Monday, 4 February 2013

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Maybe a lot of you don't notice/pay attention to my blog titles. But some of them come from songs that I like, mostly artists that I also adore/admire. I don't admire many singers to death or anything. Mostly, I try to avoid mainstream singers - seeing that I don't follow people's taste these days, mission accomplished! Frankly, I've only been to two actual concerts in the past years of my life: My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy (kind of regret not going to Panic at the Disco's with  my sis too, though). As they have awesome song lyrics, forming sentences unlike people normally do on a daily basis, I tend to borrow their words for post titles. This one is no exception. I love those bands and they remind me of better days - namely, middle school and their concerts where I went with my sister and my best friends. Plus, their songs usually have thick meanings in a poetic way of putting things and also very relatable. I know these bands have either broken up, taken a break or changed direction. But forever and always, they will mean a whole youth to me.

Primark coat + belt // DIY Ombre (#18) tee // Bare Denim jeans // Pieces scarf // Deichmann over-knee high socks // Typo satchel // Red Adair boots via Kleider Kreisel // Photos of me by Rezy

As if you guys don't already know that the only reason I'm posting this outfit at all is to show off these brand new-to-me boots I mooched off (no, I actually paid for them, mind you) Kleider Kreisel. I keep buying boots off this site. Don't ask me why. They are red, by the way. They come out all pink on film, for some reason. Wearing these socks and boots like this made me feel like Santa Claus. Too late for one to show up, though. Aside from that, I actually wanted to show off my DIY Ombre tee as well. But it was too damn cold with the coat on so there was no way I would take it off. You can see it here #18, though. In case you're wondering, I used these DIY steps from Wit & Whistle. They are super easy but please also pay attention to the directions on the dye you're using for extra information. Have a productive Thursday, guys! Cheerio!

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