Sunday, 17 June 2012

Rainy Romance

Today is the 23rd month-versary of mine and Firu's. I am so, so, so excited for it. Twenty-three months! Can you believe it? Yes, for most couples, that's nothing. For me -- since this is my first and, hopefully, my only romantic relationship -- it is a huge deal. Seeing people around me getting in and out of relationships so quick, it never crossed my mind that, when it finally get to be my turn, I could last this long with someone. And longer still. We're shooting for eternity here. For months, I planned a lot of things in my head to do on this day. But, since there has been some turns of events, I don't see that happening. It chips my heart that I don't get to spend this wonderful day with my beloved. But what are you going to do, right?

Finding new settings in which you can take pictures is exhilarating. So when it rained, I just quickly grabbed my camera and went out. The park was quiet in the rain, very few people went out in the rain. Some of them probably wanted to get home whereas I just got out. This is one of those opportunities to use my brand new umbrella that I find very adorable. It's cherry-patterned with black background. Cherry is Firu's favourite berry and I love how it reminds me so much of him. I found this umbrella back at Primark on my Hanover trip. I think it's pretty sturdy to fight off the powerful wind on this part of the world. Well, it should be.

For the longest time, I've been trying to figure out how to wear this skirt. The last -- and only -- styling of this skirt I did I don't really like. I mean, at first I purchased this skirt on a discount because I love the plaid pattern. The red colour is a total plus because I don't have another red skirt. So I started forming an outfit around this skirt. Then I remembered this denim coat that I have yet to show you in full form. My sister thinks it looks like something out of the '80s or something. I felt like an '80s detective wearing this although in this outfit I feel more like a struggling artist. I don't think anyone owns denim coats anymore. But here I am, styling it carefree. Oh! By the way, check out my brand new shoes from Deichmann! I've been oggling this pair for months now but found it rather expensive for my budget. Then it was up for sale two weeks ago. I know it's no Oxfords or saddle shoes but it's close enough to what I want to have. Finally, green shoes! After I shot the other pictures, I went out and saw this madeline hat for 3-year-olds and decided to go out and search for a madeline hat for myself. And then I found it! It doesn't really fit my head but maybe that's what a madeline hat's supposed to be like? Either way, I am completely infatuated right now.

Ever since this post, I have been taking pictures outside A LOT. Most of those shootings take place in this park just a few steps away from home. When I feel really lazy or reluctant to move out of the house, usually to take outfit pictures, I just go to this park a few minutes before sunset. The first time I discovered this park was when the german teacher gave the whole class an assignment to take autumn pictures last semester. Mimi and I then embarked on a journey to this park and took so many beautiful autumn pictures whilst going through the whole park. I got to know a lot of shortcuts around this part of town. There is a river flowing around it. Over the river, there's a beautiful bridge that looks like the perfect setting for a meeting in romantic movies. It has two playgrounds -- which I've mentioned in this pos, some sort of tavern guarded by dogs and beautiful flowers. You should see this place in October. Golden and shades of red and orange. Oh, so beautiful! It also looks romantic and kind of mellow in the rain. Smells amazing too. Have a wonderful Sunday, guys! Cheerio!

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