Saturday, 29 September 2012

Showcasing Store: Wild Wood

Hallöchen, liebe LeserInnen! Gestern habe ich in Kassel ein bisschen umhergewandert. Als ich hier umgezogen bin, es gibt einen Ort, den ich unbedingt besuchen wollen habe. Der Ort ist die Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. Als ich mit der Straßenbahn dadurch gefahren bin, fühle mich schon viel interessiert an die Geschäfte. Also gestern habe ich es geschafft. Zufällig - aber auch zum Glück - habe ich dieses ganz coole lokale Geschäft gefunden. Begrüßt mal den Wild Wood Gallery & Store! Was für ein Geschäft ist das? Mal schauen. Ich habe mit Fabian Hilbich gesprochen.

Like the name, this store showcases some wonderful and aesthetic clothes as well as illustrations. It has such a strong urban feel to it but very nicely decorated in a way that makes you want to pay attention to every corner of that store. You can find the name of the brands they are supporting in their facebook page. What I adore the most about them is the huge number of selections you can choose from, starting from the plain old tees (that are mostly artistically illustrated), blouses, jackets, tote bags, accessories, sunnies, socks to vintage and toy cameras. My jaw dropped, ladies and gentlemen. DROPPED! According to Fabian, they also showcase art exhibitions and events every month. They mark the changing of their events by changing the illustration next to their front door. Awesome! They not only support local artists but also international ones. Personally, I love the skateboards they hang on the walls, as well as the paintings.

The products themselves are remarkably unique and fair-priced. I was kind of surprised to see how less pricey they are compared to other independent labels - especially those less interesting. Everything was so unique here, starting from the interior design to the actual products. I couldn't resist one of their pair of socks that looks like a hamburger (I'll show you sometime!). I'd buy one of their adorable totes as well if I wasn't in an economical pinch already.

Als ich das Geschäft verlassen habe, hat Fabian mir diese tollen Schätze gegeben. Die vier am linken Seite sind Aufkleber. Die sind schon auf meinem Laptop schön geklebt. Mein Lieblingskleber ist der am Oben. Das ist das Symbol von Dauerfeuer - eine der Merke in dem Geschäft. Die zwei am Unten sind originell von Wild Wood. Der Weiße ist das Symbol des Wild Woods, währen Hot Cheese Crew sind der Name des Mitarbeiterteams von Wild Wood. Das an der rechten Seite am Oben ist eine Broschüre ihrer gegenwärtigen Veranstaltung. Ich liebe das Poster sehr und finde die Figuren ganz süß, einzigartig und interessant sind. Ich will es in meinem Zimmer hängen. Also komm mal zu diesem Geschäft und guck mal was ich meine. Vielleicht komme ich auch noch mal vorbei, um die Veranstaltungen zu besuchen. Vielen Dank für die Informationen, Fabian! Cheerio!

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 99
34119 KAssel
(mit der Linie 4, 7 & 8 bis haltestelle Querallee)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Third Time's the Charm: The Video

Remember this post when Divina came to visit me in Halle? That day we kind of wanted to make a stop-motion video. We got the photos we needed but I've forgotten quite a while to edit it all and actually make a video out of them. Here is the outcome. It's pretty short and everything but it sure makes me want to record/edit more videos. Hopefully I can make more in the future. Especially with the talented Divina Aulia and Andara Shastika. Enjoy!

Music: Les Deux Pianos by Yann Tiersen

Also, my hair was still long here and I feel a pang of nostalgia as I edited this video. I have yet to regret my choice though. Having short-cropped hair rocks! Have a tremendous Tuesday, all! Cheerio!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Quick Update

Hello, everyone! So sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been feeling a little bit under the weather since I arrived in Kassel and have yet the energy to create much of anything (I'm talking about the artwork alongside the outfit posts). That's not to say that not much has been happening in my life. Did I mention that as of October I am officially an Art History student in Kassel University? Yippie! I'll be living in the same town -- and probably also go to the same campus -- as the lovely and talented miss Andara Shastika. So euphoric right now!

 Yesterday was my beloved granny's birthday! Oh, yes, we the grandchildren had something special in store for her. She didn't know what hit her. We arranged for all grandchildren to gather and take family photos together. On her birthday, we gave her a huge framed photo of all of us whilst she was on a video call with me. At first, it was beautifully wrapped and she didn't know -- and couldn't have guessed -- what it was. Then she opened it and burst out crying. Oh, Titi, we love you!

