Saturday, 29 November 2014

Neither Sun nor Rain

Happy Saturday, everyone! This outfit post is a special one because it's the first one accompanied by a video. If you've been reading this blog a few months, you might know that I now have a (non-active) YouTube channel. Thought it's about time I reactivate it and upload a lot more often. The initial reason is because I have nothing to do at home all day - aside from frequent hospital visits - and I'm very much influenced by a lot of YouTubers lately. Also, the other day my dad was just introduced to the YouTube culture and he thought it was a good idea if I make vlogs and stuff (and earn tons of money). So let me know if you're interested to see me in video form and what kind of videos you would like to see. The video below was actually my comeback after six months of absence. I was confused of how I could just casually waltz back into YouTube and then remembered someone requested an OOTD video, so there you go. Please don't hesitate to give me your feedback in the comments below.

Cotton On shirt + Stanton hat (Sis's) // vintage skirt + penny loafers // Mario purse // photos by Akita

Since I've come back to Indonesia, I've been checking out a lot more Indonesian fashion blogs. What I've noticed from all these blogs is how hugely influenced they are by the occidental culture, most specifically the northern hemisphere. I don't only mean the style - which is a no-brainer - but also the seasons. As you know, it is currently autumn on the side of the world, and plenty of Indonesian blogs seem to follow suit, creating autumnal outfits or saying it's fall where they are - even when they're living here in the tropics. I feel like these people don't appreciate the beauty and perks we have of living in a country of two seasons: Dry and Rain. In case you don't know, it is currently rain season here in Indonesia. It would be quite sunny and nice in the morning but, come noon, it's a downpour. I want to break away from all that and appreciate the season that we do have. So, yes, this isn't an autumn look, it's a rain season look.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Best Friends Make the World Go Round

This is a very different kind of post from anything I've ever done before. Or...maybe not too different? It seems like vintage me, though, if you read my oldest posts. This is just another post from the heart appreciating the people I have in my life. It might not be of any interest to irrelevant parties so feel free to just skip it. As you should know from the previous post, I finally had a chance to hang out with my best friends, except for Cindy who was so busy with her assignments she didn't have time to go to Pasar Seni. However, we all got to meet to cram the next day. Well, they were all hunched over their laptops, doing their assignments while I just browsed the interweb. It was like the good old days again and I was completely torn to say goodbye to them and depart home. But, no worries, we will see each other again next week at Uli's brother's wedding! We cannot wait!

This year marks the 10 years of our friendship. Yes, we've been friends for over ten years and we're still going strong. The other day, on my way back to Jakarta, I was reflecting on all the things we've been through. They've been by my side through all the good and bad parts of my life, we've been through drama and comedy together and we've created our own little world throughout the years. Sasya, Uli's friend from last weekend, was impressed to know that we've been friends since junior high because her junior high friends have scattered godknowswhere. I'm very proud to still be friends with them and I know nobody in the whole world could make me feel like when I'm with them. What makes me proudest is how when I was in elementary school my so-called 'best friends' said we would still be friends and we ended up growing apart while, when we graduated from junior high, we made no such promises and 7 years on we're still here. It's not to say that we didn't grow apart. Tons of different things have happened since then: Gina went to a different high school, Cindy became famous in the online art community, I moved to Germany for university, Gina and I acquired boyfriends, Uli went to homestay in Japan - Cindy and Gina visited - and many more unimaginable.

Amongst the many, many friends we all acquired in the past ten years, I believe nobody could ever replace what we have here. History does play a huge role in our friendship but so does everything else we manage to develop throughout our time together. I have to admit sometimes I feel a bit out of sorts because of the distance or the difference in interest. However, when I remember who I'm with, I feel like I can just fall back into whoever I really am. Time just stops when I'm with them. It's both as if I never really grew up and also like we've all shaped each other in the best way. If my life still consists of them, I think my life is still pretty awesome.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Aku, Kita dan Semesta

After weeks of separation, my best friends and I finally had a chance to reunite. It feels like it's been years since the last time I saw them. This opportunity came in the form of Pasar Seni ITB 2014, which my best friend Gina happens to be a part of. Oh yeah, Pasar Seni ITB is an event held by the Fine Arts and Design students of the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) every 4 years. Uli and I came without a second thought. Uli's friend Sasya also came along - I'd heard so much about her but hadn't had the chance to meet her until this weekend. The event wasn't at all like what we imagined it would be - both in a good and bad way - but it was quite a lot of fun. Well, mostly because I got to spend it with my soulmates.

