Saturday, 30 June 2012

What Would You Do?

Here is one of my biggest inspirations in the whole world. I'm sure you've all heard of her at least once or twice every month. Meet Jodi Picoult, one of the most renowned female writers in the 21st century! Her most famous work so far is My Sister's Keeper, which made it into the big screen -- although I was rather bored and disappointed by the movie. I think it was also her most brilliant work yet. It touched me fully in the soul and it was her first work that I knew of. I stumbled upon it in a bookstore back home. On the cover that's published by Hodder, it said "The only way to save your daughter is to sacrifice her sister. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" I love the idea of creating the worst case scenario and think of what you would do in such a position. The story in its entirety was unique and blatantly touching. Ever since then, I've been following her career. Both the works she did before it and those afterwards.
So far I've read around 12 books of hers and have nominated The Pact and Handle With Care as my favourites. The Pact has the simple story of two childhood friends who were supposedly in love but turned twister once they made a suicide pact and it costed one of their lives. Handle With Care contains the similar plot to that of My Sister's Keeper, in which there were two sisters and one of them was medically challenged but after that the story took another turn. The one I like the least was Vanishing Acts since I pretty much dislike the main character and the story wasn't as remarkable as I'd hoped. It was still different but I didn't enjoy it as much. You might wonder why these covers are all similar. I'm a picky reader. I really prefer to read books in covers that I adore. The whole "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" idea was inspiring and it made me want to collect all the questions Hodder had to ask for each and every one of Jodi's books.

She's published two books so far in 2012. Lone Wolf was published in March. It's her second book which contains audio parts as well -- such as song tracks which you can hear online and probably even download if you purchase the book. Between The Lines is her first ever Young Adults book, incorporation with her daughter, Samantha van Leer. I think it's a whole lot different from her usual books but I'm excited to read it. Well, I'm excited to read both of them, actually.

Jodi's works have inspired me to think of the worst-case scenario and think that bad enough is never bad enough. She teaches me to be prepared for them. Aside from that, I love how she combines family drama and courtroom drama. I find her words extra powerful in delivering her characters' feelings to me. Since My Sister's Keeper, she's been mixing it up too with medical drama. What's most amazing is the fact that she always seems to be part of a campaign, a cause, something. Above is her picture supporting the NoH8 campaign. Recently she's been supporting Gay Marriage in her hometown as well -- which is also why she wrote Sing You Home. Aside from her books, I suggest you check out her short story from Neil Gaiman's and Al Sarrantonio's Stories -- the cover's designed by Tom Gauld, by the way. And you can find out more of her from her website and/or twitter. Have an awesome weekend! Cheerio!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Third Time's The Charm

Blouse // Vero Moda; Skirt// Only; Shoes// Deichmann

Letztes Wochenende kam eine Freundin von mir, Vina, vorbei. Sie wohnt in der Stadt Köthen, die, ich denke, nur eine Stunde oder zwei von Halle entfernt ist. Dies war ihr dritter Besuch und sie hat übernachtet. Ich wusste nicht vorher, dass sie SLR hat, aber ich fragte daran und sie brachte das mit. Also hatten wir ein SLR-date! Oh, letzte Woche war ich total verliebt mit SLR. Ganz, ganz verliebt. Wir gingen in den Park, der hinter meinem Gebäude liegt, und haben einfach Spaß gemacht, hin und her Fotos machen. Ich glaube alle haben uns angeguckt. Aber egal, das war wirklich Spaß für uns. Es gab einen schmallen Tal und Vina freute sich darauf, wirklich wie ein kleines Mädchen. Okay, ich sage euch die Wahrheit: Ich bin der Meinung, dass Vina hübsch ist. Nicht so, dass sie graziös ist, nicht so, dass sie elegant ist. So, dass du weißt, sie ist interessant, Spaß bringt, völlig peinlich und gar nicht wie eine Supermodel aber weißt du, dass sie hübsch ist. Ssh! Sag ihr aber nicht! Und, Vina, falls du diesen ließt...vergessen wir's einfach. Ein bisschen über das Outfit. Ich mag, dass die Bluse Plaid-Muster gleichzeitig auch Spitze hat, sodass sie ganz süß aber cool aussieht. Der Rock ist auch toll mit der Tan-farbe. Total kompatibel mit den grünen Schuhen. Schönen Donnerstag! Na Tschüß!