Today I am so gleeful and excited to have Firu come over after a month of not seeing each other. Yes, we've gone longer without being in the same town as each other before but I'm always excited to see him again. I'm already feeling better now, guys, and in the mood to cook for people. So come on over if you want to join in. I have another 2-3 more outfit posts I can't wait to share so keep yourself posted. Here's a beautiful picture to send you off. Enjoy your Friday, friends. Cheerio!

Aren't my youngest cousins the cutest? (Ghani & Ata at the photo studio)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Feels Like Autumn

Jacket// Batik; Dress// Primark; Top// Esprit; Shorts// Sis's; Pantyhose// Sox Galeri; 

Watch// Guess (Gift); Bag// Rilakkuma (Gift); Shoes// Studio Nine

Back in Germany again, it seems, I am. As soon as I hit Kassel -- which was kind of exhilarating since I fell asleep on the train and woke up just before the train left the Wilhelmshöhe station in Kassel, I was greeted by these lovely peeps of mine: Rezy, Aqbas and Vina. You've met Rezy and Vina before but this might just be Aqbas's first appearance. It's not that we haven't been friends that long. It's just that we haven't seen each other that long. Anyway, even though the leaves have yet to change colours, I could already feel autumn in the air. It's gotten considerably chilly and there's no haze in the air. It was one of those perfect moments between summer and autumn before fall really kicks in. The temperature is nice, the sky is clear and you can wear both jackets and tanks. Rezy scared me into thinking it was colder than it really was so I put together this outfit. The dress was thinner than I would've liked so I layered shorts underneath. As I bought the pantyhose, I thought it was tights. All in all, it's good to be back in Germany and I just can't wait for the leaves to change already. Enjoy your midweek! Cheerio!

P.S: Check out my latest design for Threadless up for scoring! Please give out a score that seems fitting for you!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Extended Summer

Tee//Cache Cache; Bomber jacket + Shorts// Sis's (borrowed); Shoes// Converse; Hat// unbranded

How's life on the other side of the world? I've heard and read from people that the leaves are already changing in the northern hemisphere of the non-tropical world. I also heard that it's already gotten pretty cold in Kassel. On the contrary, colours of spring have started to pop up in the southern hemisphere. In the tropical hemisphere, though, it seems to be an eternal summer. I barely noticed that it's September already. Rain barely falls anymore and the weather is always piping hot. I was lucky enough to have an extended summer by staying here the first two weeks of September. Although, it's not too summery thanks to the proper amount of daylight. When it's pushing 9 PM here, you'd be sure that it's already as dark as the outer space. This is my usual dose of normality. By the way, I purchased this top on a bit of shopping spree with my stepmom. She said it's far too girly for my taste and was surprised to see that I adore it. However, I twisted that idea and styled it totally ungirly-like. I fell in love with the artistic element of the shirt anyway. Enjoy whatever season in your area, all! Cheerio!

P.S: I'm going home tomorrow and all the melancholy just hit me.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Culinary Feature: Dapur Babah (Babah's Kitchen)

Direction: Across the street from Istiqlal Mosque, a little under the overpass

Hello, everyone! I am back with a culinary feature today. Today's culinary feature is brought to you by my beloved father. We discovered this restaurant, at first, thanks to my idea to go to Jakarta's oldest ice cream parlour -- which, apparently is still pretty famous. By the time we got there, it was already time for lunch so we decided to have lunch before going in for the ice cream. My dad suggested this Dapur Babah Restaurant. Even though I've lived here all my life, I don't think I've been here before. Granted, it's located so far away from home -- yes, Jakarta is that big. Like most of everything in this area, this restaurant is an antique. And they preserve the vintage feel of the interior of the restaurant! Also the menu is written in old Indonesian writings. My brother had a hard time of reading the cuisine names. Thankfully, the descriptions were in English. So, tourists, no worries. They have a number of selections of dishes, from locals/indonesians to chinese/oriental. The oriental-meets-colonial interior is what caught our hearts and made us stay -- aside from growling stomach, of course. They also have outdoor seats with incredibly vintage paintings and ceramics.

