Friday, 21 November 2014

If I Were a Guy...

 Don't You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds 

Whoa, ladies, ladies, please! No crowding! There's enough of me for everyone. Hah! So have you fallen for me yet? Overconfident, I know. But I really feel, as a guy, I could really give those K-Pop stars a run for their money. If not for my far too feminine face, lack of facial hair and bootylicious-ness, I could fool anyone into thinking that I'm a dude. To be honest, boys and girls have been staring at me for a week now whenever I'm out and about. I think they're trying to decide whether I was a guy or a girl. Even when I'm in the restroom! This time I've just decided to steer into the skid. I swear, I hung out alone on this day and I caught many girls checking me out - or am I just being super narcissistic? Well, either way, there were definitely many stares headed my way. You'd stare too, wouldn't you, if a girl with a guy's hairstyle wearing a masculine getup with a stitch wound on her neck hanging around by herself? Yeah, thought so. The pants gave it all away, I think. I really love the fit but actually hope that it could've come in a more subtly darker colour. But this is all I have so I went with it.

Thrifted denim jacket // New Yorker jumper // C&A pants // Exsport slingback // All Star by Converse sneakers // photo by Akita

Originally, I had a different concept for this post. However, in the midst of all the blunder of real life, it just slipped through the cracks. Instead, I pulled out my inner Patrick Stump. Well, 2007 Patrick Stump anyway - you know, around the time FOB came up with "Sugar, We're Going Down." Despite the fact that he's a dude and not in the least stylish, he has always been my style icon. The boys' cap, the graphic tee, even the sideburns! But he's all changed now and I feel rather uneasy about it. Where's that chubby, geeky, down-to-earth Patrick who represents all of us? It feels like his youth went away along with his boys' cap - to be replaced with that fedora. Also, I feel John Bender's vibe from this outfit as well. All I'm missing is a buffalo plaid shirt and piercings and I'd have been a spitting image of him. There is a certain fierceness that a denim outer layer just seems to offer - especially a baggy one like mine. On another note, my sister thought I looked kind of like Tadashi from Big Hero 6. Wouldn't mind that, actually.

P.S: I'd never wanted facial hair so badly in my life!

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