Friday, 8 February 2013

Winter Cowgirl

At the time that I took these pictures, snow was piling by the metres all around town - okay, total exaggeration, it's knee-high tops. It was abundant, though. In this picture, the snowy background - don't worry - is a small hill, not an unbelievable pile of snow. Although it hadn't snowed in two days, the aftermath of the week before stood still like evidence of what had happened. I know it's cold and I really can't stand much of it. But, whenever I go out and see the snow, I can't help but feel invited by their soft and puffy structure to want to roll all over them, like a child. And everyday I'm out and about, while there's snow, and not take pictures of all this abundance, I feel like I'd just wasted a perfect chance to preserve beauty. Which is why I'm more active to take pictures of the town in white, in spite of my unwillingness to put some layers on and walk out the front door into the unwelcoming chill of the winter air.

Batik Solo dress (gift from Firu) // Yumi coat c/o Amaquita // Vero Moda blouse // Typo satchel // Pieces scarf // H&M tights // Deichmann chelsea boots

Maybe this outfit doesn't remind you of cowboys at all but it does remind me. This type of plaid just reminds me of the wild, wild west whereas the colar from my dress serves as a scarf, kinda like Woody's. Maybe I'm thinking too out-of-the-box here. I'm not even wearing cowboy boots. Plus, what kind of cowgirl wear tights? Anyway, I really love this dress. Mostly, because it's the only silk batik that I have. This dress inspires me to design a batik dress in silk. The pattern is rather crazy, though, which adds excitement to an otherwise mundane outfit, I suppose. Happy snowy Friday, all! Come back later today for another Movie Date. Cheerio!

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