Wednesday, 6 June 2012

♬ For They The Jolly Good Fellows ♪

Just as I mentioned last week, June is a month of birthdays, at least in my life. As it turns out, most members of my family have birthdays in this lovely month. And, what do you know, they all happen in a row. To these beloved people am I dedicating this post. So one day at a time all squished into this post. I hope you all read this post, my loved ones. I miss you.

JUNE 6th: Maftukhah binti Taslim

Oh, Dad, you always manage to make me chuckle
 First and foremost is my beloved stepmother. Oh, stepmother. Stupid fairy tales have succeeded in polluting the name. Don't believe them. Yes, maybe unfair and begrudging stepmothers exist but kind and guiding stepmothers exist too. The latter is the one I have. She has taught me a lot in the four years that she has been married to my father -- I gave them all my blessings, mind you. I admit, sometimes she could be quite irritable but she was always just trying to be helpful. I cherish the quality times we had together and I'm sorry for my childish acts at the first few years of your marriage. As I believe it, she was my father's middle school classmate and somehow they got reunited again. She is a very religious lady but I respect the fact that she doesn't judge me for not being all that religious. I love the things she taught me and the things I taught her. I do miss her so much and wish to spend time with her sometime this summer. Happy birthday, Mami! May your days be painted with joy and bliss and may I be of a great stepdaughter to you. I love you and I miss you.

JUNE 7th: Amaquita Briliastuti

 Oh, my lovely lovely big sister. You are getting older yet again, aren't you? All right, just joking. My big sister is my bestest friend ever. Growing up, we were lumped into a shared room so we were so used to each other and share every single little detail with each other. She is now studying in Melbourne, Australia. Oh, I wish I was there with you on your birthday. But, alas, I must have a final exam on your birthday. My sister and I are always like yin and yang. She was always the pretty, skinny, quite one with long hair, fairly darker skin and bigger eyes without problems -- these glasses she's wearing are just for style. I was always the less pretty -- if not ugly, fat, loud one with short hair, yellowish skin and slanted eyes with increasing problems. What they don't know is that she becomes her over-the-top crazy self when she's with me and that flatters me. No distance can keep us apart. We're sisters, after all. And I'm going to visit her in Australia this summer. Fingers crossed. Happy birthday, sis!

JUNE 8th: Cafalundi Brilianegoro

Here is the main subject of all my bullyings, not seriously, of course. Happy birthday, my little brother of mine! How much have you grown. Oh, I feel like grabbing those legs and snapping them into two and make you a short kid you once were. You're going into high school now, aren't you? Good luck, little bro. My little brother is a peculiar kid. No, I refuse to call him a man because I would love it so much if he stays a boy forever. I remember when I was in 5th grade and he was in preschool, he came to my classroom and refused to go home by school bus. He said he wanted to go home together with me. He was super adorable when he was little and I could just eat him right up. Too bad he had to grow up. He grew up into a gamer -- a fate, I think, that befalls everyone around me -- and automotive enthusiast. He is just plain crazy about cars. He and my dad share the interest in watching F1 and brand new cars test run. Sometimes he has information that is surprising to me and very insightful. I love how passionate he is -- so am I and so is my sister, of course. Have you noticed? All our names contain the word 'brilia' in it which is derived from 'brilliant.' It is our parents' wish and prayer for us. And we are the Brilia Siblings. Cool name for a band, no?

I can't believe it's been about a year and a half since the last time I saw these guys in the flesh. I do miss them so much. As annoying as they can be sometimes, I do wish they were within physical reach sometimes. Don't worry, you guys! I will come see you again. Have lovely birthdays, everyone! And  have a lovely June! Cheerio!

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