Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sometimes Family Are the Ones You Choose

Tee// Cache Cache; Skirt// flea market; Belt// Primark; Hairband// Madonna; Gladiators// Sis's (borrowed)

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend? Let me tell you that mine was a blast! It was the last weekend I got to cherish here in Indonesia for the time being because I'll be flying home on Saturday. Bittersweet feelings are welling up again. Last Saturday, my family and I went to an old restaurant that will be appearing on the blog's Culinary Feature sometime this week. Then we went to pray at Istiqlal Mosque -- which is the biggest mosque in Jakarta. It was farther than the usual places we hang out in. But it was worth everything. On Sunday, I got to spend it with my other family, Firu's family. Officially, we have yet to become a family but I felt highly ecstatic to see them again. The whole family was totally excited to see me as well. Firu's big sister went out early in the morning to buy me Es Dawet (Indonesian mocktail) because she knew I'd like it. His father called me 'The Great Guest' and called the whole family in to see me. We talked a lot, folded some snack boxes for Firu's brother's work and went out to eat Ayam Taliwang (Taliwang Chicken) for dinner. I had a blast and would love to hang out again. Who said meeting the in-laws should be scary? It was fantastic! Have a wondrous midweek with your family! Cheerio!

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