Thursday, 28 February 2013

So Crazy It Just Might Work

If there is one word in the whole dictionary that I could never get the meaning of, it's 'normal.' Ever since we were still kids, our parents, teacher, society tell us what is normal and what is not. It's not until I'm somewhat all grown-up that I realise that all the things I took to be 'normal' bewilder other people. Maybe I was born to stand out, to be abnormal, to stick out like a sore thumb. Even as a couple with Firu, people tend to describe us as 'different from other couples.' I like that, not being normal. That means I'm unique, right? And, one thing I know for sure is, if you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever take that for granted and try to blend in. Embrace your uniqueness and let people see who you are. 'Normal' is some kind of bar society puts up to uniform everyone. But if everyone's 'normal', it would be like having the world in black and white - and I'm not talking about those cool black-and-white movies. Here's what I think of normal: it's what you believe to be the right way and what you feel don't hurt anyone, including yourself. It's not what people tell you to be. It's who you are.

Primark peter pan top // Esprit skirt (worn as a top) // C&A cardigan + pants // H&M jacket // Typo satchel // Deichmann boots

Which brings us to crazy. People tend to label whatever they feel not normal as crazy. I've always liked that word. Crazy. Whenever people call me weird or crazy, I wear it like a badge of honour. Why not? Being weird and crazy has worked out for me just fine. I've found the best of friends, entertained my family and found the love of my life. Thanks, Crazy. Crazy makes life more colourful and the world go round. I can't take the fact that some people think A should always be A and can't somehow turn into B. you follow? Per se, here I turned a skirt into a sheer top. Some people might argue and disagree with the way I wear it because it's unconventional. But if you had no idea that this was a skirt, you would've been fooled into thinking that this was a pretty top, right? Craziness #2: I quickly purchased these whimsical pants, wore it out the store and took outfit pictures of them. Yes, not many people would do that. Now, you, have a whimsical Thursday and do something crazy! Cheerio!

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