Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mix It Up a Notch: Borrowed Blue Blazer

Around a year ago, my good friend Ervina lent me this blazer to wear during a chilly day. She let me keep the blazer and bring it home. I planned to return it to her in the autumn but for one reason or another, the blazer didn't get to her hands and so it stayed with me for more than a year. Firstly, I did apologise to her multiple times and asked her address to send it to her sometime soon. But she told me I should just keep it and so I did. I feel like it's time for me to bid this blazer farewell and send it back to its owner. For what it's worth, you were a life-saver. A blazer has this amazing ability to dress up a casual outfit and dress down a fancy outfit. I love how it can be paired with skirts, pants and shorts. I also love the navy colour because it's less striking than black and less playful than any other colours. It's been my go-to piece for more formal occasions for the past year - such as when I give presentations or school. Maybe after I bid this little number adieu, I'll get a blazer of my own.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Astonishing Splashes of Autumn

We usually associate certain seasons with certain items/places. Summer with the sun and the beach, spring with the flowers or parks and winter with the snow and mountains. Autumn is clearly marked with the colourful fallen leaves. But, personally, I also always associate the season with brick houses. I love brick houses! I've always admired alleys lined with brick houses and tall trees, shedding red and orange leaves at this time of year. And taking pictures in one of them has always been my dream. I admire Bonnie's autumn shots back when she was in Philly and took plenty in such alleys. It must be nice to venture around with my bike in such a setting. This alley is located just off road from the main street lined with small stores, which I adore. This is my favourite part of Kassel. It's the only part that didn't get destroyed during the World War II. On a side note, I've been listening to this song a lot lately and it's been putting me in a major good mood. What a lovely notion and amazing feel.

Esprit shirt // thrifted vest // Romwe skirt via Flattery //  Deichmann boots // Rilakkuma bag (gifted by Firu) // outfit photos by Galuh

I know what you're thinking, "Did autumn throw up on you?" She might as well. I don't mind being covered in red and golden leaves and wrapped in orange all over. Besides, this is my sartorial goal this year. And autumn is the perfect time to go all out on being season-appropriate, what with my everlasting love for orange and autumn hues. Speaking of autumn hues, this shirt has come to mind on that subject a million times. Though, to be honest, I never thought I'd wear this skirt again. It's far too short above my comfort zone and too small for even the smallest of my waist. But even I can't deny how adorable it is and how it fits my autumn theme. Also, I grabbed these tights before autumn even hit. Obviously, I was being overeager. Look out for more autumn-vomit looks this season!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Birthday Wishlist 2013

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Next month is my birthday. Eep! I can't believe it's this close. I find myself craving for some items this year and so I made a list. Does it surprise you guys that there's only one sartorial piece on this list? I find clothes to be of a necessity and I've got plenty already so I find myself satisfied with what I have. Books are another matter. Each one holds a different story. Some of these items were included out of need instead of want. For instance, I find it harder and harder to capture good shots without a tripod. I'm not asking for too much, just one that is compatible with my camera and I can carry around in my hand bag. And, entering the 3rd semester in my studies, being without a Tablet PC drives me insane. Since I have a Macbook, my Dad feels it would be more convenient if I use an iPad instead of any other brands.

Some of them are also fruits of long-lost cravings, such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini (preferably in any colour but white). This craving is all Jo's fault. Everything in her room, instagram and tumblr just makes me drool all over. Aside from that, there's also a (yellow) satchel. I take any brands, actually, as long as the straps are strong enough to weather my heavy belongings and the bag sturdy enough to have a rectangular shape - in spite of what's inside. The rest are just books, which have intrigued me. Map of the Invisible World by Tash Aw is on top of the list. I've been eyeing that one for years. It surprises me how this book was so hard to find elsewhere (I first found it back home before departing to Germany). Also, if you have any of these books but don't want to give them to me, I'd be happy if you'd just let me borrow them for a while. And if you have any titles you'd like to recommend (and already own), I'd be thrilled to give them a read. Yes, it's definitely wishful to think that anyone - other than Firu - would give me a present. But a girl can dream.

Monday, 23 September 2013

As the Days Grow Shorter

It turns out that autumn hits Kassel harder than it does Mülheim. Though it's not quite as chilly yet, it's enough to make me want to put on as much layer as possible. The leaves haven't significantly change colour yet but the days have grown shorter. I am finally excited for a new start, some changes and commitments. Autumn is definitely a time for change, for a new start. And, though it's just beginning, I could already see the changes, feel the difference. Some I'm ready to embrace, some catch me off guard. It's also renowned for its wind and unstable weather. Galuh, for one, thinks it's far too chilly and put on as much as four pieces of clothing at once. Personally, I'm excited to wear sweaters, coats and tights again. I do have plentiful tights collection. This time of year is the best! There's that subtle chill of the autumn air but still enough daylight to save your life. It makes me actually want to roam the streets after dark a little bit. And thus, these shots were snapped. I can't wait for the leaves to change colour so I can just roll around in them without a care in the world.

