Friday, 21 September 2012

Quick Update

Hello, everyone! So sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been feeling a little bit under the weather since I arrived in Kassel and have yet the energy to create much of anything (I'm talking about the artwork alongside the outfit posts). That's not to say that not much has been happening in my life. Did I mention that as of October I am officially an Art History student in Kassel University? Yippie! I'll be living in the same town -- and probably also go to the same campus -- as the lovely and talented miss Andara Shastika. So euphoric right now!

 Yesterday was my beloved granny's birthday! Oh, yes, we the grandchildren had something special in store for her. She didn't know what hit her. We arranged for all grandchildren to gather and take family photos together. On her birthday, we gave her a huge framed photo of all of us whilst she was on a video call with me. At first, it was beautifully wrapped and she didn't know -- and couldn't have guessed -- what it was. Then she opened it and burst out crying. Oh, Titi, we love you!

Today I am so gleeful and excited to have Firu come over after a month of not seeing each other. Yes, we've gone longer without being in the same town as each other before but I'm always excited to see him again. I'm already feeling better now, guys, and in the mood to cook for people. So come on over if you want to join in. I have another 2-3 more outfit posts I can't wait to share so keep yourself posted. Here's a beautiful picture to send you off. Enjoy your Friday, friends. Cheerio!

Aren't my youngest cousins the cutest? (Ghani & Ata at the photo studio)

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