Saturday, 2 June 2012

Breaking And Entering

Finals are just around the corner. Eep! I can't wait! Most students are stressed out by this fact but I don't think too much of it somehow. Not that I'm cocky -- at least I try not to be -- but I guess it's just not the scariest part. I am done with portfolios and presenting them for a while. Just shipped my last batch on Wednesday in a hustle and bustle then I took these photos. Oh, my heart feels lighter than ever before since I've left Karlsruhe several months ago. I was sure it was going to be my last rendezvous with that town but...I don't know, I feel like going back there for a few days or weeks before leaving for Indonesia. I definitely regret not taking too many significant pictures there while I had the chance. That's why I want to go back, just to snap some photos of some of my favourite spots and, if possible, my favourite people in my favourite moments. Oh, but May has been awfully busy. Can you believe I've traveled four times this month? And with my student budget abroad?! That's like financial suicide. Aside from that, I have purchased many clothings -- forgive me, Papa -- and some considerably necessary thingamajigs. Oh, well, goodbye, luxurious life.

So yeah, remember my trip to Hanover last week? As I've mentioned, I went to Primark and bought several things -- such the past. I know I'm...outdated and was totally exhilarated when I saw the store was packed with peter pan-collared blouses. But I was in a hurry so I did a quick scan of everything and picked the prettiest one I found. I didn't really pay attention and didn't realise that it was kind of transparent and tight until I got home and tried it on. I was going to wear it with a tan coloured tank so it'd look like I wasn't wearing anything underneath yet not naked either but somehow I tried it this way and it just worked. So what's underneath is the night gown I wore on this post. A little fun fact about this outfit: I'd been wearing it for 5 days -- three were spent at home, doing my portfolio; one was spent going to Potsdam to attend my entrance exam; and another one just a normal day at school. 

Which means "Halle (Saale) City | Middle School | Kastanienallee (Chestnuts Ave.)"
Okay, don't call the cops just yet but...I trespassed a school ground to take these photos. Have I never mentioned before that my building is located just next to a school? Sometimes they leave the gate open and Mimi would go across the school ground to go to the supermarket. Apparently this time they left it open too. Maybe they're doing it on purpose since I've been taking these pictures forever and nobody said anything to or about me to anyone. My home is also located in a ghetto -- at least according to most of my friends. Well, actually, it's quite visible. It's not like american ghettos what with the guns and the gangsters -- although there are occasional explosion sounds in broad daylight. It wasn't all that surprising to find the school all graffitied although I can't argue with that. Sometimes it's nice to hear the children in the morning. One time they celebrated end of terms and had a huge party for the whole school with a bouncing castle. It just reminds me of school. Oh, so nostalgic.

First ever jumping photo to symbolize my current freedom
Have a wonderful weekend, all! Cheerio!

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