Thursday, 28 February 2013

So Crazy It Just Might Work

If there is one word in the whole dictionary that I could never get the meaning of, it's 'normal.' Ever since we were still kids, our parents, teacher, society tell us what is normal and what is not. It's not until I'm somewhat all grown-up that I realise that all the things I took to be 'normal' bewilder other people. Maybe I was born to stand out, to be abnormal, to stick out like a sore thumb. Even as a couple with Firu, people tend to describe us as 'different from other couples.' I like that, not being normal. That means I'm unique, right? And, one thing I know for sure is, if you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever take that for granted and try to blend in. Embrace your uniqueness and let people see who you are. 'Normal' is some kind of bar society puts up to uniform everyone. But if everyone's 'normal', it would be like having the world in black and white - and I'm not talking about those cool black-and-white movies. Here's what I think of normal: it's what you believe to be the right way and what you feel don't hurt anyone, including yourself. It's not what people tell you to be. It's who you are.

Primark peter pan top // Esprit skirt (worn as a top) // C&A cardigan + pants // H&M jacket // Typo satchel // Deichmann boots

Which brings us to crazy. People tend to label whatever they feel not normal as crazy. I've always liked that word. Crazy. Whenever people call me weird or crazy, I wear it like a badge of honour. Why not? Being weird and crazy has worked out for me just fine. I've found the best of friends, entertained my family and found the love of my life. Thanks, Crazy. Crazy makes life more colourful and the world go round. I can't take the fact that some people think A should always be A and can't somehow turn into B. you follow? Per se, here I turned a skirt into a sheer top. Some people might argue and disagree with the way I wear it because it's unconventional. But if you had no idea that this was a skirt, you would've been fooled into thinking that this was a pretty top, right? Craziness #2: I quickly purchased these whimsical pants, wore it out the store and took outfit pictures of them. Yes, not many people would do that. Now, you, have a whimsical Thursday and do something crazy! Cheerio!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mix It Up A Notch: Preppy Skirt

All my life I'd wanted a preppy-looking skirt like this. When I found it at C&A, my favourite go-to clothing store at the moment, although it was a little over my budget, I quickly grabbed it. The front should actually be sewn to the sides, making it a little tighter than it's shown on these pictures. But, being brutal as usual, I went and broke that. It's much more comfortable now, except for the fact that it's too big for my waist. It got a lot of wear last year though I haven't worn it for a while now. I love how it gives me a slightly sophisticated-school-girl look no matter what I pair it with. It's also not as restraining as it looks. I really wish it gets a lot more wear in the future. Cheerio!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

You Set Our Clocks Early 'Cause You Know We're Always Late

Papa dearest,

First and foremost, happy 53rd birthday! I don't know if you're cool about letting the world know how old you are or not but...well, most these people don't know you anyway, so relax. I have failed to think of a gift for you again this year (yeah, no surprise there). But, uhh...I baked these pretty little cupcakes for you and I know how much you like chocolate least I hope you get a good look and probably some imaginary whiff of it while I eat it all up. Haha. I promise I'd bake some too when I get home, okay? We never exchange letters or anything so I hope this will kind of suffice. 

Remember that TV series you recommended to me, Touch? I keep watching that. It's so awesome, how everybody in life can be connected with just the power of numbers. I know how much you love numbers...and science. I still remember all those nights when you totally beat me over the head with a math-overload - which I used to hate but have learnt to love. Thanks to you, I got good at it and actually miss it now from time to time. That's just it with you. You always teach me new things and I love you for it. You're the best Dad because you know that there are more things in life than just the grades on your degrees. It doesn't mean you don't make us do our best in school too, though. And I was raised to be an overachiever because my parents are too.

Here comes the sappy part. You are the best thing that could ever happen in my life. You and Mom are the best parental figures a kid could ever wish for and I am ever so thankful I got you guys. It was like winning the lottery. I love you guys to the fullest and hope I won't disappoint. You know what's best for me. I was too young to realise that but I thank you deeply for everything you've done for me. Also, please don't ever, ever, EVER ask me to repeat or say such things in person. You should know I could never manage to do so. Umm...I won't make this too long. Mostly, because I'm embarrassed already. Take care and be well, Papa!

