Saturday, 2 February 2013

Six Closet Staples

There's something comforting and addictive about shopping for new clothing items. Whenever I finish doing my laundry, though, I'll be feeling like, "Why do I keep buying these? I've got too many already." For this reason and just for future shopping references - I tend to buy items I don't love to the fullest and regret it later -, I've decided to list my six closet staples (by example from Elizabeth, of course).
First and foremost are, of course, tees! I have been collecting these since before I was interested in creating my own personal style and my love hasn't died since. I am especially in love with tees from Threadless. They always come up with the best illustrations! Tees are so wonderful because, even in the lazy days, you can just throw them on and still look great, especially with the best illustrations. I love wearing them with skirts, creating a feminine but also edgy look.

When I feel like layering a look, the first option I think of is cardigan. They are wonderful because they are mostly thin, which makes them compatible in any season, except for chunky cardigans - I also love these though! They don't cover up the shirt/dress/top you're wearing, unlike sweaters, which is awesome because I have numerous tees with incredible designs and I want to show them off.

Call me stupid but at first I didn't know that there are such things as colourful tights. Heck, I thought tights were what people call yoga pants. Yes, I'm that stupid. Anyway, since I found out about colourful tights from Emma & Elsie's Fashion Mixology, I started collecting them and wearing them on different occasions, which can be kind of fun. It's as if I repaint my legs for the time being. They do brighten up even the dullest outfits.

It surprises me how more feminine girls than I actually don't like wearing dresses as much. Maybe dresses aren't saccarine, after all - as Rebecca would put it. I've been wearing dresses almost constantly since the end of the 9th grade. Fitted dresses can actually boost your mood. Plus, they are surprisingly highly remixable, which I love to try my hands on. In fact, I actually designed a dress of my own last year. I'd like to design more this year.

When I say skirts, I mean anything but pencil skirts. Skirts that are flowy and when you twirl, they will move with you. Those kinds of skirts. I love how they give a subtle but significant feminine touch to an outfit, whatever else you put into it. My favourite type of skirt is pleated ones. All through my school life, I had to wear those but I'm not complaining. Sure beats having to wear A-line or pencil skirts, where you can barely move your legs, especially skirts that are wide and light enough that I can practically kick my own head.

These are also old love. Pants are comfort clothing pieces as well. I actually don't really like pants very much but they can be really practical and, at times, practicality is what you actually need. I prefer shorts, mainly. But it's not really every-weather appropriate, sad to say. I still wear them around the house, though, even in winter. Plus pants mostly have pockets and I'm coocoo for pockets. Cheerio!

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