Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Winds of Change

Happy Mayday, everyone! First things first, by a show of hand, how many of you think my new fringe is stupid? Yeah, I also raised my hand. If you must know, I cut it myself with the help of a youtube video. I made a wrong cut somewhere, I guess, and the next thing I know, this is how it turned out. It's not my first time cutting my own bangs. But it's also not the only time I've failed. The way I see it, though, if I ride these bangs with confidence until it grows out okay, no one will notice how wrong it is. Setting the bangs aside - see what I did there? -, the day I took these pictures was one of the most tiring plus extreme photo-taking day ever. So I went out to Löwenburg castle sometime before sunset. I took the road less traveled and decided to climb wet earth - which is basically more solid mud. Before I even got anywhere, my boots were already covered in mud and filled with dried leaves and rocks. In a passing, I saw a deer twice (the same one, though) and it got away from me successfully every time. Man, he could run! By the time I got to the castle, I was already exhausted. The wind blew on my face and I wanted to just sleep out there and not go home. By the time I went back down to the tram stop, it was already dark and colder than before. I didn't bring a jacket, so go figure.

Primark peter pan dress // thrifted vest // Deichmann boots

Inspirations can really come in different shapes and sizes. The other day I went home during the golden hour. The light of the sun fell so beautifully that I just sighed in awe. However, at the time, I had no time to take pictures. So, afterwards, I decided to create an outfit inspired by this light and wanted to take its photos during the golden hour. Maybe doing that in a valley around huge hills wasn't a good idea, though. But I love how everything turned out. A word of advice: "You know a pair of boots is worth keeping when you've hiked high and low with it and your feet haven't hurt or the boots didn't break in the process." Lately, I've been really active on Chictopia and - in case you didn't follow my twitter - have gotten into the Top Today section the other day. Come by and say hi right here. Also, thank you for my new readers and I hope you will keep on following my blog. Speaking of which, remember that Google reader is closing down this July so don't forget to follow Alive as Always on bloglovin'.

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