Saturday, 29 June 2019

Boba with the Brilias

As siblings, my brother, sister and I are quite obsessed with boba—well, okay, maybe it's just me. Whenever we hang out, we almost always go get boba. In fact, the time this photo was taken, having boba was pretty much the main goal. For a while after my sister and I started cutting down on plastic, we were pretty bummed that we couldn't get boba anymore...until we could. Lo and behold, the existence of stainless steel boba straws. Whoever invented this beauty has my everlasting gratitude—like seriously. We got ours from kaavya, which is such a great place to buy your first zero waste kit. We would also love to thank Ace Hardware for these glass containers—which my brother also just got for his birthday—as they've enabled us to get any sort of beverage without plastic. Boba just happens to be our number one choice. And—you know what?—we can often buy boba for less and get more content with these babies. Who says going low impact doesn't have its perks?

Old dress // hand-me-down jacket (Mom's) + socks (Sis's) // thrifted loafers // photos by Sis

Earlier last week my best friend Uli just came to the house to borrow my yukata. There's only one problem—I don't remember where I stored it. When she arrived, we went through the deep corners of my wardrobe looking for that ensemble. Eventually, we found what we were looking for. In the process, we managed to unearth several pieces of clothing I haven't seen in such a long time. They all belong to my late mother—including this beautiful jacket I was wearing. I think I used to pass on this jacket when I first spotted it, perhaps around 5 years ago. It wasn't what I gravitated towards then, but, man, if it's not what I'm besotted with now. It's a really cool jacket to wear at work—which prompted one of my colleagues to call me "boss lady." It's perfectly warm and incredibly sleek too. Pairing it with this casual, slightly feminine dress, it creates a lovely contrast, don't you think? I love how the colours just compliment each other rather well too.

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