Since Gina was part of the event committee, she departed earlier than the rest of us to the event. We left around 30 minutes afterwards, though, and it was already pretty crowded. Pasar Seni was a very much open event - you don't even have to pay any entrance fee! - so there was the inevitable stream of people from the streets. Though the majority of the event was held in the ITB campus, parts of it was held right there on the streets. As soon as we walked in, we got in line for the event merchandise because one glance at the catalogue and we were hooked. I knew there was a pre-order option open until the week before but I wasn't interested enough to grab that chance. Boy, did I regret that! In the middle of being in line, a huge storm washed over us and we were stuck. The event committee wasn't prepared for the downpour so they needed to regroup afterwards before they could open the merchandise store again. But the line was so long, they were crazy if they thought we would leave.

Primark shirt (thrifted) // Connexxion dress (old) // Typo satchel bag // vintage hat + penny loafers // hand-me-down tights // photo of me by Uli

Before I go on describing the event to you guys, let me show you what I was wearing. So, okay, I'll be honest. When I was packing for this weekend, I did not register the existence of rain. It was kind of stupid to be wearing a.) white and b.) penny loafers. For one thing, that dress ended up being smeared all over by mud - okay, not all over, just the bottom part. For another, the loafers are soaked through. They look much darker, don't they? Nope, they're the ones I've always had. I hadn't purchased another pair. The hat was a good call, though, because it save my hair...although it doesn't help because my whole outfit was dripping wet. I really love this outfit, though. It's like a collar-on-collar action. Much too saccharine?

The best part of Pasar Seni this year, I think, is the augmented reality effect. It's actually really cool. So Pasar Seni has this app you can download to your phone prior to the event. During the event, you can turn on the app and point the camera to their symbols (or 'marka' as they call it) at some of the pinpoints scattered all around the campus. In reality, you will just see some strange symbols while, on your phone, you will see some 3D animations. You can take pictures of or with the animation. One of the symbols is as captured in the first photo. That one becomes a bowl of noodle and meatballs. You can check some more out on my instagram. Incredibly impressed.

Other than some displayed artworks and installations, there are also some 'wahana' (games/video mapping experience), food and product stands. There were dozens of awesome design products for sale, starting from clothing and art prints to textile works and art deco. The most unique brand was Grow Box, who sells boxes where you can grow oyster mushrooms in. The mushrooms are edible and really beautiful - as you can spot above below the dinosaur. It is absolutely quirky! Gina's part in the event is a 'wahana' called Kotak Kontak, which is an interactive experience mimicking Power Ranger. It was a bit cheesy but it was still rather fun. She made the video mapping and it was very impressive. Afterwards, the four of us strolled along the area and saw some parts of the event for a while before she had to go back to her post and the rest of us went home. All in all, we got rained on four times that day and wasted 2 hours for the merchandise and got really drenched and dirty but it was still a lovely experience.

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Movie Date: Disney Shorts

Although Disney is one of the biggest and most successful studios in the world, there is a certain image that sticks with the name. When people hear Disney these days, it's less Mickey Mouse and Disneyland than princesses and Disney Channel, which seem to send them retching afterwards. Such a sad, sad fact, to be honest. I'm an admirer of Walt Disney. He certainly revolutionised the world of animation and turned it into what it is today. It's such a shame to see the great Disney name has fallen since his time. Back in the day, people hear "Disney" and they think of the studio which shapes the animation industry to this day. Now, people hear it and think teeny, tiny, sparkly - not to mention, unfeminist - princesses. Sometimes even I think that Disney has gone sour...but then these shorts get me excited about the studio again. Though short, they certainly uphold the concept of traditional animation as well as incredible story-telling - Disney's best qualities. Here are some of my favourites:

Rhapsody in Blue (Fantasia 2000)

In case you didn't know, in 2000 Disney released a DVD filled with collective short animations, portraying different classical musical pieces by various composers. It was the sequel to the first Fantasia DVD they released in the 1940s - which also rocks! Although most these videos have no dialogue, they each have stories to tell. Some of them are quite whimsical, like this portrayal of George Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue." There are about four stories in the film, which in the end will all come together. I adore the quirky style of animation, definitely so different from the princessy type and absolutely in keeping with the hustle and bustle of the city. This film managed to get me obsessed with the music. Aside from this one, Firebird in the same DVD is also another one of my favourite.


In 1946 Walt Disney and Salvador Dali started a collaboration. Over fifty years in the making, it was finally done. If you ever wondered what their baby would look like - would it be as magical and mind-blowing as you imagine it to be? - then you are simply correct. The storyline is not as blatant as Disney's usual works but it definitely has some of their typical magical touches, especially the background music. It also has Dali's incredibly artistic style to offer. You will definitely find the boundary between reality and imaginary absolutely obscured - if not at all erased. Although the film is only around 6 minutes long, it felt to be so much longer as the plot widens. The story, I believe, is about the invention of time. Practically held my breath throughout the film.

