Saturday, 16 February 2013

You're Just Winter and Winter Passes!

Although brief, the time all the snow melted away, it was as if the world went back in time and it was autumn again. Suddenly, it felt like winter was just a passing moment. A phase. Adolescence. And then that all the snow'd melted, we could actually get on with our lives. How silly is that? It felt less like autumn with the lack of wind on this day, though. It was raining and I just love the mixture of rain and dried leaves. The benches and rocks get a little mossy, though, and I ended up with temporarily dirty shorts, cardigan and long johns. It made it seem like I just peed my pants...whoops! But when it comes to taking photos - outfit photos, portfolio photos, wedding photos, ANYTHING REALLY! -, a little dirt here and there isn't supposed to hold you back, right? Sometimes I imagine a life as a photographer. It probably would've been awesome, getting in all the dirt and weird positions to get an awesome shot. Oh, yeah...

H&M peter pan collar shirt // Sis's shorts // Primark chunky cardigan // Deichmann chelsea boots // C&A boyscap

Aside from the fact that this shirt is similar to a crop top, in which it doesn't accommodate the whole length of my upper body, thus, showing a slice of my belly and a peek of my belly button, but only when I get my arms up, up and away, I do adore this top! There's nothing too special about the outfit, seeing that all these are old items from my closet. The shorts are an accomplishment, though. As it used to belong to my sister, who's skinnier, fitting into it at all was a huge miracle! Plus, they're almost waist-high so it's a double-winner. Okay, since I'm just so excited about my brand new camera and shooting videos is a bitch without tripod or anyone to help you, here's a random GIF to wrap things up. Have a wondrous weekend! Cheerio!

P.S: The title comes from Snow Queen, my favourite fairy-tale movie of all time

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