Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Take a Closer Look

Top// Cotton Club; Jumper// Sis's; Tights// Sis's (borrowed); Hat// thrifted; Bag// gifted; Belt + Shoes// Primark

Everyone says a smile speaks more than 1000 words. No one ever mentions, though, that not all those words are cheery words. They can be cruel, hurtful words that are masked under cheerful smiles. Sure, cheerful words can be mentioned underneath as well but the opposing possibility is not to be neglected. I, for one, would know because I am just so good at masking my true feelings with a simple smile. That being said, I was not in a mood other than happy in these pictures. I'm wearing this old jumper that I've worn many times before and was so happy to know it fits me better now. The top is also very dear to me thanks to its pattern. I've missed it! My stepmom was so kind as to offer to snap the first shot of this outfit. That afternoon was meant to be a quality time with myself but then I kind of met up with my friend Enggar, who was ever so kind to snap some more for me. Thank you so much. Happy Wednesday, all! Cheerio!

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