H&M blazer (borrowed) // N.y.L.a. top // Tally Weijl belt // shorts + hunting boots via Kleider Kreisel // outfit photos by Galuh

Before I finally return this blazer to its rightful owner, I think I'd wear it again one last time. I've always admired this girl in class who wore a blazer with shorts and I wanted to try it out too. So here it is. Thankfully, the air is just the perfect temperature now that a blazer is enough to fight off the chill. September has been an autumn-preparation month. I've been buying clothes left and right to make my wardrobe more autumn-friendly - not that it isn't - keeping with my goal of wearing season-appropriate clothes. Pray that I won't splurge anymore once October comes along. Anyway, these boots are part of that haul. I've been craving knee-high boots for a while. The lady who sold me these beauties was kind enough to let me pick a free item from her shop - I picked these shorts. They are both amazing. My legs fit snugly into the boots and I've never had simple, high-waisted shorts before. She told me they would go well together and she was right. This is probably a more subtle look on my part, as opposed to me going pattern-crazy as usual. But, hey, autumn is the time for change, right?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Ghosts of Autumn Past 2013

Ah, Autumn, my favourite season of the year. What's not to love about this season? The world looks 1000x more beautiful during these months, my birthday is in autumn and don't forget about Halloween - only the most exciting holiday of the year yet! Gosh, I can't believe three autumns have come and gone since I've stayed in Germany. It's so weird. This summer seemed to really fly by too and suddenly it was nearing the beginning of a new school term. Damn. Bucket list this autumn: take lots and lots of pictures in the red/yellow fallen leaves, wear something awesome on my birthday, come up with so many things for my 21before22 list (oh, God, how many did I manage to accomplish this year?), visit an Oktoberfest, go to a Halloween event somewhere, get pumped about school (this is more like wishful thinking). Outfit-wise, I wish to dress more autumn-y, as opposed to the years before. I'm so excited for autumn but also very sad to say goodbye to summer. I mean, autumn means winter is getting closer. Damn. Hope we get a full-blown autumn this year and not cut short by the blizzard of snow.

Baby Doll Batik                            //                  The Three-Colour Rule
               Brand New Semester                      //           Weekend Warriors in Japanese Quarters       
Candy Cane + Mustard                //                              Barbershop Solo   
Room to Inspire                       //                    Oily Merry-Go-Round

What's in your bucket list this autumn? 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Movie Date: Annie Hall

First I heard of Annie Hall was through Ted Mosby's opinion in How I Met Your Mother. He seemed to suddenly really love the film. I was intrigued and searched it up. At the same instant, I was suddenly made aware that Annie - which was played by Diane Keaton - was such a fashion icon for the vintage lovers and retro-fanatics alike. As if that hasn't said anything, the fact that the movie starred and was directed by Woody Allen got me completely sold. Though I wasn't really familiar with his works, Annie Hall was such a superb watch that I nodded in approval to his name. I love the depths of story the film has to offer, like when Allen talked to us the viewers as he was going through the motion. I loved how the story is very realistic, making it sweet in a different kind of way - as opposed to the gag-inducing romance in romantic films. The title threw me off, though, thinking the movie was about Annie when the main character was actually Alvy.

Though I'm sure most of you are already quite aware of what the film is all about, I'll talk you through it anyway. Alvy, played by Woody Allen, is a neurotic New York comedian. One day he met Annie Hall and fell in love. The relationship didn't work, though, and I suppose they broke up - though it looked more like they grew apart. The film started, however, with Alvy's questions on how they had broken up in the first place. What went wrong in the middle of it all? He walked us through it, his childhood, how they first met, their happy times together and their falling out. It was kind of sad to know that they had fallen out, I thought they were rather perfect for each other. I love the cinematography of the whole film and the back and forth story. The vintage-feel is also a plus for me. I believe this film to be Woody Allen's huge turning point. And I can see why Annie is such a huge fashion icon. She always did dress up in a sense of style.

Quite recently, I watched To Rome with Love, which is also a work of Woody Allen's. It was half in Italian and I had no subtitles but, all in all, it was a fantastic watch - though a lot of people would have to disagree. Allen also appeared there as a somewhat neurotic (and workaholic) person. I wonder if it's how he really is or if it's how he wanted to present himself to the world.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

All Wrapped Up in You

Today marks the 38th monthversary of Firu's and my relationship. Is it getting old fast, that we still count our monthversaries even past 3 years already? Oh well, we still enjoy celebrating it anyway (though it's mostly just a hug and peck here and there). It was such a blessing that on this day it should be quite sunny on our side of the world, allowing us a good few minutes - if not hours - to snap these shots. Firu hasn't always been so supportive of my blogging but he does what he can when necessary and I love him for that. I do apologize for not being a model girlfriend. But, hey, that's why you love me, right? Lately, Firu has been on serious gamer mode - isn't he always? - and I've been on full-on bookworm mode. I guess we've both grown tired of The Sims by now. Haha. I'm compiling several items I want/need into a birthday wishlist - it's next month, in case anyone's thinking of getting me something - and it consists of books, clothes and several tools. The book featured on these pictures (as well as the previous post) was satisfactory, though I don't think it's anything too exceptional. It took me 5 straight days to get it over with. Haven't done that in ages!

Firu's shirt (from Number61) // H&M denim shorts // vintage brogues // photos by Firu

I know what you're all thinking: "Isn't it far too chilly now for shorts?" And yes, you are correct! I didn't pack a lot on this trip, though, and have got only a pair of pants otherwise. I feel like the shirt goes very well with these shorts and please do excuse my matchy-matchyness. This is my favourite shirt of Firu's that he's hoarded all the while we've been going out. I always believed he looked most handsome when he put it on. However, it was time to bid this piece farewell for he can no longer fit snugly into it. So he was kind enough as to let me have it, seeing as I've been so smitten by the texture and pattern. I almost couldn't believe him - it's not the first time he's offered. I was actually surprised to see it fit me so well, despite the extra room. I suppose, my sartorial scavenging is far from pronounced as finished. Here's how Firu...styled it, so to speak. Man, I just love his expression on this one!