Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Like Moths to a Flame

 The Goods Diner

As you know, last Saturday, my sister and I went to the Inktober Indonesia exhibition. Before we visited the exhibition, we had a quick lunch at The Goods Diner. It was my first time eating there but they delivered really well. The atmosphere was really nice and the food was such a treat to my tongue. To be honest, the area isn't a frequent destination for us thanks to the price which is usually pretty high above my budget. But the quality of the product as well as the service did not disappoint. Despite its name, the place looks more resembling a bar than a diner. That being said, I felt it quite mandatory to get myself a shake, a diner signature. Speaking of the exhibition, I really thought once I get to Indonesia, I won't be able to see galleries and art shows anymore. But I see that times sure have changed since I left, the enthusiasm towards arts and design sure has elevated. More and more art shows are going on, more and more artists' names rise. Fashion is also getting to fame. In fact, it's Fashion Week right now in Jakarta. We got some free tickets to a show on this day, I'll share all about it soon.

Capricious Traveler shirt // thrifted shorts via Kleider Kreisel // Studio Nine loafers // Uniqlo Belt + Ebay purse (Sis's)

The other day, my Stepmom asked me, "Where did you buy that batik?" Yes, it does look like a batik, doesn't it? I was perplexed when I first saw it too. Not sure if I've told you this story before but I bought it at an Etsy store, based in the USA. So, obviously, it couldn't've been batik. But it was as close as it gets and absolutely adorable. Also, the patterns are of moths, not butterfly - as I've mentioned before. This is probably the only item I own in the pattern of an insect. Too bad it's not of ants, which is my namesake - according to my father "Bivi" means "ant" in some language. But I'm still on the lookout for it, so if you find anything with ant patterns, let me know. Now, on to the shorts, they are actually way too big on my waist. They drop way down to my thigh. My family giggles when they see me pulling them up every so often around the house. But I love the colour and the form. Maybe I'll take them to the tailor soon - the shorts, not my family.

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