Saturday, 30 June 2012

What Would You Do?

Here is one of my biggest inspirations in the whole world. I'm sure you've all heard of her at least once or twice every month. Meet Jodi Picoult, one of the most renowned female writers in the 21st century! Her most famous work so far is My Sister's Keeper, which made it into the big screen -- although I was rather bored and disappointed by the movie. I think it was also her most brilliant work yet. It touched me fully in the soul and it was her first work that I knew of. I stumbled upon it in a bookstore back home. On the cover that's published by Hodder, it said "The only way to save your daughter is to sacrifice her sister. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" I love the idea of creating the worst case scenario and think of what you would do in such a position. The story in its entirety was unique and blatantly touching. Ever since then, I've been following her career. Both the works she did before it and those afterwards.
So far I've read around 12 books of hers and have nominated The Pact and Handle With Care as my favourites. The Pact has the simple story of two childhood friends who were supposedly in love but turned twister once they made a suicide pact and it costed one of their lives. Handle With Care contains the similar plot to that of My Sister's Keeper, in which there were two sisters and one of them was medically challenged but after that the story took another turn. The one I like the least was Vanishing Acts since I pretty much dislike the main character and the story wasn't as remarkable as I'd hoped. It was still different but I didn't enjoy it as much. You might wonder why these covers are all similar. I'm a picky reader. I really prefer to read books in covers that I adore. The whole "WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" idea was inspiring and it made me want to collect all the questions Hodder had to ask for each and every one of Jodi's books.

She's published two books so far in 2012. Lone Wolf was published in March. It's her second book which contains audio parts as well -- such as song tracks which you can hear online and probably even download if you purchase the book. Between The Lines is her first ever Young Adults book, incorporation with her daughter, Samantha van Leer. I think it's a whole lot different from her usual books but I'm excited to read it. Well, I'm excited to read both of them, actually.

Jodi's works have inspired me to think of the worst-case scenario and think that bad enough is never bad enough. She teaches me to be prepared for them. Aside from that, I love how she combines family drama and courtroom drama. I find her words extra powerful in delivering her characters' feelings to me. Since My Sister's Keeper, she's been mixing it up too with medical drama. What's most amazing is the fact that she always seems to be part of a campaign, a cause, something. Above is her picture supporting the NoH8 campaign. Recently she's been supporting Gay Marriage in her hometown as well -- which is also why she wrote Sing You Home. Aside from her books, I suggest you check out her short story from Neil Gaiman's and Al Sarrantonio's Stories -- the cover's designed by Tom Gauld, by the way. And you can find out more of her from her website and/or twitter. Have an awesome weekend! Cheerio!

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