Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Among the Cosplayers and Football Fans Alike

Before I start, I've got to tell you guys: these pictures don't do justice to the whole event and the blast that we had. So yeah, let's begin. Last weekend I went to Düsseldorf with Firu to attend this year's Japantag (Japan Day), an event held once a year by the Japanese community in their quarter in Germany. It was really huge! It was like going to a convention, except that this was actually held by actual Japanese people. The city was overflowing with cosplayers and kimono-wearing ladies. It's kind of weird seeing Westernes - instead of Asians - cosplaying, though. You know, except for western-looking characters like Cloud of Final Fantasy VII, per se. There were a lot of awesome cosplays, though, and we quickly felt out of place by now cosplaying. We're so doing that next year! The event itself took place just around the banks of the Rhein river. The obvious stuff were there - anime merchandise, yukata, japanese knick knacks - but there was also a stand from Wacom, giving everyone a chance to draw using two different types of pen tablets and two inklings. Wow! Everyone lined up! I'm just a bit disappointed there was no Cintiq. We also watched a little bit of Taiko. It was incredible! There was also this clothing line, making buttoned-up shirts in the pattern of kimono fabrics. We even saw two Akita dogs! One was actually being walked by a girl cosplaying. So envious!
Aside from the event along the river banks, the Japanese temple in Düsseldorf was also open but Firu and I left home too late to go there. Too bad. And, because we came late, we hadn't had lunch yet. Good thing there were plenty of Japanese food stands there as well. While we were standing in line, we ran into our friend, Cosmas, who we knew from Karlsruhe. We ended up hanging out together for the rest of the day. I bought Takoyaki and Karaage. Firu bought Croquette and Taiyaki. Cosmas bought Yakisoba. We all shared Abekawa Mochi and Firu and I brought home Mizu Youkan. It was my first time eating Youkan and Abekawa but they sure were tasty. Afterwards, we just hung out by the side, seeing cosplayers hugging each other in lines like Eidul Fitr back home - they had "Free Hug" plate hanging around their necks the whole day. We also spotted three Japanese girls in yukata and Cosmas was too shy to ask them so I did - got to actually practice my rusty Japanese - and we both took pictures with them - Firu took the picture. Turns out they couldn't speak German/English much - which we found out when they asked Firu to take their pictures with their camera, assuming he could speak Japanese.

The main event was the fireworks display. It was at 11 o'clock, though, so we had to wait, like 5 hours. It was extremely windy and neither Cosmas nor Firu brought their jackets. We just went around the old town, trying to find a warm place to stay. My feet were raw from walking. The bars and restaurant were filled with football fans, though, and the Police were everywhere. Oh yeah, it was the same night as the Champion League Final Playoff (Dortmund BVB vs. FC Bayern München). Did anyone see it? Clearly, we didn't, but we checked the scores from time to time. We hung out at a café near the event with Firu's flatmates and their friends for a bit. They all went home early, though. We decided to just wait outside on the steps for the fireworks. Despite the drizzle and the wind, we had no other choice. It was chaotic - broken bottles plus garbage everywhere - and someone even brought a tent. The fireworks were worth the wait, though. We all aah-ed and ooh-ed in awe every step of the way. There were even fireworks spelling out 日本 (Japan). My favourite is the last photo. It looks magical! It looks like it was raining stars.

Asos pinafore dress // Cotton club top // Falke tights // flea market hat // Golddigga boots via Sportsdirect

Yaay for my very first purchase from Asos! I cannot believe I can actually own something from them - no offense, you guys, but your price range is way beyond my budget. I was going to return this but it's very comfortable and it grows on me. Firu likes it too...I guess? He says, it looks like an apron and I should thus cook for him. Yeah, sure. Aside from the dress, I am also in love with these brand new boots. I love the pattern so damn much! Event-appropriate, no? At the said event, I added a coat and took off the hat because of all the wind. Firu and I bought water yoyos (ヨ-ヨつり) and had the chance to draw coupons. 当たり! We got to get our pictures taken with a mini-instax. Which got me thinking if I should buy one myself. Firu bought an onsen kimono and he's totally psyched. Can't you tell? We were clueless on how to put it on, though. That doesn't stop him from being happy in it. By the way, the uchiwa is mine. Doesn't he look spiffy in it? I wish summer would come soon so he would look weather appropriate and I can use my uchiwa.

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