Lemon Grass Tea (left) + Es Rumput Laut (Ice Seaweed) & Tahu Petis (Petis Tofu) [right]

Nasi Campur Pandan (top) + Bakso Kota Lama (Oldies' Meatballs) & Nasi Goreng Kepiting (Crab Fried Rice) [bottom]

Lidah Terseloeboeng (Concealed (Cow's) Tongue)

My father ordered Bakso Kota Lama, Tahu Petis and Es Rumput Laut. I love Tahu Petis! If you don't know what petis is, please do google it because I sure as hell can't explain it. The Es Rumput Laut is oh-so-delicious, with some cendol/dawet and lychees mixed into it. My stepmom ordered Nasi Campur -- with Pandan rice that tastes like Nasi Uduk -- and Es Kelapa Muda (Ice Virgin Coconut). My brother was humdrum as always and chose the not-too-special Crab Fried Rice -- but it did taste more javanese than a mere fried rice-- and Watermelon Juice. I chose to enjoy the Lidah Terseloeboeng -- the name itself is interesting -- whilst gulping down the Lemon Grass Tea. They all tasted marvelous, I must say. If this place wasn't located so far away from home, we'll definitely visit more often. Sad to say, that the price is so extravagant, it seems. It is an élite restaurant, after all. So get your wallets ready before coming over. Oh yeah, we didn't get to eat the ice cream, in the end. But we did make a stop by Istiqlal Mosque. Cheerio!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sometimes Family Are the Ones You Choose

Tee// Cache Cache; Skirt// flea market; Belt// Primark; Hairband// Madonna; Gladiators// Sis's (borrowed)

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend? Let me tell you that mine was a blast! It was the last weekend I got to cherish here in Indonesia for the time being because I'll be flying home on Saturday. Bittersweet feelings are welling up again. Last Saturday, my family and I went to an old restaurant that will be appearing on the blog's Culinary Feature sometime this week. Then we went to pray at Istiqlal Mosque -- which is the biggest mosque in Jakarta. It was farther than the usual places we hang out in. But it was worth everything. On Sunday, I got to spend it with my other family, Firu's family. Officially, we have yet to become a family but I felt highly ecstatic to see them again. The whole family was totally excited to see me as well. Firu's big sister went out early in the morning to buy me Es Dawet (Indonesian mocktail) because she knew I'd like it. His father called me 'The Great Guest' and called the whole family in to see me. We talked a lot, folded some snack boxes for Firu's brother's work and went out to eat Ayam Taliwang (Taliwang Chicken) for dinner. I had a blast and would love to hang out again. Who said meeting the in-laws should be scary? It was fantastic! Have a wondrous midweek with your family! Cheerio!

Monday, 10 September 2012

A Little More Personal

This morning I was just reading up on some of my favourite blogs and stumbled upon Zahra's post about relationships. I thought it'd be fun to have my own say in the matter as well. Despite my big talks and the way that I am, I'm a girl who lives for love. Not just love between a man and a woman but also love between friends and family. Love for the earth, for the world and for God. On this post, though, I'm going to focus on the...let's say, OBVIOUS meaning of the word.

As I have said before, I've never had a relationship before Firu. That is not to say that I haven't tried. Although, I think the meaning of relationship for me and for people (especially girls) my age are totally different. For me, being in a relationship is as simple as being loved back by the one that I love -- or what I might've thought as love. That, of course, gets a little more complicated since the actual meaning of love differs from each person. But, at the very least, I don't jump into relationships just because I need someone to hold me tight or be my everything. I'm a realist. I think about things before I decide for or against it. This also applies for relationships. In fact, around 2 seconds before I actually went forth with being with Firu, I asked an old classmate of mine what being a relationship is all about. I absolutely love his answer.

"Storytelling," he said.

He elaborated by saying that the storytelling could be done whilst doing other activities. So, basically, it's to have someone we can tell everything to and do everything with. But it was put so simply, that whatever pressure I felt for being in a relationship was gone. Some people say that being in a relationship needs a whole lot of work and compromises. I can't say they're wrong but, if you have to work hard on a relationship, how are you supposed to enjoy it? Isn't the whole idea of being in a relationship is to have someone you can lean on and take all the stress away? I've always thought that love is enough to have in a relationship. Why should it not be? I still think so now. Some people think my and Firu's relationship is a perfect and mature one. It's not. We may be mature some times and immature others. We fight, cry and attest each others too. But we know that, in whatever kind of situation, we still love each other. And, as long as that is still true, we can stand against any waves and storms.

Being in a relationship should be based with love. But it is built on trust, understanding and commitment. To create these pillars, communication is vital. There's nothing wrong with having problems in a relationship. No relationship is perfect. What makes it perfect is probably the effort to solve the problem and work things out. Stupid rules and jealous fools should be erased. This isn't the government, why bow down to tyranny? Compromise is good but boundary is better. Consider the pros and cons. We are humans, with logic. If we can't control our emotions and desires, what better are we than animals? To put simply, don't rush into things. Talking about this will actually lead to a book with me.

