Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sister's Sister: Cocofrio Ice Cream

Quita's wearing: Valleygirl dress // Walmart tights // Shoes from Bandung // unbranded glasses

Whoa, another time machine moment here! My hair was still pretty short, my sister's hair hasn't gotten any ombre on it and was still pretty short too. This was the day we went to the photo studio to make a surprise for our grandma. I really like our outfits here so I feel it such a shame not to post. Aside from that, I am also feeling a little melancholic because we are so far apart. I'm not going home this year so the photos from our adventures last summer would have to suffice for the next year to come. We woke up quite early on this day because we had to get on location at, like, 9 or something, I can't quite remember. We lied to our grandparents, saying we were going to the zoo to take photos - which was an unbelievably lame excuse - and left with my auntie's family. All the families gathered at the studio, made up and the photographers started choreographing us this way and that. After several poses and positions, we picked the best photos to get framed and/or printed. It was more chaotic than I typed here. Imagine going to a studio filled with interesting things with two toddlers, who, by the way, kept hopping from one place to another like tiny ninjas.

Bivi's wearing: N.y.L.a. top // flea market skirt // Primark brogues

The worst, lamest excuse ever was used when we went back to our grandparents' place with my other auntie's family: we met up at a supermarket and, for convenience, went home with her family. Haha. I still can't believe our grandmother bought that. I don't remember how it all happened but somehow Dad, who stayed home during our photoshoots so as not to make our grandparents suspicious, came along to our favourite ice cream parlour later that day, Cocofrio Ice Cream. Yes, we are such ice cream people. Cocofrio is less vintage than Zangrandi but just as tasty, with a wide selection of flavours of ice cream. It also still keeps in touch with the vintage feels with its antique-ish prints. In comparison to Zangrandi, it has more than just ice cream and desserts - you can actually have a meal here. It also has a small playground for the little kids i.e. my tiny cousin over here. Isn't he the cutest? I really miss everyone, especially my sister and cousin. Please don't grow up before I see you again.

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