Last weekend, my friend, Vina, came by to visit. She lives in Köthen, which is, I think, only an hour or two from Halle. This was her third visit and she stayed overnight. I didn't know she had SLR before but I asked if she did and she brought it with her. So we had an SLR-date! Oh, I seriously drool over SLRs last week. Ever so swooned. We went to the park at the back -- my usual local setting -- and just went nuts taking pictures here and there. I think people were staring. But no matter, it was fun for us. There was this small valley and Vina was so excited to see it, really like a little girl. Okay, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I think Vina's beautiful. Not in a graceful way, not in an elegant way. In a way that you know she can be really fun, interesting, way embarrassing and not at all supermodel-like yet you know she's beautiful. Ssh! Don't tell her! And, Vina, if you're reading this...let's get past the moment. A little bit about the outfit. I love how the blouse has plaid patterns and lace at the same time, giving it a cute but tough look. The skirt is also nice with its tan colour. Very compatible with the green shoes. Have a great Thursday! Cheerio!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Walking on Sunshine

Several weeks ago, I just came back from Kassel when I met Netta, a fellow Indonesian student at my college, at the station. She then asked me about my blog -- which apparently she's read, thank you. She then asked me about the pictures on my blog -- who took 'em? Which camera I used? -- and we ended up making a date after the finals. On the time that follows, I thought the finals will never end. When it finally did, we didn't set up a date. One day, the sun just shined ever so brightly and off we went to take photos. And here's the tale.

At first, we -- Netta, Atika and I -- were going to go to the Burg area and took pictures by the old buildings. That was Saturday but the weather didn't help. On Monday, the sun shined so beautifully and we were going to go take pictures and all but it didn't happen so I ended up wandering on my own. On Tuesday, it finally happened. But Atika didn't come, instead we had Rawan, Netta's classmate from Kuwait. Rawan and Netta, they are truly two beautiful girls with immaculate sense of style. We spent hours walking from one end of the park to another, wearing our soles out. My hat fell on the lake one time because the wind blew it off of Netta's head while she was wearing it. It then magically floated right back to us, thank God. We saw old people canoeing along the river. All in all, it was a pleasant time. I enjoyed it greatly. Thanks for the wonderful time, ladies. For you fellow readers, have a blasting Tuesday! Cheerio!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Catholic School Girl

Blouse // Mangga Dua; Dress // Esprit; Tights // H&M; Shoes // Tracce; Bandana // Metro

Als ich dieses Outfit angezogen habe, finde ich es wie ein Uniform einer katholischen Schülerin. Ich weiß wirklich nicht wieso dieses Outfit mir nicht eingefallen hat. Es war eigentlich gar nicht Sommer-geeignet und bunt aber trotzdem...Ach ja, die deutsche Sprache. Bevor ich diesen Post geschrieben habe, las ich meine Livejournal. In der gibt es diese Posten, die auf beide Englisch und Deutsch geschrieben waren. Ich finde die Idee ganz toll und hab mich entschieden, solche Methode weiterzumachen. Heutzutage bin ich total verliebt mit Fotos, die am Ufer eines Flusses fotografiert sind. Dieser Fluss ist aber keine Saale, sondern nur ein kleiner Fluss hinter meinem Gebäude. Normalerweise treffen alte Männer sich an diesem kleinen Imbiss, über etwas alltägliches zu reden oder Fußball zu schauen. Aber an diesem Tag hatte ich Glück, weil der Imbiss total leer war. Nehme ich meine Chance sofort und mache ich diese Fotos. Das war wirklich ein sich lohnendes Wochenende. Übrigens trug ich dieses Kleid 3 Tage lang, weil ich keine Ahnung hatte, was noch zu tragen. Schönen Sonntag, meine Liebe! Genieß die Sonne! Na Tschüss!

When I put on this outfit, I find it resembling the uniform of a catholic school girl (hence the Title). I seriously don't get why this idea hadn't fallen on my head before. I know, it's not suitable for summer and very colourless but still...oh yes, the German. Before I wrote this post, I read my Livejournal posts. In it there are posts, that were written in English and German. I find the idea rather awesome and have decided to continue the method. These days I am just completely drawn into photos that are taken on riverbanks. This river is, however, not Saale, only a small river at the back of my building. Usually, old men meet up here to talk about their daily lives or watch soccer. On this day, though, I had my luck because nobody was there. Without a doubt, I took my shot and snapped these photos. It was a real worthwhile weekend. By the way, I wore this dress for 3 days, because I didn't know what else to wear. Have a sunny Sunday, my lovelies! Cheerio!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Baumraum: Sitting In A Tree

Back home, Discovery Channel is one of my favourite channels. It's amazing that it has many different branches, like Discovery Travel and Living and Discovery Home and Health. On the previous, there is this one show that I always used to love to watch: World's Greenest Homes. No one in my house liked watching it...or at least not as intensely as I did. But it was one heck of an inspiring -- and desirable -- show. On it, green homes were usually shown, both the exterior and the interior and how the whole thing works together -- like natural central heating/cooling and rainwater saving. One time they showed this tree house that someone, no, a family actually lived in. From then on, I had a dream of having a tree house as a home once I have my own family later. I was reminded by this dream whilst looking through the Architectural Beaty collumn on Lace & Tea. It was then that I discovered Baumraum.

