Thursday, 9 May 2013

What is Age But a Number

"It's the child inside all of us that keeps us from going crazy." - Scrubs (2001-2010)

The first thing that entered my mind as I put this look together was how childish it looks. But, as if it wasn't a big deal, I entered the campus ground wearing this ensemble. There were some weird stares from people, not just on campus. They probably tried to gauge how old I was and who I was kidding. Truth is, though, I feel really awesome wearing this outfit. I was channeling my inner child, something, by the way, that everyone should do every now and then. Rebecca talks a lot about how she doesn't seem to dress according to her age. I seriously don't know what that means, "dressing according to your age." What does it matter what you look like when who you are inside is just as mature as you're supposed to be, right? So you get childish now and then but so what? You're not hurting anybody, you're just having fun and, most importantly, you keep yourself from going suicidal. So yes, my figure doesn't suit childish styles - I am anything but a petite girl - and yes, my mature-looking face doesn't support my childlike demeanour. But I do what I need to do and I love what I wear when I wear them. Physically, I am 20 though mentally, I will always be 17 at most. What's wrong with being a little childish and having fun with who you are? Knowledge-wise, I might know more things than an average 20-year old. It just so happens I have a fluffy and crayon-stained cover.

Madonna hairband // Sis's pinafore/jumper // Mom's old backpack // vintage blouse via Capricious Traveler // Primark socks + brogues

Turns out, I do have a pinafore dress...or whatever this actually is. I used to think it's a jumper but I don't know anymore. Can anyone tell me what the difference between those two is? I seriously can't tell the difference. Though, I think, this is actually already too small for me - except for the fact that it still fits. And yes! My hair is finally long enough for me to pull off this hairband without it looking all weird and out of place. This look speaks 'explorer' to me. I should've brought Mom's old binoculars and bought an explorer hat, like Elizabeth's - which I just really adore. But I also like the twist I put on the outfit what with the bow and everything. It gave the outfit a little more feminine touch. By the way, by the time you're reading this, I will already be with Firu. I miss him so much! The last time we saw each other was around a month ago. We are so going to enjoy the sun!


  1. I've always called these "jumpers" and so does everyone I know here, but that might be a regional (Southern United States) term.

    I really like this outfit, and honestly, it didn't look childish to me. I love the structure of your jumper and the subtle colors and patterns here. Very cute! :-)

    1. Me too! I actually introduced it on the blog as a jumper :/

      Thank you so much! I'm glad you think so :)


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