Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fighting Irish

Yes, I am that sad. I didn't get to have snowball fights with anyone and so...here I am, having a snowball fight on my own. Haha. Yes, stupidity. These were taken last month when snow fell by the handful. Although it was grey-skyed all week, the snow made up for the lack of sunlight. There's nothing like a good sunlight to boost my mood, though. Plus, it was frikkin' freezing around that time. All the more reason I was surprised to find the the lake wasn't all frozen out and the ducks stayed around here. I thought they're supposed to migrate. Oh, that reminds me of NatGeo's The Great Migration. My sister and I spent a whole month in Indonesia watching it in 2010. It was remarkable, amazing and breathtaking to see all these animals going the great lengths in a massive motion. Sometimes I wish human beings can also migrate for seasonal reasons.

Mom's Trau & Loevner sweatshirt// Sis's Tirajeans jeans // H&M socks // Pieces scarf // Red Adair boots via Kleider Kreisel

Something about this sweatshirt just makes me think of college life. It used to belong to my mother. She'd never worn it for as long as I could remember, which makes me think that she used to wear it back in college. I could imagine her sitting in a circle of friends, laughing hard, wearing this sweater. It is very cozy, although I'm not a sweater person. Something about the leprechaun, ready to fight on the front, and the writing "Fighting Irish" makes me want to roll on the floor, bawling, maybe in an irish pub or something. Hah. Here's a small video I shot that same day just because I wanted to try video-shooting with Prixma. Please do excuse my childish excitement at the mere sight of snow. Enjoy your Tuesday! Cheerio!

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