One By One

This film was released as a feature film in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride DVD format. It tells the playful story of children in South Africa who attempt to make kites using various uncanny materials. Although there are no political indications in the film to imply that it is set in South Africa, the feather which appears in the beginning and ending of the film is in the colour of the South African flag. The style of animation reminds me a little of The Proud Family, minus the sassy way of talking and manner. Also, I feel like this might be the style which shapes The Princess and the Frog. But maybe I'm just a little racially biased is all. This film also has no dialogue, simply an incredible "freedom song" playing throughout the film by Lebo M. It definitely goes together with The Lion King.


If you're an avid user of the internet - which I assume you are by your reading this blog -, you would definitely have heard of this. Paperman was shown in theatres the same time as Wreck-It Ralph - which I also super, super adore - so if you saw Wreck-It Ralph in cinema, you would have seen this one too as a freebie. The story is super simple, a love story between a man and a woman who frequently see each other upon waiting for the train. I especially adore the black-and-white and semi-sepia effect the animation has. It gives off an intimate aura to the audience. This film has that typical magical touch of Disney but mixed with the urban lifestyle of modern days. It was so incredible that it won an Oscar last year.


The other day, when I went to see Big Hero 6, I was greeted by this short animation before the actual movie. Again, it was shown as a freebie along with another of their Blockbuster films. Feast tells a really adorable yet artistic story of a Boston Terrier and its master through the eyes of the dog. The changing lifestyle and mood of the master is immaculately portrayed by the portions and types of food he gives the dog - none of them has any names. It is incredible how much they could show without having to reveal the master's face or even body for most of the film, usually it's just his limbs. The style of the animation is also so different from what we're used to, it reminds me so much of Pascal Campion's style.

There are obviously still dozens of other short films Disney has made. Most of them are as spin-offs of their existing series - especially of Mickey Mouse and the gang - but also not to be missed. These little miracles are what makes me remember what Disney is originally all about. Sometimes that gets lost in all their more mainstream works and these little treats can be quite a wonderful Saturday night-in animation adventure. To me, they seem to bring out the Disney roots more than their more popular films. So don't say you're a Disney fan if you've never seen their none-princessy or their less mainstream works.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

If I Were a Guy...

 Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds 

Whoa, ladies, ladies, please! No crowding! There's enough of me for everyone. Hah! So have you fallen for me yet? Overconfident, I know. But I really feel, as a guy, I could really give those K-Pop stars a run for their money. If not for my far too feminine face, lack of facial hair and bootylicious-ness, I could fool anyone into thinking that I'm a dude. To be honest, boys and girls have been staring at me for a week now whenever I'm out and about. I think they're trying to decide whether I was a guy or a girl. Even when I'm in the restroom! This time I've just decided to steer into the skid. I swear, I hung out alone on this day and I caught many girls checking me out - or am I just being super narcissistic? Well, either way, there were definitely many stares headed my way. You'd stare too, wouldn't you, if a girl with a guy's hairstyle wearing a masculine getup with a stitch wound on her neck hanging around by herself? Yeah, thought so. The pants gave it all away, I think. I really love the fit but actually hope that it could've come in a more subtly darker colour. But this is all I have so I went with it.

Thrifted denim jacket // New Yorker jumper // C&A pants // Exsport slingback // All Star by Converse sneakers // photo by Akita

Originally, I had a different concept for this post. However, in the midst of all the blunder of real life, it just slipped through the cracks. Instead, I pulled out my inner Patrick Stump. Well, 2007 Patrick Stump anyway - you know, around the time FOB came up with "Sugar, We're Going Down." Despite the fact that he's a dude and not in the least stylish, he has always been my style icon. The boys' cap, the graphic tee, even the sideburns! But he's all changed now and I feel rather uneasy about it. Where's that chubby, geeky, down-to-earth Patrick who represents all of us? It feels like his youth went away along with his boys' cap - to be replaced with that fedora. Also, I feel John Bender's vibe from this outfit as well. All I'm missing is a buffalo plaid shirt and piercings and I'd have been a spitting image of him. There is a certain fierceness that a denim outer layer just seems to offer - especially a baggy one like mine. On another note, my sister thought I looked kind of like Tadashi from Big Hero 6. Wouldn't mind that, actually.

P.S: I'd never wanted facial hair so badly in my life!

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Alive as Always on Society6 + Tumblr!

Hey, guys! Since it's pretty much art week here on the blog, thought I'd pop in to let you know that I have a society6 store. You can now head over there and check out the merchandise I have for sale. I know I've only uploaded so few but I will keep updating my store in the future so get yourself posted, a'right? Also, if you feel like the prints there are too pricey for your budget, I have a tiny-prints sale going on on my tumblr page as well. Please check those out and let me know if something catches your eye. Otherwise, I am actually pretty much open to commissions. Lately, I've been so into couple portraits - such as this and this. So if you want one made of you and your significant other, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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