Your loving daughter,


Arithalia dress // flea market skirt // H&M blazer + tights // Typo satchel // Pieces scarf // boots via froschgrün

P.S: The title is a mix of the lyrics of one of my favourite songs and an inside-thing in our family. You see, Dad set all the clocks back home 10-30 minutes early - it was 10 when I left and 30 the last time I went home. It was his trick to get us to bed/wake up earlier than we're supposed to because he knew we would rebel and it would take longer than it was supposed to.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Movie Date: Persepolis

One of my best friends recommended this comic to me around 2-3 years ago. I couldn't afford to buy it at the time but she mentioned it was made into a movie. Historical fiction - or, in this case, historical non-fiction - is one of my favourite genres. I was unaware of the details of Iranian recent history...until I watched Persepolis. The movie was made in America but the artwork was made by an Iranian woman, who's telling her true story of life during the Islamic Revolution. Although the story is fairly rough and serious, her telling is very entertaining, emotional and informative. Also, her artwork is absolutely adorable.

The story starts with Marjane Satrapi, a little Iranian girl who admires her grandmother. She lives happily with her family until, one day, the Islamic Revolution rises. The Satrapis are shaken mostly because they are communists. With the Islamic Revolution, being something other than Muslim can be quite difficult. That is when everything changes. All the girls have to wear hijab and certain clothes when walking out. Even their taste is pretty much controlled. Marjane's love for punk is brought into questioning and she hates it. It comes to the point where police officers give you a warning for running - which, insanely, was forbidden for women.

Back in,, I had a friend who came from Iran. He told me a little bit of this and that about living in Iran. He himself wasn't Muslim so he knew how hard it was being a minority. I mean, I'm a Muslim but I still think some of these restrains are ridiculous. Watch this movie and you'll see what I mean. It is highly controversial and brings up a whole lot of criticism. But, if you put aside all the politics, this is actually very entertaining. The comedy is that like no other. Enjoy the weekend! Cheerio!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot

It seems that white and red have been associated with one another since the beginning of time. The national flag of Indonesia, Monaco and Poland are all red and white. Japan's is too, only a different design. There's a folktale in Indonesia called Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih - literally translated as shallot and garlic. It tells of a girl named Bawang Putih, whose father remarried after her mother's death to a cruel woman with a terrible daughter, Bawang Merah. Her father then left for occupational reasons, leaving her in the cruel hands of these ladies. It was like the Javanese version of Cinderella, except that the father was still alive. Okay, maybe the Javanese version of Ella Enchanted. The Grimm Brothers also wrote a story of these two colours, Snow White and Rose Red. I love this story very much. The description of these girls kind of reflects my and my sister's personalities, only with a lot more depth. I guess these two colours are often chosen in comparison because they are so different from the other. White is pure, peaceful, serene and soothing. Red holds a secret, is bold, brave and loud. 

C&A coat // unbranded blouse // Flapper Girl lady necktie // hand-me-down batik dress // Falke tights // boots via Kleider Kreisel

Last winter, my friends couldn't find me in the crowds. When I approached them, they were surprised and said, "We couldn't recognise you without the red coat." They said, I was usually so easy to spot thanks to my red coat. Which is all the more reason why I love this coat so much. If I were to get lost and get buried in the snow, this coat - and probably the whole ensemble as well, this time - will make sure that I get found. This has actually been worn before. I wore it when I went on a ladies date in October. I changed the boots, though. To be honest, the first few times of breaking the boots, the heels of my feet suffered miserably. But, afterwards, they became very comfortable and I love wearing them. Did not regret purchasing them at all! Plus, they make up for the Wellies that I don't have and twice as adorable. Happy midweek, all! Cheerio!

P.S: Try figuring out the anatomy of my body in the second-to-last photo. Go on, I dare ya!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Sartorial Obsession: Chim Chim Cherry

When I was in grade school, there was one series of manga that I love so much called Chim Chim Cherry by Ayumi Yui. It tells the story of a young nanny, Cherry, who comes from a land far, far away to earth to be the nanny of the McGregor family. No nannies before stuck because their children are just too hard to put up with. The McGregors have four children: the eldest and coldest, Robin; the playful twins, Meg and Liz; and the little baby, Lotty. The story was magical and childish. Cherry comes from a magical land so, of course, she has magical items, like Mary Poppins. She has the magical doctor bag, where she keeps her huge fairy tale encyclopedia. Fairy tale characters can come to life from this encyclopedia. There were also the talking squirrel, Deedee, Cherry's nanny sisters, Carrie and Sherry, fairies, dreams and first loves. I love the whole innocent story and, of course, their clothes!