People these days get so easily fooled by other people's (or even their own) infatuation. This could affect them badly. Maybe this is how a person could get in and out of relationships so easily. Maybe it was also a blessing that up until Firu, no one I'd liked ever reciprocated my feeling -- let alone love. Okay, sure, there are boys claiming to 'have feelings' for me in the past. None of them ever really liked me, though. They only liked the illusion of me that they created in their heads. I got so used to this -- having one-sided feelings and being adored for the illusion that I transmitted -- that I found it hard to believe Firu, at first. I'm a non-girl with many flaws and mistakes, secrets and embarrassments. How could someone even think of cherishing a shameless boyish girl like me? Obviously, back then my self-esteem was pushing close to zero. I reconsidered and pondered everything Firu did/said as we got close and he confessed his feelings for me. And with good reasons! There are only a handful of people who's accepted me the way I am: my best friends and my family. Other people like to create an illusion of me and pretend it's the truth. It's not. Firu, then, added up into that handful of people. 

To sum up, I do hate the term girlfriend/boyfriend because of the impression they'd had in my head for years. Two people of opposite sexes who cuddle against one another, being gooey and disgusting, living in a romantic world. Romance fades but love has to live on. Even though my life has seemed a whole lot like I was on a quest for boyfriends, it's not. It's a quest for love -- or so Mimin says. I want to love someone and that someone to love me back. Thank God that I am fully flawed and not ashamed to show them. That way, it's easier for me to see who accepts me and accepts me for who I am. Right at this moment, I love Firu and he loves me. That may not seem like much but it's enough for us at the moment. So go, find your loved ones, tell them you love them and don't hold back. Don't be desperate to find a 'boyfriend/girlfriend'. You don't need them. You need only to cherish. Cheerio!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Literary Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society

I don't know if I've told you before but I'm a huge nerd. By that, I mean that I love reading books and obtaining information of such. I love exploring the literary world, be it epics, drama or lyrical. If by doing so, I am forever stamped as a nerd, so be it. Aside from that, I am a child at heart. Yes, my body will grow up and my maturity may increase. But I will always love the quirky little things that make me a child, heart and soul. That is one of the reasons why I chose to feature this book that I'm only partly sure you've never heard of before. I present to you...

all illustrations by Diana Sudyka

Meet Reynie Muldoon, an orphaned genius of a boy who was attracted to a fairly questionable advertisement he saw in the paper. The advertisement called for gifted children looking for special opportunities. Two sessions were listed, in which tests were held. The tests were seemingly impossible. They were too to Reynie, at first. However, he managed to do them correctly, apparently, because then he was called back along with three other gifted children: Sticky Washington, a runaway child who's won a great number of quizzes and a great deal of money; Kate Wetherall, a circus girl who was orphaned and now lived with the circus with her guardian, Moocho Brazos; and Constance Contraire, a remarkably impatient and disagreeable child who lived in the library for quite some time. These three were united by Mr. Benedict, the man behind the seemingly suspicious advertisement. Apparently, they were gathered there to snoop into L.I.V.E. (The Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened), a highly secluded boarding school.

There are a total of three books of this series. I can proudly say that I have read them all. I have enjoyed every minute of reading them. Before MBS, I have honestly never heard of Trenton Lee Stewart. But now I believe he's a very delightfully brilliant man to have been the one behind this series. In these books, there are a number of confusing but intriguing puzzles that, if you're smart enough to know, you might want to try. Aside from that, what got me hooked was also Diana Sudyka's childish and fresh illustrations. I'm so glad she made the illustrations until the end. Oh, by the way, you have yet to hear the best part.

Most recently, I've purchased the second to latest book to their series, The Mysterious Benedict Society: Mr. Benedict's Book of Perplexing Puzzles, Elusive Enigmas, and Curious Conundrum. To sum up, it is the compilations of puzzles made by Trenton Lee Stewart (represented by the MBS characters). I couldn't wait to open it and solve all the puzzles -- if my brain ability lets me. I have solved some, mind you. It is in full-colour and designed by Diana Sudyka as well. Try flipping through all the pages and see if you don't want to try your brain at all their puzzles. Their latest book is also not to be missed. It's called The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. From the title, you could guess that it speaks more of Mr. Benedict's past than of the children. But aren't you curious? Have you read this series? If you have, do share your tale of this book and who's your favourite character? (Mine are Constance and Milligan). If you haven't, don't hesitate to try. Cheerio!