Saturday, 29 June 2019

Boba with the Brilias

As siblings, my brother, sister and I are quite obsessed with boba—well, okay, maybe it's just me. Whenever we hang out, we almost always go get boba. In fact, the time this photo was taken, having boba was pretty much the main goal. For a while after my sister and I started cutting down on plastic, we were pretty bummed that we couldn't get boba anymore...until we could. Lo and behold, the existence of stainless steel boba straws. Whoever invented this beauty has my everlasting gratitude—like seriously. We got ours from kaavya, which is such a great place to buy your first zero waste kit. We would also love to thank Ace Hardware for these glass containers—which my brother also just got for his birthday—as they've enabled us to get any sort of beverage without plastic. Boba just happens to be our number one choice. And—you know what?—we can often buy boba for less and get more content with these babies. Who says going low impact doesn't have its perks?

Old dress // hand-me-down jacket (Mom's) + socks (Sis's) // thrifted loafers // photos by Sis

Earlier last week my best friend Uli just came to the house to borrow my yukata. There's only one problem—I don't remember where I stored it. When she arrived, we went through the deep corners of my wardrobe looking for that ensemble. Eventually, we found what we were looking for. In the process, we managed to unearth several pieces of clothing I haven't seen in such a long time. They all belong to my late mother—including this beautiful jacket I was wearing. I think I used to pass on this jacket when I first spotted it, perhaps around 5 years ago. It wasn't what I gravitated towards then, but, man, if it's not what I'm besotted with now. It's a really cool jacket to wear at work—which prompted one of my colleagues to call me "boss lady." It's perfectly warm and incredibly sleek too. Pairing it with this casual, slightly feminine dress, it creates a lovely contrast, don't you think? I love how the colours just compliment each other rather well too.

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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Hiding in Plain Sight


June is almost always a special month for me, because it's the month of the most birthdays in my family—with my Stepmom, sister and brother having their birthdays three days in a row. Last weekend—right after Eid—was their birthdays. We didn't really do much to celebrate, but my siblings and I did nip out for a bit of a chat. My sister and I have been wanting to visit this small cafĂ© not too far away from where we live. It's a road we often pass by—even as a child on the way to our primary school—so it was kind of surprising to find such a gorgeous, luscious place here. It is like a refreshing corner as a break from the highly congested and polluted city. Absolutely beautiful! The place was pretty packed when we arrived—clearly, I'm not the only one who was thinking of photo op. I can't say they weren't on the pricey side, though, but it's hardly a surprise for a place like this. Although it was their birthdays, I forced my siblings to take my photos—lol sorry and thank you, guys! Read my thorough review here, if you're curious—sorry, Indonesian only.

Vintage dress (from a friend) + purse (hand-me-down) // thrifted loafers // outfit photos by my sis and bro

Can we talk about this outfit for a second, please? I know I rarely talk about my clothes anymore—strange for a fashion blog, huh?—but this is one of the newest additions to my wardrobe. A friend of mine gave it to me one day, although it won't come for free. I still owe my friend for it, making it one of the first items I'm purchasing in two years or so. At first, I wasn't sure I was going to like this piece, but my friend was so kind as to let me try it on before taking it with me. It turns out to fit my figure and complexion rather well—inevitably I fell in love. When I see this dress—or, rather, me in it—I can imagine my Mom rocking this getup too when she was younger. That alone makes me feel much closer to her in it—and probably one of the reasons I ended up holding this number close to my heart. Oh, wow, just listen to me prattle on about a dress! How clichĂ© for a blogger, am I right?

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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Laut Kita: The Reality of Our Oceans

This year, for Eid, our family didn't go visit the Grandparents. My beloved Grandma just recently passed away—we made two trips to visit her when she was in the hospital and when she was freshly buried, which left us with barely enough money for Eid. Long story short, we ended up staying in Jakarta for the last week of Ramadan—except for my Stepmom who went to Semarang to visit her mother and son. Anyway, that left my sister and I with enough time to roam about the city while we're both off duty from work—specifically to visit the Laut Kita exhibition we've been wanting to visit for weeks. This exhibition is brought to you by Sejauh Mata Memandang, not unlike the installation they did last year, and it highlights the rising urgency for action in the wake of our waste crisis—particularly considering its impact on our oceans. The exhibition takes up a total of four rooms, each showing us exactly how our incessant need to produce trash has impacted sea life. In fact, it turns out microplastics can be found in our own poop too. If that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.

Madjani hijab (old) // swapped shirt + pants (via Tukar Baju) // thrifted loafers // hand-me-down bag // 

outfit photos by my sis

Do you know that, here in Indonesia, by 2018 we have reached overcapacity of our landfills? Do you know what happens to our waste since then? There's not much of a choice but to dump them into the sea, by way of rivers and canals. This plastic waste then goes on to terrorise our sea creatures, either killing them slowly or causing them unimaginable pain. The term, "put your trash where it belongs" no longer applies, because no matter where we discard our garbage, it will make its way to sea one way or another—I guarantee you. The best thing we can do, instead, is to really be conscious of the things we buy and cut down on our waste. Here are some tips on how you, too, can cut down on plastic and find substitutes for them. Because—you know what?—if we don't start now, by 2050 there will be more plastic waste than fishes in the sea. If you don't believe me, try swimming in the sea or walking along the beach yourself and see if you can't find a single trash. We need to get rid of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude and really take responsibility for our waste—lest we should drown in them.

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Saturday, 1 June 2019

One Day You'll Forget About Me

It feels strange that Ramadan is coming to an end soon enough. It has been such a strange one too—a Ramadan I never thought I'd experience—so I'm not sure quite how to feel towards the end. Last year it was really hard, because I was so high strung and ready for a nervous breakdown. This year it's just...I can't quite explain it. Lately, I've felt both disconnected and reconnected with who I am. It's like I entered a warp zone and was quickly transported to an alternate reality where nothing makes sense. The future has never looked quite so blurry as it does now. Rather than scared, I feel a little more submissive to it. I'm tired of fighting for a dream I no longer deserve to hold on to. For once, I want to give up everything to someone who knows better than I do—The Almighty, perhaps. Maybe this, too, will pass. Maybe one day I'll feel motivated and energised again. For some reason, that time seems so far away and surreal to me now.

Gifted shirt (from a friend) // thrifted skirt // hand-me-down purse + sandals // old hat

Hydrangea is my favourite flower. So when a friend of mine let me have this shirt, I was over the moon. It has a cut that I'd never look at before, but after putting it on, it turns out to look quite alright on me. On its own it gives off a '70s vibe that is not at all what I would usually opt for. At first, I was sure it's a men's shirt, but looked at the tag and turns out it's a ladies wear. I like the subtle colours—again, not what I would usually pick up—and the reverse colouring. Pairing it with this slightly bolder skirt is just a no-brainer—the contrast between them makes the outfit feel very fresh. It just gives off this early summer vibe, doesn't it? Speaking of which, I am so ready for more sunshine days and, hopefully, some time off by the pool or something. Bring on all the summery outfits, what do you say?

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