[チムチムチェリー by あゆみゆい]

It wasn't mentioned in the manga when the whole thing takes place. But if I had to guess, I'd say around the time Mary Poppins was set, so around pre- and post-World War. I love the outfits Ayumi-sensei picked for everyone, especially Cherry. Her slightly-frilly dresses and the awesome cut of her boots make me drool forever. Her signature huge ribbons on her pigtails are also so fashionable. Ayumi-sensei is pretty known for her frilly dresses designs in her comic books. She also adores apron very much and I'm pretty much influenced. A few days ago, I stumbled upon this to-die-for COSPLAY collection from haco.. The idea was to create clothes that could be used as cosplay but also be worn on a daily basis. Instantly, I fell in love. I'm suspicious they sneaked into my thoughts in the middle of the night, stole my dreams and made it into reality.



Backing up farther, I spotted these oxford boots on AsianiCandy several months back. The moment I saw them, I was quickly reminded of Cherry. She wears boots like these all the time and I have always had my eyes on them for a long time. I love how most part of the boots has one color while the toes and heels areas have another colour. The structure also looks positively charming and comfortable. Even though, when I was younger, I wasn't into fashion as much as I am now, Cherry was always a style-inspiration for me. If only I was given the clothes, which I wasn't. Cheerio!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

You're Just Winter and Winter Passes!

Although brief, the time all the snow melted away, it was as if the world went back in time and it was autumn again. Suddenly, it felt like winter was just a passing moment. A phase. Adolescence. And then that all the snow'd melted, we could actually get on with our lives. How silly is that? It felt less like autumn with the lack of wind on this day, though. It was raining and I just love the mixture of rain and dried leaves. The benches and rocks get a little mossy, though, and I ended up with temporarily dirty shorts, cardigan and long johns. It made it seem like I just peed my pants...whoops! But when it comes to taking photos - outfit photos, portfolio photos, wedding photos, ANYTHING REALLY! -, a little dirt here and there isn't supposed to hold you back, right? Sometimes I imagine a life as a photographer. It probably would've been awesome, getting in all the dirt and weird positions to get an awesome shot. Oh, yeah...

H&M peter pan collar shirt // Sis's shorts // Primark chunky cardigan // Deichmann chelsea boots // C&A boyscap

Aside from the fact that this shirt is similar to a crop top, in which it doesn't accommodate the whole length of my upper body, thus, showing a slice of my belly and a peek of my belly button, but only when I get my arms up, up and away, I do adore this top! There's nothing too special about the outfit, seeing that all these are old items from my closet. The shorts are an accomplishment, though. As it used to belong to my sister, who's skinnier, fitting into it at all was a huge miracle! Plus, they're almost waist-high so it's a double-winner. Okay, since I'm just so excited about my brand new camera and shooting videos is a bitch without tripod or anyone to help you, here's a random GIF to wrap things up. Have a wondrous weekend! Cheerio!

P.S: The title comes from Snow Queen, my favourite fairy-tale movie of all time

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Boycott Love!

There's something about Valentine's day that stirs something in the heart of people. Some really love it, some really hate it. It can change the atmosphere around town or with your friends. Personally, I don't have a strong opinion about it, though, in the past, there were times when I did and did not celebrate Valentine's Day. My best friends and I usually just ignore this date altogether. The one time my family celebrated it was when I got a wallet from my parents back in 6th grade, which I still use to this day. Firu and I celebrated it once two years ago when he got me a bouquet of pink tulips and a pink heart necklace. Afterwards, Valentines don't play much of a role in my life. Despite that fact, it's nice to see people celebrating this day. And here are some inspirations from ghosts of Valentines past.

one // two // three // four // five // six
Last Valentine, since I started being active in the blogging world, I stumbled upon some pretty awesome posts and DIY ideas. My absolute favourite is this set of Valentine DIYs from Kinsey and Elsie! I think they are absolutely adorable. Plus, a great V-day gift idea for you and/or your mister! Also, here are some cheap date ideas from Elizabeth, which I find to my liking. The first Valentine I spent in Germany, it felt like love really was in the air. Everyone had flowers in hand, no matter men or women, young or old. Even the old couples seem to be especially sweet and romantic that day. It surprised me. What Valentine can do to people, huh? Firu had an entrance exam to pass that day and everyone teased me, saying he wouldn't give me as much attention. Despite his better judgment, he pulled through. That was the best Valentine ever. Well, I hope you're having a romantic Valentine wherever you are, guys! Cheerio!