Sunday, 24 February 2013

You Set Our Clocks Early 'Cause You Know We're Always Late

Papa dearest,

First and foremost, happy 53rd birthday! I don't know if you're cool about letting the world know how old you are or not but...well, most these people don't know you anyway, so relax. I have failed to think of a gift for you again this year (yeah, no surprise there). But, uhh...I baked these pretty little cupcakes for you and I know how much you like chocolate least I hope you get a good look and probably some imaginary whiff of it while I eat it all up. Haha. I promise I'd bake some too when I get home, okay? We never exchange letters or anything so I hope this will kind of suffice. 

Remember that TV series you recommended to me, Touch? I keep watching that. It's so awesome, how everybody in life can be connected with just the power of numbers. I know how much you love numbers...and science. I still remember all those nights when you totally beat me over the head with a math-overload - which I used to hate but have learnt to love. Thanks to you, I got good at it and actually miss it now from time to time. That's just it with you. You always teach me new things and I love you for it. You're the best Dad because you know that there are more things in life than just the grades on your degrees. It doesn't mean you don't make us do our best in school too, though. And I was raised to be an overachiever because my parents are too.

Here comes the sappy part. You are the best thing that could ever happen in my life. You and Mom are the best parental figures a kid could ever wish for and I am ever so thankful I got you guys. It was like winning the lottery. I love you guys to the fullest and hope I won't disappoint. You know what's best for me. I was too young to realise that but I thank you deeply for everything you've done for me. Also, please don't ever, ever, EVER ask me to repeat or say such things in person. You should know I could never manage to do so. Umm...I won't make this too long. Mostly, because I'm embarrassed already. Take care and be well, Papa!

Your loving daughter,


Arithalia dress // flea market skirt // H&M blazer + tights // Typo satchel // Pieces scarf // boots via froschgrün

P.S: The title is a mix of the lyrics of one of my favourite songs and an inside-thing in our family. You see, Dad set all the clocks back home 10-30 minutes early - it was 10 when I left and 30 the last time I went home. It was his trick to get us to bed/wake up earlier than we're supposed to because he knew we would rebel and it would take longer than it was supposed to.

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