Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot

It seems that white and red have been associated with one another since the beginning of time. The national flag of Indonesia, Monaco and Poland are all red and white. Japan's is too, only a different design. There's a folktale in Indonesia called Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih - literally translated as shallot and garlic. It tells of a girl named Bawang Putih, whose father remarried after her mother's death to a cruel woman with a terrible daughter, Bawang Merah. Her father then left for occupational reasons, leaving her in the cruel hands of these ladies. It was like the Javanese version of Cinderella, except that the father was still alive. Okay, maybe the Javanese version of Ella Enchanted. The Grimm Brothers also wrote a story of these two colours, Snow White and Rose Red. I love this story very much. The description of these girls kind of reflects my and my sister's personalities, only with a lot more depth. I guess these two colours are often chosen in comparison because they are so different from the other. White is pure, peaceful, serene and soothing. Red holds a secret, is bold, brave and loud. 

C&A coat // unbranded blouse // Flapper Girl lady necktie // hand-me-down batik dress // Falke tights // boots via Kleider Kreisel

Last winter, my friends couldn't find me in the crowds. When I approached them, they were surprised and said, "We couldn't recognise you without the red coat." They said, I was usually so easy to spot thanks to my red coat. Which is all the more reason why I love this coat so much. If I were to get lost and get buried in the snow, this coat - and probably the whole ensemble as well, this time - will make sure that I get found. This has actually been worn before. I wore it when I went on a ladies date in October. I changed the boots, though. To be honest, the first few times of breaking the boots, the heels of my feet suffered miserably. But, afterwards, they became very comfortable and I love wearing them. Did not regret purchasing them at all! Plus, they make up for the Wellies that I don't have and twice as adorable. Happy midweek, all! Cheerio!

P.S: Try figuring out the anatomy of my body in the second-to-last photo. Go on, I dare ya!

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