Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Mix It Up A Notch: Preppy Skirt

All my life I'd wanted a preppy-looking skirt like this. When I found it at C&A, my favourite go-to clothing store at the moment, although it was a little over my budget, I quickly grabbed it. The front should actually be sewn to the sides, making it a little tighter than it's shown on these pictures. But, being brutal as usual, I went and broke that. It's much more comfortable now, except for the fact that it's too big for my waist. It got a lot of wear last year though I haven't worn it for a while now. I love how it gives me a slightly sophisticated-school-girl look no matter what I pair it with. It's also not as restraining as it looks. I really wish it gets a lot more wear in the future. Cheerio!

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