When I stayed at my friend's in Kassel last month, he told me that there was this whole law in Germany that people must follow upon building a house. It was ridiculous! There are certain measurements to everything regarding the house, certain colours one is allowed to apply on the walls and roofs. It's just preposterous to me! I found it so hard to believe Rezy at the time and discovering Baumraum makes it even harder to believe him. Because there are many shapes and sizes to the houses they've built.

Baumraum actually doesn't just build treehouses but also homes, residential buildings. But the huge spotlight is on these adorable and to-die-for treehouses. Maybe they aren't exactly compatible for living but I would love for them to build me one of those and maybe it'll be one of those places my family would love to spend weekends or summers in. Oh, a little information about Baumraum: they're a german architecture group. You can find more infos on their website (as listed above). All these photos are courtesy of Enjoy your weekend, all! Cheerio!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sunbathing at Burg Giebichenstein

Ever since my finals are over, I feel like I've had a little too much free time on my hands. I've been trying to channel it in different directions. I've been back with video gaming, exploring, DIY making, drawing, reading and everything else. Last week I skyped with my Dad and he gave me, like, a ton of superb ideas -- my inspiration, always. Afterwards, I've been spending my time playing Pokémon Soul Silver on Nintendo DS and surfing the blogosphere. I've created a new piece of clothing with a DIY which I will show you when it's done. It's a little bit of a project. Aside from that, I would love to stay updated with designing and traveling. I've been back with one of my favourite hobbies these past few days: getting lost by tram. Back in Karlsruhe, I loved taking the tram with no particular destinations and ride it until the terminal. But ever since I moved to Halle, I haven't done that once. Not once. Except when I get seriously lost. I'm trying to revive that habit and get lost on a tram. So I took the no. 8 tram and rode it from one end to another. I saw some beautiful sites, including Burg Giebichenstein

I love looking at old couples on dates ♥
Which means: "Life is one big canvas, paint it as colourful as you can. -Danny, Koye."
On Monday I was originally going to spend the day having photoshoots with Netta and Atika since the weather was one of those rare ones where the sun shines brightly but the wind still blows gently. However, that plan got cancelled as quickly as it got arranged -- which took less than five minutes. So I decided to go with the plan I made with myself on Saturday -- since the weather was horrid on Saturday -- and went on a date with my beloved Canon PowerShot. The original reason I moved to Halle was because I wanted to get into Burg Giebichenstein Art University. As time goes by, my interest in the school dissipates but my interest in the namesake grows. So today I decided to visit it...well, more or less. I visited the park located just around the Burg. I think it's beautiful. It spreads along the line that is the Saale River and so green, enveloping the castle

Hat // thrifted; T-shirt // S.Oliver; Pants // C&A; Belt // Primark; Bag // gift; Watch // gift; Shoes // Kaufland
Here's how dates with my camera goes: we go round and round all over the place, picking directions I've never been before until my stomach growls or roars and I have to find something to eat. So this is what I did on Monday. In the process, I snapped some outfit photos. If you haven't realised, I am obsessed with this hat and these sandals. The pants are also rather pleasant for me. It's so lively! AND it has zippers! Sitting by the river is so comfortable. I lie there for a few minutes and I was ready to doze off. It's even more comfortable than my own bed. There were cloverfields and daisies. Oh, cloverfields. One of my little hobbies when I was little was to find a four-leaved clover in a cloverfield. However, I have yet to accomplish that mission.

Last autumn, one day a bomb was found in the city centre of Halle. It wasn't a small modern bomb. It was a huge bomb from the second World War. It was located near a hospital so everyone freaked out. Everyone was to be evacuated and tram lines were rerouted. That was the longest tram ride I have ever had in my life. I got stuck in traffic for over an hour what normally takes less than 30 minutes. But the tram took the route that I'd never passed by before. And I found out many things, including this side of the town. There were ferry boats and this house -- or I hope a restaurant -- whose quarter's located over the river. In summer it's so refreshing to see this place under the sunlight. There were people lying on the grass. There were people riding on a canoe. It was soothing, in a way. Living in Jakarta, there aren't many rivers you can sit by. Such a sad, sad truth. Enjoy your midweek! Cheerio!