only had 2 days to actually go around town, seeing the landmarks that matter. This forced me to realise that Kassel doesn't have that much to offer. For a town to live in, though, I believe it's rather beautiful. I wish they could see that.

N.y.L.a. top // C&A cardigan // Only skirt // MyHudson tights // gifted bag // AKO jacket // Deichmann shoes // Photos of me by Firu

They both arrived in the afternoon, pushing to the evening, so we just ate dinner at my favourite kebab place and went back to my place to play cards until the wee hours. Just like old times. The next day, we went to the Wilhelmshöhe Bergpark to check out three major landmarks in Kassel, the Wilhelmshöhe Castle, the Hercules and Löwenburg. We climbed all the way to the top. I just now I've gotten in a much better shape because I didn't pant as much as we walked all the way up there. Wilson has asthma so we rested up a lot on the way. Also, we saw the first Waterworks display of the year - okay, it's not exactly the FIRST one but it was mine. People were gathering and we waited on the grass, under the cool and warm sun. I was so happy to see Iva and Wilson again! There's clearly nothing better than to spend a whole weekend filled with laughter and inside jokes. We went home that day and cooked meatballs for dinner. Firu even made kue lapis beras. He became quite a wizard with this dish.

P.S: My top is actually reversed and I took off the tights before we even hit Löwenburg, it became so hot then.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Story-Tellers

I rarely ever share my drawing or artwork or whatever you want to call it here. I'm quite stumped on what to share today - and I should probably just leave this spot alone instead of posting craps - but I want to just share a little something. A different side of me you barely ever see. You see, I like to draw. Ever since Godknowswhen, I can't put a pencil down. Maybe it's good, maybe it's crap. All I know is, I love it. So there. That's why I want need to share what I've made here once in a while.

Tools: copic markers, stabilo markers, drawing pen

On Thursday, I went to the Grimm-Brothers Museum for a class. It was very inspiring! In fact, I'm taking Firu and my friends there today. Yaay! The Grimm fairy tales - along with Andersen's - have coloured my childhood and kept inspiring me to this day. They are just classics and you can never beat that. This is actually a poster of some sort that I created more than a year ago, inspired by their characters. It's now hanging over my desk. If you want to see some more of my works, check out my deviantART gallery. Thanks for sparing some time to look at my work.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Let's Get Back to Normal!

“When it comes to memories, the good and the bad never balance.” 
― Jodi Picoult, Handle With Care

When people say, "I wish everything could just go back to normal," what do they mean exactly? What is 'normal' exactly? Maybe they mean that things should go back to the way they were. The weird thing is...things change every second of every minute of every hour of everyday. Nothing stays the same, everything changes constantly. And as things change, as time goes by, so do you. You change too. Your opinion of things changes. And things' opinion of you changes as well. So go back to what? Sometimes we imagine a world of situations that we are comfortable in and call it 'Normal.' Though they may never have happened at the same time in real life at all. I guess that's just it with memories. They tend to sugarcoat reality and force their way into your brain. Even a scene of way back when that you hated with all your guts but wait 10 years - no, heck, wait 1 year - and you'll miss every single little excruciating detail about that moment.

H&M chiffon dress // Vero Moda blouse // Bare Denim jeans // Studio Nine moccassin

Take this outfit, for instance. This is what I would call a 'normal' outfit. An outfit I'd most likely put on before I wrote this blog, before I wore dresses. Except that I never used to wear jeans. I also didn't have many buttoned up shirts, especially plaid ones. And I wore only one pair of shoes and sandals - none of which includes moccasins. But the comfort and style of this outfit screams out normality to me. Back when I was a girl who barely knew fashion - still am, actually -, resisted femininity like the plague and couldn't fit into anything but cargo pants. Aside from that, the hair has gradually gotten back to normal. Yes, bob, baby! Now, all I need to go back to normal is my Dad's big belly, late-night convo with my sis, motorcycle rides with Firu, inside jokes with my best friends, Mom/Mami's home-cooked meal, annoying demands of my bro and the piano we have back home. Life is good when you're thankful with everything you have.