Thursday, 6 September 2012

By the Seaside

Top// The Executive; Tulle Skirt// Sis's (borrowed); Bag// gifted; Hat// thrifted; Sandals// Sis's (borrowed)

As a person who was born and raised in an archipelago country with lots of seas, it is kind of ironic (and sad) that I have yet to step into a beach and have my beachy moments. Especially if that archipelago of a country owns an island as heavenly as Bali -- or so they all say. Yes, yes, it is sad. To add into that irony is the fact that I'm a VERY GOOD and enthusiastic swimmer. Swimming has always been one of my childhood hobbies. Then I just had to ruin my luck by moving to Germany, a country with only one sea. Wow, that is just…I've grown quite speechless here, folks! But I do still swim from time to time, although in the last year I did only once since the one person who wanted to swim with me lived like 500 miles away from me by the time we got quite inseparable. Irony, why do you love to perch on my shoulders so? By the way, I wore this to Thamrin City and obtained quite a few stares. Talk about being overdressed. Cheerio!

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