Monday, 4 June 2012

Mathematical Errors

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. It feels like the clock is ticking extra slowly as I get closer to the things I want to grasp. The first final is in 3 days. Three days! Can you believe it? Most people jitter at the thought but I'm highly excited. The faster I'm done with this whole thing, the faster I get to seeing Firu again, traveling and starting DIYs again. I made a list of June to-do list, but sort of got stuck on the chores area -- like cleaning my room, bathroom and kitchen -- that I need to do before Firu gets here. The DIY area is still quite undecided. I simply can't wait for everything to work out and make me fly. I feel quite joyful now, by the way, since A.) Firu is already back in Germany again and B.) I just went hiking last Saturday. It was one hell of an exhausting trip and I was sure my legs would want to separate themselves from me but it was very, very fulfilling. I got to make new friends -- which I probably won't hear from anymore but still -- and play new games and experience new things. Summer is looking good from where I'm standing.

It was lucky that our teacher let the class out early last Thursday. I was planning to snap some photos at school all day that day and was nervous to have anyone find me out. As soon as she dismissed the class, I went straight to a class I knew that no one would use and ever so quietly prepped everything and started snapping away. Maybe this is one way of remembering this place when I leave. I love the sliding green blackboards in each classrooms. Ever since the 3rd grade, my schools use whiteboards instead of blackboards. Somehow, it seems less...interesting. I adore blackboards. I love the sound the chalk makes against the board when someone writes on it. When I was little, my dad took me to his old high school and showed me his old classroom. It was massive! It had such sliding blackboards like my college uses right now but much, much bigger and older. I loved it! Once upon a time that was a reason I wanted to go to his old school but decided against it -- probably a bad choice which landed me in the perfect spot. For several weeks in the previous semester, the college building was being renovated and we were relocated to another building -- in the basement, mind you -- and were forced to use a whiteboard instead. It was kind of boring and impractical. So glad we could go back to blackboards before we graduate, though.

A few months ago, I spotted the greatest tee ever on Threadless. It was far too expensive when I first stumbled upon it and decided to wait for their next sale. When the sale came, I saw that this design was sold out. Oh, damn. I thought I would never see it again until the sale they were having a few weeks ago. Without much thought, I purchased it. A few days later, I saw that it could've gone for a much cheaper price. Regret clouded my thoughts...until the shirt arrived in my mailbox a week ago. All right, I'll come clean: I LOVE MATH! Believe me, I used to hate it so much because I sucked at it until one day my Dad put up posters all over our house that I must must must learn math EVERYDAY! He was a tough teacher so I couldn't slack off. Instead, I got good and I started loving math. Such an irony that I now don't study math anymore. But I wanted to go to Art and there's no such major that provides both art and math without physics trying to butt in on all the fun. So to reminisce my long lost love for math, I purchased this shirt. It's getting a bit emotional so...have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Cheerio!

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